iPhone 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max Wireless Charging Not Working, How To Fix

Apple releases new flagship smartphones every year based on the iOS operating system. The latest release is the iPhone 14 series, which is quite expensive. Therefore, people who purchase these devices want to avoid any errors. Unfortunately, some iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max users are experiencing issues with wireless charging. It is unclear whether the charger or phone is causing the problem, but we have gathered some information about the error. Luckily, we have compiled some of the best and most common solutions that can help you fix the wireless charging issue on your iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max Wireless Charging Not Working, How To Fix

How To Fix iPhone 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max Wireless Charging Not Working

Before we begin with the guide, it’s important to note that the solutions we discuss below may not work for everyone, depending on the underlying cause of the error. However, for the majority of users, these methods should be effective. So, if you’re experiencing issues with wireless charging on your iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, be sure to try the fixes outlined below.

Fix 1: Make Sure Your iPhone is Centered on the Wireless Charger

If you’re having trouble with wireless charging on your iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max, it could be due to the way you’re positioning it on the charging pad. Electromagnetic sensors are used to detect the phone’s position, so it’s important to follow the instructions in your iPhone’s user manual when using either a Qi wireless charger or MagSafe. To ensure the most effective charging, it’s recommended to place your phone face up on the charging pad.

Fix 2: Reboot/Force Restart Your Device

Many factors may contribute to your inability to charge your iPhone wirelessly, ranging from software errors to memory issues. Rebooting your iPhone might resolve this issue. It refreshes its random access memory (RAM).

Nevertheless, if your iPhone feels frozen after rebooting or the problem persists, you can force-reboot it.

Fix 3: Make Sure Your iPhone’s Charging Pad and Back Are Clean.

Wireless charging pads or iPhone surfaces may be contaminated with dirt or dust that decreases the sensitivity of the charging process. It may even be wet on these surfaces. Hence, wiping your wireless charger and phone with a soft fleece might help restore your life.

As a result, my iPhone could charge as it should a couple of times after I did this. This is an easy fix to resolve the iPhone 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max wireless charging not working that you shouldn’t ignore.

Fix 4: Charging Pad Might Be Incompatible or Defective

Wireless chargers tend to fail to charge iPhones due to defects or model incompatibilities. Your iPhone might not be compatible with your charging pad even if it supports wireless charging. There is also the possibility that it is defective.

Using another device that supports wireless charging on your charging pad will help you determine if it’s not a compatibility issue. If it works with the test device, you may be dealing with a compatibility issue.

Nevertheless, the pad might be faulty if the wireless charging pad does not charge the test device. If that does not work, try another one. You’re better off getting another iPhone-compatible charger regardless of what happens.

Fix 5: Try a MagSafe Charger

Non-MagSafe chargers have been reported to have difficulty charging other iPhone 14 models, regardless of whether they are compatible with iPhone 12 or 13.

When charging iPhones other than the 11 or earlier, using a charger that does not support MagSafe is not recommended. MagSafe chargers are more effective for charging iPhone XS and later models.

Fix 6: Update Your iOS Version

There are rare instances in which wireless charging on an iPhone fails or is irregular due to your iOS version. Users often encountered this problem when Apple released iOS 13. It’s no longer necessary to worry about this bug since recent iOS updates have fixed it.

In addition, you can’t tell whether any of your current iOS versions have some traces that prevent wireless charging, even if recent iOS updates have fixed the wireless charging not working bug. It would be a good idea to update your iOS version to a recent one.

Fix 7: Put iPhone in DFU Mode

The Device Firmware Update (DFU) is an effective way to customize the recovery process for your iPhone. As a result, this is always the ultimate fix for iPhones that do not support wireless charging. Furthermore, it’s more effective than factory resets.

You will also lose your data when you put your iPhone in DFU mode, just as with a factory reset; before entering DFU mode, back up your iPhone. However, when you are done with this, make sure to check if the wireless charging issue gets resolved or not. 

Fix 8: Try Another Power Adapter/Charging Cable

It’s also possible that the power adapter needs to be changed to ensure that it is not the cause of the wireless charging pad being incompatible or defective. A phone or AirPods can be used to test if your power adapter and power cable charge; you can also test them with a power adapter and power cable.

A cable or power adapter might have a defect after being paired with another device. If the wireless charging not working problem persists, try using another cable or adapter.

Fix 9: Incompatible iPhone Case

An iPhone’s wireless charging pad transfers current through electromagnetic induction to the iPhone’s sensors. The use of an incompatible case is not possible. In addition, some iPhone cases have extra details that can insulate the connection and prevent charging from taking place.

According to Apple, a magnetic case or insulating material between your iPhone and the charging pad can also interfere with the charging process. Some iPhone cases feature these features.

First, ensure your iPhone case is free of anything that could interfere with the wireless charging pad’s connection to your iPhone. Take the case off your phone and try charging it again if there are none or you’ve already done so.

Unless you prefer to use a case, select one that is wireless charging compatible and then check if the iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max wireless charging not working issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 10: Contact Apple Support

If all else fails, contacting Apple Support is the best way to diagnose and resolve the problem. When customers contact them, they reply within a short time. It is usually helpful for Apple Support to offer or recommend a fix for any Apple-related issue if you provide detailed information about the wireless charging not working problem.

So, that’s how to fix the iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max wireless charger is not working issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, in case you have any doubts or queries, comment below and let us know.

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