How To Fix Walton Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

Consider that you had a long day at work and just came home and plugged the phone to the charger and took a shower thinking that you’ll watch a movie after a shower. But when you return, you see that the phone hasn’t charged a bit or say a very little. What do you do? It could be Walton not charging problem which either could be software or hardware-related where the latter is highly possible. Now, you can understand several methods to find a workaround to fix the problem and here’s everything you can do to get the phone up and charging again.

How To Fix Walton Not Charging Problem [Troubleshoot]

How to fix Walton Not charging problem?

I know I would panic if it happens to me but luckily, after a considerable amount of research, I was able to find ways to diagnose the problem, use methods and troubleshooting to fix it, etc.

Reboot the phone

You plugged the charger to the phone and suddenly, it isn’t charging anymore. If it happened apparently, you must reboot the phone once because it could be a minor software error that occurred when the phone tried to connect with the charger to charge the battery. Also, charging the phone while it is switched off can increase energy injection and thus, faster charging without a fast charger, bingo!

Update the apps

Could be it an outdated app causing the system to crash when the phone is connected to the charger? Well, indeed it could be the reason. So, updating the apps can be of great help since updates are pushed in order to fix issues and bugs that were discovered with the last version of the app and thus, decreasing the incidences of potential not charging problem.

Update or roll back the OS

The operating system is the bane of all hardware and software components and therefore, any error with the OS can reflect on the system as well. Experts suggest that you must keep the phone updated with the latest firmware version and security patch to get the most of it and shield bugs and errors. If there’s no update available, you can always roll back to a previous version or install a custom ROM which gets updated frequently.

Check if the USB port is filled with debris

Most of the time, our phones stay in the pockets or on a couch or table where dust could easily penetrate inside the USB port and there’s no escape. Over time, the tiny dust particles, pocket lint, and other unwanted debris deposit around the USB port. This can actually prevent the USB cable from connecting to the metal tab within the USB port properly and thus, the phone won’t charge or even it if does, it will still have fluctuation wherein it will charge at the moment and won’t later.

You can clean the debris stuck inside the USB port by taking a sharp tool like a needle to scrape out the debris but note that the metal tab inside the port is very sensitive and any abnormal pressure to it damage it.

Check if the USB port is damaged

Now that you have clear the USB port, you can connect the phone to a charger and check if it makes any difference or not. If it doesn’t, it is quite possible that the USB port or the metal tab inside it is damaged or has deformed due to constant wear and tear. You can peep inside the port using a torch. If the port is damaged, you’ll have to get it replaced from a service center unless you know everything about the phones and how to repair it.

Diagnose the cables

No, it is not a secret that the charging cable is subjected to constant wear and tear. It won’t get damaged if you keep on keeping the phone still on a table near the power outlet and charge the phone but we never do it. We usually take the phone upside down or sideways and even roll it and what not and that’s all when the phone is connected to the charge via cable. Thus, the charging cable is subjected to constant stretches, tears, cuts, swirling and twisting and what not. This can render the cable useless at a certain point and if the phone ain’t charging assuming that you scrutinized the USB port to be fine, you may have reached that point where you must get a new cable. But before that, you can use the same cable on another smartphone to verify the issue. If it doesn’t work then it’s time to get a new cable instead.

Scrutinize the adapter/brick

The adapter or brick is one of the important parts of the charging process as it converts the incoming amperage into wattage which is then sent to the battery and so on. If you are using the original charging brick provided by the manufacturer, it must have at least 6 months of warranty and the same goes for the cables. You can verify if the cable or the brick are damaged by using a reference phone to charge it. On the contrary, if you are using a third-party brick, either it might be incompatible or it could be damaged and needs a technician to fix it. Note that since it is a third-party accessory, you can report the problem to a technician nearby and get it repaired or replaced.

Have a look at the battery

Now, there can be a number of explanations. First of all, it is quite possible that the battery has developed a fault and it is charging but either slowly or if you are using the phone simultaneously when it is charging, the phone is consuming more battery power than it is drawing from the power outlet and that is causing the Walton not charging problem.

Another explanation could be that the battery is damaged or has completed its life cycle since batteries that come installed in a smartphone has a specific life cycle during which, it starts to deplete gradually until it succumbs to death. In such a case, you’ll have to replace the battery by buying a new one and that’s how you’ll get a new battery, higher battery life, and more benefits.

Get help from the professionals

Yes, this is the final thing you can do to get the Walton not charging problem fixed. If you are unable to find the culprit, simply call and book an appointed with an authorized service center and walk-in to one if needed and report the problem. Although it might take few hours to few days depending upon the severity of the issue and yes, there will be a premium to pay if the problem is not covered in warranty, you can opt for it too.

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