How to Fix Last Epoch Queue Not Moving

In Last Epoch, you’ll embark on an enthralling adventure through the ages, but you’ll run into a problem right at the start of the dreaded queue. When you get to Last Epoch’s starting line only to be denied entry because a queue isn’t moving, there’s nothing worse. Here are some fixes you can try if you’ve spent hours waiting in a Last Epoch queue that seems stuck. So, let’s get started with the guide for how to fix the Last Epoch Queue Not Moving issue.

How to Fix Last Epoch Queue Not Moving

What’s Causing Last Epoch Stuck Queue Issues?

There are usually several reasons why Queue Not Moving or get stuck:

  • Server Performance Issues: Large amounts of traffic or maintenance can cause matchmaking and queue processing to be significantly slowed.
  • Connectivity Drops: Occasionally, internet speed drops or hardware problems interrupt queues, which require them to be restarted.
  • Corrupted Game Files: The installation files for the Last Epoch are damaged and prevent the game from connecting to the servers.

How to Fix Last Epoch Queue Not Moving

So, here are some fixes that will help you troubleshoot the Last Epoch Queue not moving error:

Fix 1: Restart Last Epoch and Steam

Several Last Epoch players have complained about getting stuck in endless queues in the Early Access version of the game. Due to the fact that Last Epoch has yet to be fully released, the fixes they discovered can still be applied. Many people have found that their problem can be solved by closing out of Last Epoch, exiting Steam completely, and then restarting the computer and the application.

If you force-close everything and then relaunch, you can get past the queue bug. In addition, if a new update is available, you have an opportunity to update the game. In the meantime, players can play an offline game while waiting for Last Epoch’s online queue to smooth out to pass the time while they wait.

Fix 2: Restart Your PC

It is often possible to fix many gaming-related issues by simply restarting your computer. Turn off your PC, close all your programs, shut it down, wait a few seconds, and then restart it. Once the program has restarted, launch Last Epoch again to see if the Queue Not Moving has been resolved.

Fix 3: Verify Local Game Files

You can verify your files through Steam by initiating Last Epoch’s file validation check. Using this tool, you can check for corrupted installation files that are preventing you from connecting to backends. It is recommended to re-download the verified files or to completely reinstall the program if problems persist.

Also, if the issue persists, feel free to contact support or submit a ticket. Despite being frustrating, these troubleshooting steps can prevent you from waiting interminably in a queue that will never move.

Fix 4: Check Last Epoch Server Status

There are times when you are not to blame for the problem. It is possible for game servers to go down for maintenance or to experience unexpected problems. To determine whether the servers are down, check the Last Epoch forums before spending too much time troubleshooting.

Fix 5: Restart your router

Those who were unable to log into an online Last Epoch server after restarting Steam and Last Epoch also discovered that restarting their router worked. If you’re stuck in a queue that doesn’t move, you may want to try this trick if it doesn’t work for you.

It is simply a matter of unplugging your router, waiting a couple of seconds, and then plugging it back in. Before doing this, notify everyone using Wi-Fi that there will be a slight hiccup.

Fix 6: Check your internet

It is possible for queue problems to arise due to an unstable or slow internet connection. Make sure your router is turned off and on before resetting it. If you wish to access Last Epoch, you will need a stable and strong internet connection. You might be able to solve this problem by using a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi or switching to another network.

Fix 7: Wait It Out

When the server overloads, especially during peak times or after a new event or update launches, the queue may not move. There may be times when you just need to be patient if the servers are experiencing high traffic. It is likely that the developers are aware of the Queue Not Moving issue and are working to add more server capacity to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Fix 8: Wait for Eleventh Hour Games

You can only hope for a hotfix from Eleventh Hour Games if neither of the Queue Not Moving fixes helps, as they are the developers of Last Epoch. They may update their servers in order to improve stability and increase the number of players they can handle. Ideally, they do both at the same time.

Fix 9: Check For Game Updates

It is common for developers to release patches to fix bugs and improve the performance of their games. Queue issues may have been fixed in a recent update if you’re having issues with queueing. You should check for any updates available for the Last Epoch and install them if they are available.

Fix 10: Contact Support

Those who have been unable to resolve the issue via the above steps should contact Last Epoch’s support team. Depending on the issue, they may know of additional troubleshooting steps or ongoing issues that might affect the queue.

So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix the Last Epoch Queue Not Moving. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Let us know if you need more information by commenting below.

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