How to Fix League of Legends Unknown Player Error

Occasionally, you may encounter the error Unknown Player when playing League of Legends. It turns your client into a black screen, replaces your summoner name with “unknown player,” and prevents you from accessing your profile. It prevents you from playing games or accessing your account.
Most often, the error occurs due to a connection problem between Riot Games and your computer. It’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint who is responsible for a problem. There are a few ways to fix it.

How to Fix League of Legends Unknown Player Error

What is League of Legends unknown player error?

Users are unable to access their accounts or play the game because of the unknown player error in League of Legends. In this Reddit thread, users have reported encountering an “unknown player” error in League of Legends. In addition, several users were able to resolve the issue by switching to an alternate network using a mobile hotspot. Therefore, your network or ISP could be to blame for the underlying issue. Hence, we suspect that the issue may be caused by the DNS configurations your ISP provides by default.

Fix League of Legends Unknown Player Error

So, here are some fixes that will surely help you League of Legends unknown player error on your PC:

Fix 1: Verifying Your Account

The first thing you should do if you need a League of Legends account is to verify your account’s mail address! Whether you are playing the game or contacting Riot Support, your email address needs to be verified! Rather than a Riot account recovery confirmation, this is an email confirmation.

  • To verify your account, sign in to League of Legends here, then click “My Account” > “Settings” in the top right corner.
  • By clicking “Verify Now” on this page, you will be prompted to verify your account, which will send you a confirmation link in the mail to your registered email address.
  • When you click it, your LoL account becomes verified. After that, check whether the League of Legends unknown player error has been resolved.

Fix 2: Disable Cheat Software

Hacks and cheats are not tolerated in League of Legends. LOL will not let you into the game if you modify game files or use cheat software. It is possible that the League of Legends unknown player error may occur just because you are using Disable Cheat Software.

Be sure to turn off any third-party cheat software that you are using. Ensure that all unauthorized changes to the game files that you made in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage have been reverted.

Fix 3: Wait It Out

League of Legends sometimes takes longer to start than usual. Your hardware needs to be strong enough to handle the system requirements and barely meet them. In order to ensure the game isn’t just taking a lot of time to load, wait a while after you launch League of Legends. It is likely that there is something wrong somewhere else if the screen stays stuck for several minutes. To this end, you should begin implementing the remaining fixes.

Fix 4: Check Your Internet Connection

There is no server-dependent multiplayer mode in League of Legends. It is necessary to have an internet connection on your device in order to play the game. You may not be able to launch or run the game if you are not connected to the internet or if the connection is unstable.

To prevent League of Legends unknown player problems, you need to ensure that the internet is active on your device. When the device is connected, verify that the internet connection is stable. In case the connection seems unstable, fix it using the appropriate fixes.

Fix 5: Relaunch the Game After Closing the Riot and LoL Processes

To begin with, close all Riot and League of Legends processes in Task Manager and relaunch the game. In this way, you will avoid League of Legends unknown player error because of a temporary glitch. To close the tasks, follow these steps:

  • Using Windows Search, type “Device Manager” and open Task Manager.
  • You can find all processes related to LoL and Riot here.
  • Right-click on each process and select End task.

Fix 6: Free Up System Resources

Resource-intensive games like League of Legends consume a great deal of resources. In order for it to function properly, substantial processing power is required. Ensure that enough resources are available for the game to run smoothly if your system hardware barely meets the minimum requirements.

You can see that by opening Task Manager and checking CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. Periodically, you may notice that these resources are being utilized at 100% or more, which indicates that your hardware is under significant strain. Therefore, the game isn’t able to function properly because it lacks access to certain resources and ends up getting the League of Legends unknown player error.

Then, you need to shut down graphics-intensive tasks that are running alongside the game if that is the case. When you close them, League of Legends will have more resources to work with.

Fix 7: Delete the Config and Logs Folders

Your game’s Logs folder contains information about errors and problems you encounter. A similar folder, called Config, contains information about the settings and configuration of the game. There is a possibility that these files are interfering with the issue under discussion. Hence, the aforementioned folders need to be deleted. When you relaunch League of Legends, they will be recreated, so there is no need to worry. To delete them, follow these steps:

  • Start File Explorer.
  • Go to the installation folder of the game. When installing the game, if you did not change the default location, you would find it here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends
  • Locate the Logs and Config folders.
  • Simply right-click on these folders and select Delete.

Fix 8: Disable Any Active In-Game Overlays

When playing League of Legends, do you use any in-game overlays, specifically Discord overlays? To prevent the game from getting League of Legends unknown player error due to overlays, you should disable them prior to starting the game. Here are the steps for turning off the Discord overlay:

  • Initially, in the bottom-right corner, click the gear icon (User Settings).
  • On the left, select Game Overlay.
  • Ensure that the Enable in-game overlay toggle is turned off.

Here are the steps to turn off the overlay for only League of Legends if you do not wish to turn it off for all games:

  • Firstly, in the bottom right corner, click the gear icon (User Settings).
  • On the left, click Registered Games.
  • Next to League of Legends, click the monitor icon.

Fix 9: Reinstall League of Legends

In case none of the above fixes solves your League of Legends unknown player error, you may need to reinstall the game. It is recommended that you uninstall the existing installation before starting the installation process. Afterward, download the game again from the official website, as you did before, and reinstall it.

So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix the League of Legends unknown player error. It’s our hope that this guide has helped you. Let us know if you have any doubts or questions in the meantime by commenting below.

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