HUAWEI WiFi Router Showing Red or Blue Light, What Does It Mean?

HUAWEI is considered one of the best router providers in the whole world. They have been doing great with their products, whether an IoT device or a smartphone. The users are very happy with the products.

Thousands of users are using the HUAWEI router. And they are happy with the product that they have received. Many users are still ordering them and setting up them for their homes and office. However, some users are confused about the lights that are shown on the HUAWEI Router.

Those lights depict the meaning and status of the router which you should know. We are here with a guide to help you know about them properly.

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What Does Showing Red or Blue Light in HUAWEI Router Means?

We are here with detailed information on the light that is shown on the HUAWEI Router. To make it easy for you, we will be dividing it on the basis of the status of the lights. So, make sure that you read it properly.

1. Powering On

When you have powered on the HUAWEI router, then a steady red light will be shown on the router. The steady red light will be shown till the files are loaded in the router and it is up for use.

2. Connecting To The Internet

When the router is trying connecting to the internet and is connected to the internet successfully then steady blue light will be shown. If a steady red light is showing, then it means that the router is not connected to the internet and there are some issues.

3. Connecting Through NFC

When anyone tapped the NFC label on the HUAWEI router to connect to the Wi-Fi, then it will start flashing blue light three times.

4. Connecting Through HUAWEI HiLink

The router will slowly flashing if it has discovered a device that supports HUAWEI HiLink. If the device is pairing with the router, then it will start quickly flashing the light.

If the pairing is successful, then the router will show two lights based on different situations. The first one will be the steady blue which means that it is connected to the internet. And the second one will be the steady red which means that it is not connected to the internet.

5. Upgrade in Progress

The HUAWEI router will start quickly flashing blue light if the router is being updated. So, when you are seeing your router flashing blue light quickly, then understand that the router is being updated.

Wrapping Up

HUAWEI Router is performing well in the market with the features that it comes with. The users are loving to use it. However, when you are going to use it, then it is important that you should understand what light means. If you don’t know about the meaning of the lights, then you will keep on troubleshooting your router.

We have explained the meaning of the status of the lights that you should be aware of. To make it easy for you to understand, we have classified them properly according to their status. We hope that it will help you in understanding about the status of the light. That’s it for today. See you in the next one. In case, if you have any doubts or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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