How to get gold in Roblox Skyblock

SkyBlock was originally one of the most popular Minecraft maps ever created. In the map, players would spawn on a small floating island where they have to survive using limited resources. A few years after the Minecraft map was created, an adaptation of the map was brought into Roblox: Roblox SkyBlock. The Roblox version of SkyBlock has been receiving tons of new updates that bring new features including resources. Recently, one of these updates added a valuable new resource: gold! 

Getting gold is pretty similar to getting gears. But everything has its way and you need to learn them. Understand the mechanics right and you will see a solution to all. In this guide today, we’ll take you through the exact process that you need to apply in the game in order to get gold. So without any further ado, let’s see how to get gold in Roblox Skyblock. 

How to get gold in Roblox Skyblock

In order to get gold, you need to go through the adventurer portal to an island that exists beyond the Slime island. The first thing you should do is create a sword. To create a basic wooden sword, you will just need 20 Wood which is quite easy to acquire. Once you have your basic sword head through the purple portal on your island to the vendor area. Once you have gone through the portal, go towards the mining area, and locate the Adventurer vendor. Purchase a Slime Island Key from the vendor for 200 coins and go to the slime island. 

Once you are on the slime island just kill a few slimes until you get the Buffalkor Key. This key is not super rare so you should be able to get one after a few tries. With the key, you can head back through the portal on the island to the new island. This new island has minable ore and a new Buffalkor Mob. On this island there are two ways to get gold:

  1. Kill the buffalo like Buffalkor Mob. On occasion, these mobs will drop gold. We suggest that you upgrade your sword before facing off since the wooden sword isn’t that powerful for an easy kill

  2. Locate and mine gold veins. These veins have a rare spawn rate but by mining other ores/stone on the island, you can increase the chance of encountering a gold vein. This strategy is usually more reliable than killing Buffalkor Mobs because the mobs can be very difficult to kill with a wooden sword.


Summing up our guide, just apply the above process and keep repeating either steps one or two until you have all the gold you need. Gold can be used to create advanced weapons as well as tools. In addition, gold can be used to create some gilded items including the gilded axe, pick, and steal hammer. Gold blocks can also be created with gold if you would like to show off or highlight a part of your island! That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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