Is The First Descendant Down? Beta Server Status and Maintenance

NEXON has recently released a looter-shooter action RPG called ‘The First Descendant’ which is a third-person title by Unreal Engine 5. It allows players to fight for the survival of humanity where Descendants will have unique abilities to tackle in the solo and co-op missions. Affected players are asking is The First Descendant Down? Though the title has been appreciated by a lot of players, it seems that multiple players are experiencing several issues with the multiplayer game modes or connecting to the servers.

Currently, this co-op RPG shooter is going through the second open beta program on Steam. So, it’s quite expected for the players to encounter such an issue while connecting to the game servers. Being a beta version, there might be some bugs, glitches, or server scalability issues that we can’t deny. In case, you’re experiencing server downtime or connectivity issues in the multiplayer mode then don’t worry. Here we’ve shared with you all the details regarding server status, outages, maintenance schedule, etc.

Is The First Descendant Down? Beta Server Status and Maintenance

Is The First Descendant Down? Beta Server Status and Maintenance

As a newly released video game, the chances are high that you’ll face crossplay issues or multiplayer issues due to server downtime, maintenance, or an overload number of active players at the same time. Multiple reports surfaced that The First Descendant got an incredible number of active players during its first day of the open beta. But whenever players try to get into the multiplayer mode, the servers kick them out due to the downtime or outage.

This kind of issue mostly happens whenever the game servers go down or the optimization is not done properly by the developers. Obviously, NEXON needs more time to investigate the issue and fix it accordingly. Sometimes optimizing the server and its scalability across the globe can also help in fixing the issue. Meanwhile, server maintenance schedules can also be a major part of online video games. So, you will need to play the game according to the maintenance schedule.

Server Maintenance Schedule

If you look at the tweet below, the game developers recently went through a maintenance service for the game to provide better improvements. It’s always recommended to check for the server maintenance schedule by following the @FirstDescendant Twitter handle. If you see that there is server maintenance at a specific time then avoid playing the game at that moment to avoid getting kicked out of the server.

As of now, there is no more planned maintenance schedule appointed. Make sure to follow the Twitter page of the game to get updated about the server outage and scheduled maintenance. It’s also suggested to avoid playing multiplayer modes during the peak hours in your timezone or at weekends. Try multiple times to get into the game and if there is an issue with the connectivity, simply wait for the off-peak hours to get into the game again.

Additionally, you’ll have to follow the Nexon Games’ official website to check whether The First Descendant game servers are running properly or not. Otherwise, try checking out the Steam Community for The First Descendant to understand if there is a server downtime or not.

That’s it, guys. We assume this article was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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