How to Join Blooket with a Join Code?

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on how to join Blooket with a join code. Blooket is primarily a game-oriented educational platform that has changed the way of learning. Blooket allows students to learn by turning lessons into engaging games. To educate students, Blooket combines a digital game in the form of a quiz with character-based gameplay. This interactive platform offers a unique and engaging way for teachers to create quizzes, flashcards, and other educational activities. However, Blooket extends beyond the traditional educational setting. Players can now engage in thrilling live matches using special codes.

Come along with us as we explore Blooket and its codes. This article will cover “How to Join Blooket with a Join Code?” It is the perfect resource for individuals eager to join the Blooket community and engage in fun quizzes and activities. Keep reading to uncover more about this exciting platform.

How to Join Blooket with a Join Code?

How to Join Blooket with a Join Code?

To join Blooket with a Join Code, follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, navigate to, the official Blooket website.
  2. Now on the top left corner of the screen, click on Join a Game.
  3. Once the next window opens, enter the Game ID, i.e., the Join Code received on your registered email address, and click the Arrow icon. 
  4. Now, use your Google account to log in and begin the game.

Blooket Join Codes

  1.     2958254
  2.     325202
  3.     5124264
  4.     389738
  5.     843129
  6.     8936019
  7.     860159
  8.     9028310
  9.     768456
  10.   283536
  11.   899054
  12.   985227
  13.   355555
  14.   466877
  15.   584165

Why won’t my Blooket codes work?

If your Blooket codes aren’t working, chances are that the code (or codes) are no longer active. Only live ID codes allow successful participation and usage. It is important to learn that each game generates new codes while the old ones expire. Or at times, platform incompatibility, server issues, application problems, and internet connectivity can also be an issue.

How do I host a game on Blooket?

  1.     To host a game on Blooket, follow these steps:
  2.     Firstly, find a question set on Blooket by browsing the Discover tab created by other users. Or you can also create your own set in the Create tab.
  3.     Once you have the selected questions with you, navigate to Blooket Dashboard. Now, Click on Host next to the question set you wish to use.
  4.     Further, you are prompted to choose a game. Here, from various game modes, choose one that best suits your needs.
  5.     Further, once you have chosen the game mode, configure different settings for the game. These settings may include the number of questions, time limits, and whether or not students can see the correct answers. You can customize the game settings according to your preferences.
  6.     Now click on the Create Game tab, and it will generate a unique Game ID. You can now share this unique Game ID, aka Join Code, with your students so they can join the game. Students can go to the Blooket website or app and enter the Game ID to participate.
  7.     And while functions, you can easily monitor your students’ process and real-time scores.

NOTE: Since Blooket is an online gaming platform, a stable internet connection is necessary for hosting and participating in games.

Do students need an account to play on Blooket?

No, only teachers who create games and game IDs need an account on Blooket. Students can use the Game ID to join without logging in, and they will be able to proceed.

However, students can create accounts on Blooket if they want to. Creating an account on Blooket allows the users to unlock new Blooks while tracking game statistics and progress over time.

Why can’t I log in/join a game/host a game on Blooket?

If you are facing issues with login, joining, or hosting a game on Blooket, there can be some possible reasons:

  •       Chrome Extension Interference, such as AdBlockers or other privacy tools. Disable Adblocker
  •       A blocked Website may be causing disruptions in the site’s functionality. Make sure “” is not blocked on your device or network.
  •       A poor internet connection can cause issues with website access and performance.
  •       Incompatible browser.
  •       Sometimes, browser cache and cookies can be a problem; try clearing them, and it may resolve the issue.
  •       Blooket may be facing occasional downtime or server issues.
  •       Before starting the game, it will be helpful to run the Blooket debugger ( By doing so, you can ensure that all images are loaded correctly and that you are not blocking any essential services

Bottom Line…

We hope the steps above will help you Join Blooket with a Join Code. Ensure you use live ID codes only or may have a failed experience.

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