Is There a Fix For Warzone 2 Player Flying Across the Map Glitch?

Activision’s Warzone 2 is a free-to-play battle royal game which is widely popular across the globe. The game is a successful COD battle Royal which just keeps getting better. If you’ve been curious too about the glitch which can send you flying across the map then worry not, as Activision seems to be very attentive to the players, moreover they don’t want to risk losing traffic, as what happened after they had previously removed Resurgence mode. Is There a Fix For Warzone 2 Player Flying Across the Map Glitch?

Imagine you are playing Warzone 2. O with your teammates, and just when your squad is about to win, out of nowhere you are suddenly flying high up in the sky, across the map. And it costs you a match of course. Although these kinds of bugs/glitches are very much common for games like these, there are certain times when you can’t tolerate the error.

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The Flying Glitch

However, the game gets a bit serious when such bugs become common. Till now many players have already lost matches, and many potential kills, just because of the glitch. Players have been complaining that they got teleported to the outside of the map for no good reason.

As funny as it may sound, the glitch has been reported many times. But it seems it is not a very common glitch as most of the players haven’t even experienced it. However, we can expect a solution in the form of some incremental patch from Activision soon enough tho!

There are multiple reports of the glitch, such as one player just walking out of a building, only to find himself in the middle of the air, high up in the sky.

Another report is by a YouTuber, which shows a player who is stuck in mid-air and later gets killed by the enemy players nearby below him.

A Redditor took to the internet to post about the bug, and how it has affected him, however, there has been no reply from Activision in the matter yet.

Is there a Fix For Warzone 2 Player Flying Across the Map Glitch?

Well, there’s no permanent solution to it till now, at the time this article is being written, but being journaling about games for many years, I can surely recommend to you some possible solutions which you can apply to temporarily fix the issue.

Here’s what you can try!

Restart the game

Although the glitch in the game is quite rare. If you do experience it and you’re stuck in mid-air, the best you can do is to restart. With the restart, you would surely lose the match. But at least you won’t be stuck in mid-air waiting for someone to kill you.

Update the game

Whenever the game asks for an update, allow it to update. As updates often contain incremental patches and fixes for the game.

Wait for the Next Update

When you’ve tried and tested everything, and there seem to be no solutions, then all you can do is wait for Activision to update and fix the glitch in the game. Meanwhile, you can keep checking on their official website for new update releases or changelogs.

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