PUBG Mobile: How to Increase The Download Speed

When it comes to mobile gaming PUBG Mobile remains one of the first choices of smartphone gamers. Over the years the game has upgraded itself massively. We have been seeing regular upgrades to new maps, weapons, and interfaces. This means when you step up the build of your PUBG Mobile app via an update you have to download an update weighing over gigabytes. At this point, some PUBG players complaint that the download speed is quite slow.

So, in this guide, I have put up some quick troubleshooting techniques that will help the gamer to overcome the slow download speed of PUBG Mobile. I have discussed the various possible reasons for this issue as well. Sometimes, fixes might not work as the issue is with your device itself.  If you are an avid gamer, then you won’t want to get stuck downloading updates. So, follow the guide and try out the fixes I have mentioned.

Download Speed of PUBG Mobile is slow. How to Fix

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How to Increase The Download Speed of PUBG Mobile

Let’s straight away get to the reasons and solutions to this issue.

Use A Smartphone or Tablet with latest Processing Unit

It doesn’t matter if you have a great internet connection and you’re playing PUBG on a smartphone that runs an outdated processor. You will very likely face the issue of slow download speed. I have personally played PUBG on Snapdragon 845, Snapdragon 625, and A13 Bionic. All three chipsets are from different generations. While playing on SD 845 was smooth and snappy, the experience was not the same on a smartphone with SD 625. The gameplay was not smooth even with medium settings.  I have even played PUBG on the current A13 Bionic chipset used on iPhone. The experience was amazing and crisp.

The same way a good or bad processing unit also affects the other functionalities of the game. The major one being game download speed. If you use an outdated chipset, then naturally, a game like PUBG with over 2 GB of the update will be super slow to download. So, if your keen about gaming I suggest you invest in a device with the latest chipset. Along with gameplay game download speed will also improve vastly.

Use WiFi to Download

It’s always good practice to download PUBG app updates via a strong WiFi network. With the cellular network, the update will be very slow. Often after downloading up to 500 MB or more the download will stop on its own. That is more irritating. If that happens, you have to begin to download from scratch. So, avoid downloading huge updates worth gigabytes using a cellular network. Instead, connect to a high-speed WiFi and download the PUBG mobile update.

Close other Apps that Are Using the Internet

Multitasking looks good only on a device where the internet connection is robust. Otherwise, every single application will stall and slow down. If you are downloading a PUBG update sizing over 2 GB, then try to close down the browser and active webpages. Also, close other social media apps that active and using the internet. Then the internet will solely be consumed for downloading the PUBG update. This works all the time. Once the download finishes, you can start using other apps and browser.

Close the Streaming Services to Increase the PUBG Download Speed

If you think while your internet will download and install a 2 GB update of PUBG in the background and the meantime you will stream some Netflix, I suggest you drop the idea. Streaming services will consume around 1 GB of data per hour to provide an HD stream of content. So, your PUBG download speed will reduce if the network is not too strong to handle. Strong network or not, if downloading PUBG updates is your priority, then you should make sure no other program is utilizing the data.

Check you Internet Connectivity

Sometimes, even though using the latest smartphone or tablet for gaming, you may still face slow download speed issues. So, you need to check whether your network connection at your place is running fine or it has some issues. You can also contact your ISP and ask if they are undergoing a server downtime for maintenance or any other issue. If that’s the case, then you may not be the only customer who is facing the issue. Wait for some time till the issue gets resolved from the ISP’s end. Then try to download PUBG Mobile updates.


You can also carry out an internet speed test check. It’s easy to do and here are the steps.

  • Launch Google
  • type Internet Speed in the search bar
    run speed test of your internet connectivity
  • Tap on the blue button that says Speed Test that appears on the first search result.
    check upload and Download Speed on internet

If you can manually reset the router then you can try that as well. Do this only if you see that the internet is available but slow in opening any application. Resetting the router should fix up the issue.

Try To use a VPN

If the regular ISP network is not fast enough, then you may try any VPN and check whether it will increase the PUBG Mobile download speed. I cannot guarantee that this process will work. It will depend entirely on the server through which you will alias your device. If it’s faster then your internet will be fast as well.

Do Not Download Torrents

While you are downloading the PUBG Mobile app or its updates, then do not seed or download any torrent. That will again consume a lot of data in the background. Normally, people use their WiFi to download torrents. The idea is to prioritize PUBG mobile download and dedicate the internet power to swiftly finish the download process. If the network is already not fast enough for running two data-intensive downloads, it will hamper download speed in both the cases.

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Pause Other App Updates to Speed up the Download for PUBG Updates

Normally multiple apps are waiting to receive update in-app store or Play Store. If you wish to download PUBG Mobile updates as fast as possible, then pause the update download of other apps. Let PUBG download its updates then go for the other apps. I do it all the time and it works quite well. The only catch is your internet connectivity should be fast enough.

So, that’s all about fixing the slow download speed issue of PUBG mobile. If you have been facing such an issue, then do try out the fixes that I have provided here. Most of them work well and I implement them myself. Let me know which troubleshoot method did the trick for you.

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