Last Epoch Void Horror Prophecy Bug (Solved)

The last Epoch game is still giving their players errors while they try to complete the Void Horror Prophecy. This Frustrating bug is even more frustrating because even after killing the monster it does not add to their quest progress. However, the exact reason for this is still unknown as to what bug is causing this error. You should not worry much as there are some ways you can use to fix this issue.

The Last Epoch is a hack-and-slash action role-playing game that was developed by the Eleventh Hour Games. The game lets you explore dungeons, hunt and loot, and craft weapons and you can use skill trees. The most exciting part of the game is, that you can travel through the past. The game features the `15 mastery classes and has more than 120 skill trees. The game features rare and powerful loot. If you are also feeling the same issue with the game you can find fixes in the upcoming section of the article.

Last Epoch Void Horror Prophecy Bug (Solved)

Last Epoch Void Horror Prophecy Bug (Solved)

The void horror prophecy issue is common in the Last Epoch and this is crucial for players trying to master every aspect of the game. The Void Horror Prophecy is the mechanic that can frustrate even the experienced players in the game and to address the issue one needs to dive in and go straight into the mechanics behind the Void Horror Prophecy. You can fix this issue manually by doing some trips and tricks.

Fix 1: Meet the Prophecy’s Condition

This is the first fix and you need to view the Prophecy through the observatory’s telescope automatically to activate it. The required amount of Favor is shown above the quest star and select the prophecy and confirm it to the claim prophecy. To get the Prophecy visible in the faction menu, you need to go to the Faction menu under the Prophecies tab.

Fix 2: Not claiming the Prophecy

Seeing the Prophecy through the Observatory’s telescope doesn’t trigger its activation. First, you must earn enough favor as shown near the quest star. Then, pick that prophecy and confirm it in the Claim Prophecy window. Once claimed correctly, you can find the prophecy in your Faction menu under the Prophecies tab.

Fix 3: Find the Void Horrors

Unlike any other Prophecy in the game, Void Horror prophecy can be unlocked when you reach chapter 9 of the main campaign, and here are the multiple places where you can find the Last Epoch.

  • Forsaken Trail – Located in the Central Valley
  • Black Sin Monolith – Located inside the Underground Palace Echoes
  • The Surface – Located in the Central Valley
  • The Lotus – Located in the Temple of Eterra

Fix 4: Repair Game Files

This is yet another fix you can try by yourself, you can repair the game files to fix this issue. An incomplete game file can cause issues like this in the game. If you are on Steam you can easily repair your game files by following these steps.

  • Go to the Steam library
  • Now, Right click on the Last Epoch and click on the properties
  • Go to the Local Files and click on verify game files
  • Wait for the files to get verified
  • Restart your game.

Fix 5: Find and Kill Void Horror as Natural Map Spawns

In the Monolith of Fate, to get the progress done for the Circle of Fortune prophecy, many last Epoch players must have noticed the kills from Beacon and Arean Echoes which are scripted side quests that don’t count As the Void Horrors are wandering around the monolith, you need to find them as they are tied to specific objectives, you need to defeat them there. You can easily identify them as they are with the big black mass with a huge arm like a hammer.

In addition to these things, you can keep a few things checked to see if you are doing the Prophecy process accordingly. Try to avoid these mistakes that can prevent you from completing it.

  • Not Claiming the Prophecy – As we have already mentioned in Fix 1, please ensure to have the required amount of favor shown in the request star then choose the Prpiphecy and confirm it.
  • Prophecy Condition – We already mentioned here in the last point that every prophecy has its condition and for the Void Horror Prophecy you need to defeat the monster within the Monolith.
  • Unable to Find Void Horror – The Void Horror are certain Monoliths and the places we have mentioned above already. Do not miss these as you can not find the Void Horror.

Fix 6: Wait for Game Updates

If you’ve followed the above methods and still encounter the bug, you might need to wait for a game update that addresses this issue. Void Horror Developers often release patches and fixes to address bugs and improve gameplay experience. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding game updates and patches.


So this was it, we have compiled all the possible ways by which you can fix the Void Horror Prophecy bugs in the last Epoch. The Void Horror Prophecy can only be found after defetaing the prophecy around the monoliths. Hoping that this article was helpful and solved the bugs that must have been faced in the Last Epoch.

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