Is Huawei Honor Play Waterproof and Dust Resistant?

Huawei is a Chinese telecommunication company which is making smartphones in 1997. It is one of the largest telecom infrastructures marketer in the world. Recently Huawei has launched their another flagship model in June 2018 with the name Huawei Honor Play. Huawei Honor Play starts at the base price of 19,999INR in India. Since there are no official waterproof ratings for the smartphone, so customers are looking whether this device can withstand accidental water splashes. As the device costs 19,999INR for the base model, so customers are eager to know about its waterproof capabilities. So let’s start with our Huawei Honor Play Waterproof test.

Is Huawei Honor Play Waterproof and Dust Resistant?

Before we start with our Huawei Honor Play waterproof test, let’s get to know some of its specifications. It is powered by an octa-core processor which is coupled with 4GB of RAM. It comes with 64GB of onboard storage which you can expand up to 256GB via a MicroSD card. Talking about the camera department it is rocking a 16MP sensor it the rear and 16MP selfie camera. Huawei Honor Play comes with Android 8.1 out of the box.

Huawei Honor Play Splash Proof Test

In Splash proof test, we will test the device to withstand an accidental water splash to see whether the device survives in such condition. Since there is no official information on IP68 ratings about the Huawei Honor Play device, so it might not pass our splashproof test.

When we put some artificial water splash over Honor device, we did not see any kind of damage at all. The device seems to work fine under water. However, the touchscreen becomes unresponsive.

Touchscreen Flickers underwater
Camera Works
Splashproof Yes

Huawei Honor Play Rainwater test

In this test, we are going to suspend the device in artificial rain environment. This also mimics the showering conditions as well. Later on, we will see if the device withstands these conditions or not.

After testing Huawei Honor Play in artificial rain conditions, we observed that the device is capable of performing well. Since the device touchscreen stops responding to touches underwater, users can not make or receive calls. But hardware is fully functional at this point.

Can you use the device in rainy conditions Yes
Can you use the device while taking a shower Yes
Any damage due to rain or water droplets No

Huawei Honor Play Washing Test

In this test, we are going to wash Huawei Honor Play with running tap water for 1 minute and check whether it survives or not.

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Water damage with hardware Yes, water droplets goes inside the device
Touchscreen Works perfectly
Speaker Works perfectly

I/O Ports Water Test

In this test, we try to check whether the water will go inside Huawei Honor Play or not

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Charging Point No damage
Power & volume rocker buttons No damage
Touchscreen No damage
Speaker No damage
Earpiece & Mic No damage
Any other I/O port damage No damage

Huawei Honor Play DustProof Test

In this test we will try to mimic a situation where we will bombard dust and dibree particles over the device and will check whether the dust particles go inside the device or not.

Dust inside the earpiece Yes but functional
Dust in the camera lens No
Dust inside the speaker Yes, little bit

The dust indeed goes inside the device speaker and earpiece but they are both functional.

Huawei Honor Play Water Immersion Test

When the device is immersed in water, water does not go inside the device.

Official IP ratings (waterproof ratings) None found
Splashproof test Passed
Rainwater test Passed
Dustproof test Passed
Water Immersion Test Passed



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