Fix: Hyundai iONIQ 5 / 6 Wireless Charging Not Working

The Hyundai iONIQ 5 and 6 models are the latest Hyundai electric vehicles which are built on Hyundai’s new Electric-Global Modular platform. The module has several features that owners can easily access and enjoy them. However, Hyundai iONIQ 5 and 6 owners have reported a wireless charging not working issue on their vehicles which can be disappointing. In this article, we will look at some possible causes and how you can solve the wireless charging issue on your Hyundai vehicle.

Hyundai iONIQ 5 & 6 wireless charging not working issue is caused by multiple factors, and several owners have reported the issue on Reddit, Twitter, and other platforms. Not only does the wireless charging issue seem to be in the Vehicle, but users also experience several issues, which can be a little frustrating. It’s possible that the wireless charging doesn’t work due to improper alignment, or your smartphone isn’t compatible with the wireless charging.

Most Hyundai vehicles have wireless charging features, and it’s possible that you have not enabled the feature which appears. It’s recommended to Hyundai owners consult their user manual or troubleshoot with the help of a technician before proceeding. With the proper diagnosis, you can easily get back to its full-electric driving range.

Top Reasons Why Hyundai iONIQ 5 Not Charging and How to Fix?

How to Fix Hyundai iONIQ 5 / 6 Wireless Charging Not Working.

Nowadays, electric vehicles are less expensive than normal vehicles, and it was a great option for purchasing economical vehicles. However, some owners of electric vehicles experience wireless charging problems while charging their smartphones. Make sure to identify the cause and diagnose the problem by following some possible troubleshooting solutions mentioned below.

Hyundai iONIQ 5 Wireless Charging

Fix 1: Check Wireless Charging Compatibility

Firstly, try to check your device for wireless charging compatibility before trying other solutions. Wireless charging works only with smartphones that have Qi-wireless charging feature. Make sure to check your smartphone for Qi-wireless charging feature to charge the device on the Vehicle using wireless charging.

The latest flagship smartphones in the market might have wireless charging support where users can easily charge their devices quickly. If you own an older model device, then it will not be eligible to charge wirelessly. Alternatively, there are multiple ways to check your phone for eligibility for wireless features. Make sure to check your device is eligible for wireless features and try charging again.

Fix 2: Improper Alignment

Wireless charging uses electromagnetic waves to charge the device. To receive the ways, charging pads have a transmitter that enables the device to charge. So, it’s essential to place your smartphone in the alignment transmitter for proper wireless charging.

A Hyundai user manual will be given to you, and from there you can read the complete instructions to charge your device through the wireless charging pad on the Vehicle. However, most wireless chargers and smartphones had receivers and transmitters at the center. You should place your smartphone in the middle of the charging pad.

Fix 3: Remove the Phone Back Case

Most people use a back case on their smartphones for device protection or personal reasons. But it can cause an interface to stop the wireless charging on your phone. As we previously discussed, smartphones have a receiver that allows the waves to come from the chargers. However, wireless charging is more feeble than normal wired charging, so the phone case blocks these electromagnetic waves, and it seems the charger is damaged.

If you put a back case on your smartphone and try wireless charging with the Vehicle, it won’t be charged properly. You have to replace it with a thin cover or have to charge without a back case. Removing the back case might help you to charge your device wirelessly on the Hyundai vehicle.

Fix 4: Enable Charging Feature

Most Hyundai vehicles have a charging feature that enables access to or denies charging on smartphones. In some cases, the wireless charging feature is disabled, which prevents it from working. So, you might have to enable the wireless charging feature on your Vehicle. Make sure it’s not turned off, and again place your smartphone in the middle of the charging pad. Here’s how you can enable the charging feature by following the steps:

  1. From the Settings menu, choose Information system screen > Setup.
  2. Tap on Vehicle and choose convenience.
  3. Tap on the Wireless charging and make sure it’s enabled.
  4. If it’s disabled, try to enable and charge your device to check if the issue is resolved.

Fix 5: Vehicle in Stand Mode

If your Hyundai car is in standing mode or the vehicle door is opened, you can’t charge your smartphone with the wireless charging feature. The wireless charging supports when all doors are closed, and the Start/Stop button is turned ON or Start Position. Make sure to close all the vehicle doors and again try charging your device.

Fix 6: Gadgets Interference

Multiple gadgets in the car vehicle receive radio waves and signals, which prevents wireless charging on your smartphone. These gadgets interfere with electromagnetic waves and other electronic devices, and wireless charging stops working. So, make sure that there is no gadget on the charging pad or interference from other electronic devices. However, you can also turn the navigation off with the wireless charger.

Fix 7: Check the Vehicles Battery

The Hyundai car vehicle battery may be low due to excess usage, preventing wireless charging from working. Make sure to check the battery status of your Hyundai iONIQ 5 and 6 vehicles. If the battery is low, charge or replace it with a new one. Again, try charging your smartphone using the wireless charger. These may help you to solve the problem. If the battery is in good condition and you still experience an issue with the wireless charging, try moving on to other solutions.

Fix 8: Overheating Issue

Parking your car outside or in the range of direct sunlight increases the temperature, which prevents wireless charging. Although, if you leave your smartphone in the Vehicle, it will overheat the device. When the phone is overheated, the wireless charging will automatically turn off and turn on again when the phone completely cools down.

Make sure to charge your device when the phone isn’t overheating or at normal temperature. You can also turn on the air conditioner to cool down your smartphone before charging it with the wireless feature. Be sure to place the smartphone on the charging pad when the device cools down.

Fix 9: Update Software Version

The Hyundai wireless charger has hardware and software just like your smartphone. This needs to be installed with the latest software version. An outdated software version can cause several bugs and glitches and prevent wireless charging from working.

Additionally, updating the software to the latest version solves minor bugs and temporary issues, improving the gadget’s performance. Ensure to update your vehicle navigation system and improve the wireless charging feature and problems.

You also have to update your smartphone to the latest software version. Sometimes, bugs and minor issues may cause and prevent wireless charging. A software update improves the overall device performance with additional features. So, make sure to update your smartphone. Here’s how you can update your device by following the steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap on System >> System update.
  3. The device will automatically check for updates.
  4. If an update is available, download and install it on your device by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Once the update is downloaded, restart your device, and it will take several times to turn it back on. So, be patient.

Fix 10: Contact Support Team

If you have tried the above solutions and still have an issue with the wireless charging, you should contact support or your car manufacturers for further help. However, contacting the car manufacturers is the best way to resolve the problem. They might help you troubleshoot and solve your Vehicle’s wireless charging issue. Make sure to provide the required details to fix the problem while asking.

Final Words

The Hyundai iONIQ 5 and 6 car vehicles are a great choice for the environment in the long run. Charging is cheaper and easier than refueling a vehicle. However, if you’re experiencing an issue, make sure to address the problem on your Vehicle related to wireless charging, and once found, solve the problem by following the above-mentioned solutions. If the solution doesn’t work at all, you should contact car manufacturers for further assistance.


  1. We live in south Florida. Overheating during charging takes place after 20 minutes during the day. Can we get the charging to automatically restart when the temperature goes lower? Charging late at night or early morning works better.

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