Fix: Insignia TV Not Turning On

You are sitting on the couch to watch the show or movie you wanted to watch for some time, but the screen stays black even after tapping the power button multiple times on the remote. Well, you are not the only one facing this issue. Dozens of users have reported the same issue with their Insignia TV, where the device does not turn on even after leaving the device for a couple of mins after pressing the power button. In this guide, we’ll look at some effective solutions to fix the Insignia TV not turning on, which is frustrating for many users.

Insignia TV not turning on

Going through multiple forums, device manuals, or checking the FAQ sections on the company’s website is time-consuming and frustrating. To make it easier for the affected users, I have created this guide that contains some effective and quick solutions to get the problem out of the way. Therefore, you do not need to go through multiple websites or forums. Just keep reading the article and apply the solutions I’ve mentioned in this article. After applying a fix, check if the problem has been fixed.

Insignia TV Not Turning On, How to Fix?

There could be various reasons why your insignia TV is not turning on. The problem could surface when the cells inside the remote have no power or any wires are damaged. A temporary bug or a minor system glitch could prevent a successful boot-up.

Now that we understand the problem let’s move on to the first solution.

Solution 1: Power Reset Your TV

You may be familiar with the age-old rebooting trick, where you just turn off and then turn on the device to fix the problem. It works sometimes, but not all the time. I recommend doing this if you have not applied this trick yet. If the rebooting trick does not work on your Insignia TV, a better approach is to power reset the TV.

To power reset your Insignia TV, unplug your TV from the wall outlet and wait for at least a minute. Let the TV remain unplugged, and press the power button for 30 seconds. After that, plug the TV back into the wall outlet and try turning it on.

Let us know in the comments box if this solution has worked for you or not. If your answer is yes, great! You do not need to try other solutions. If the problem persists, try out other solutions mentioned below.

Solution 2: Check Insignia Remote Batteries

The battery inside the Insignia TV remote might be the real culprit. We need to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with the remote before getting worried.

Grab the remote and take out the batteries safely. Now, hold the power button on the remote for 30 seconds. Release the power button and put the batteries back into the remote. Now, check if you can turn on the TV.

If your Insignia TV does not turn on, you need to replace the batteries inside the remote to confirm that the existing batteries are not the source of the problem.

Solution 3: Check the Cables

In our childhood, setting up the cables was not a stressful task. The number of ports was very limited. But, with the advancement of technology, it keeps increasing, and now we have a lot of ports on our smart TVs, which makes it a bit difficult to set up a new device.

You must ensure the cables are not loose and connected to the right place. A wrong connection can cause a lot of problems.

Also, check if there is any physical damage on any cables. If any of the wires is bent, chances are that something is damaged from the inside, which you may not notice.

Leave other cables; if the Insignia TV is not turning on, carefully inspect the power cable. If there’s any sign of damage, get a new one. Do not buy cheap cable, because it can also bring new problems.

Remove all the cables connected to the TV, and plug it into the wall socket. Now, turn on the TV and check if the problem is fixed.

Solution 4: Factory Reset Your TV

Factory resetting the device is the best way to remove issues on the software side. This solution might work for you if the hardware is not the real issue. Since you can’t access TV settings, find the reset button on the back of your TV and press it to perform a factory reset. This process may take a couple of minutes. Your Insignia TV should restart automatically once the factory reset process is complete.

Solution 5: Change the Wall Outlet

In the above solutions, we checked the connecting cables and the remote, but there’s something left to be checked. It’s the wall outlet. If there’s something with the wall outlet, it can’t provide the power supply to the connected devices. To rule out this possibility, connect another device to this wall outlet and check if it works.

Solution 6: Contact Insignia Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the fixes mentioned above and the problem persists, the problem is most likely the hardware. It seems any parts are not functioning well, which needs attention from the Insignia engineers. Contact customer support and briefly explain the problem for them to assist you with replacing or repairing your TV.

Final Thoughts

Insignia TV not working issues have been reported by multiple users. Luckily, some solutions have helped many users in fixing the problem. We’ve mentioned all of them in this article. Try them and let us know if you could fix the problem with your Insignia TV.


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