How to write the meta description to leverage your SEO

Now it has been proven multiple times how useful and impressive the meta description is to benefit your featured on-page SEO. At the same time, the meta descriptions work as one of the main factors that signal the crawlers about the information you have served on your page. Also, the meta descriptions have a great impact in answering the questions of the searches. Hence, due to the current market of SEO optimization, the meta descriptions are one of the main weapons to target the better Click Through Rate on the search engine. You can avail yourself of services from Los Angeles SEO to make your site more valuable with better meta descriptions. So how do you write a killer meta description to leverage your SEO? have a look:

What are the meta descriptions for your web pages?

In search engine optimization, meta descriptions play one of the most significant roles. The Meta descriptions come in the form of short texts which briefly describe the entire content. The meta description mainly appears within the SERPs as a user searches with a particular term or a phrase.

The meta descriptions are usually written in HTML that summarizes the entire content of the web page. Google takes the meta description as an important metric based on its pixels. The limit of the pixel from the desktop is up to 920, whereas it is roughly 120 characters for the other devices.

How do you write the proper SEO-friendly meta descriptions?

Since the meta description appears to be one of the very important areas for SEO. Thus it is important to make sure that you are paying proper attention to it while writing. It is important to optimize your meta description for SEO so that it can help your page to rank better on the SERPs. Here is how do you write the proper meta description for your SEO:

Integrate it with the journey of your customer

The meta description must be able to meet the intent of the users. This is why it is important to show that you know your customer better and their buying journey. At the same time, you also need to understand what is taking place in each stage of the marketing funnel. The marketing funnel can help you better to track the journey of your customer, which can help you to build up a highly impressive meta description. The meta description can easily optimize your marketing. At the same time, as you tend to address the journey of your customer through the meta, it might make them stop by your site.

Focus on creating a consistent tone with your brand

It is highly important that while you are writing up your meta description, you are focusing on sticking to one common tone that perfectly describes your brand. You can meta description as a way to let others know about your brand with a small number of characters.  Thus make the meta description interesting enough by inputting the reason in it about why your audience must click on your links and explore your brand. It is better to deliver your brand message through your meta. A consistent and clear voice throughout your meta and content can be very useful for you.

Use your meta to answer the questions of your audience

You can make your meta more SEO-friendly by using it to answer the question your audience is looking for. As a searcher is searching for a quotation by entering a phrase, your meta will appear in the search engine in short forms while delivering the brief answer about the query of the searcher. It can be highly helpful in optimizing your meta description for SEO, and at the same time, you need to include the primary keywords in your meta description so that it can top the search results.


The importance of the meta descriptions is quite high when it comes to optimizing your site for the SERPs. Google tends to value those sites for the ranking who are capable of serving the answers of the users in a much straightforward way. This is why it is highly important to optimize your meta description in a way so that it can impress both the search engine crawlers and the readers.

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