Fix: Lenovo PC and Laptop Not Showing WiFi Networks

We have plenty of laptop/PC manufacturers across the globe, but the only name said is always Lenovo. Lenovo is a Chinese company known for producing innovative Laptops/PC and similar Gadgets. You will be surprised to learn that Lenovo sold millions of units to the world. However, numerous concerns were raised by users, and all of them were resolved. Before a few weeks, there was no issue, but suddenly some Lenovo PC as well as Laptop users were not able to connect to a wireless network.

Here Wireless network I mean the Wi-Fi feature we use on both Lenovo PCs and Laptops. To be Specific, when a Lenovo user tries to connect with a wireless network, the system neither shows any icon nor feels that we have access to the internet. However, developers mentioned the reasons for this issue on their support page. But being a newbie, it becomes hard to know what to do properly. So, don’t worry, here we will guide you on how to fix it.

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Fix: Lenovo PC and Laptop Not Showing WiFi Networks

If you look over the Google search results trend you will find a keyphrase trending for the few last weeks that is “Lenovo PC not connecting to Wi-Fi”. I thought that may be an accidental issue happening with some users. But when I saw the Reddit form, it was filled with the same WiFi issue. I agree developers acknowledged that fact and concisely mentioned possible reasons behind the issue. But as I said users can’t able to find which fix they should try.

For such a scenario, we tried to figure out what could be the reason for such an issue. And after analysis, it results that there is for sure a mistake from the user’s end that forcing such a problem. From there, I found that if you are unable to connect to a specific network then for sure you are entering the wrong password. Another thing is, you might disable the Wi-Fi icon from your PC’s taskbar. Similarly, there are more things to look at, so keeping all of them in mind, below we are sharing a few troubleshooting tips to fix the issue

Ensure to enter the Correct Password

The Foremost thing you should check is the password you have entered. I know it is a common thing that most don’t do but it happens probably. And until you enter the correct password, the Lenovo PC would not connect to the Wi-Fi network. So To reach out to the concern forget the current password that you entered. And set up a fresh connection with a new password and enjoy your Lenovo Gadget.

Restart the router

Another thing to note is from the router’s end since you can’t able to connect your Lenovo PC. Then the next cause behind it can be the router. Because due to long hours, the run router seems slow and resulting in Lenovo PC not connecting to Wi-Fi concerns. For such things, we recommend you restart your router and further attempt to connect the PC.

Install the Latest LAN Drivers

Every PC or Laptop runs on programs dedicated to specific tasks. And even after restarting the Router and ensuring the correct Wi-Fi Password, you are still getting the same thing. That means your Lenovo PC or Laptop does not have the latest LAN driver. Following this, the Lenovo PC can’t able to take command for connecting to a Wi-Fi network. In such a scenario, you need to download and install the latest LAN driver, otherwise, the issue persists. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Simply, enter into your PC’s BIOS Settings.
  2. Then Enable the Wireless LAN option.
  3. Next Head to
  4. Choose your PC/Laptop model.
  5. Now download and install the compatible LAN driver.
  6. Lastly, Restart your device and you are done.

Try Network Troubleshoot

Windows PCs and laptops have a dedicated tool called Network Troubleshooter that automatically detects the problem and fixes it from itself. And now as you have opted for the above-mentioned fixes and are still get satisfied. That means there is some in-between network programming. For this, Using the Network Troubleshooter tool would be the best option ever. All you need to do is, right-click over the wireless icon and select Troubleshoot Problems. After that, the system will fix the issue.

Reset the TC/IP Stack

Even after using the network troubleshooter if you are on the same problem side then resetting the TCP/IP would be the last option. Because this is the medium that regulates how a wireless connection is set up with the PC. You can reset this either through the PC’s Internal settings. But it would be a long process for you, so instead of that try command prompt (cmd). Simply Head to Command Prompt and open it with the run as administrator option. Now enter the “netsh int ip reset c:\restlog.txt” command and press enter. That’s it from now your PC may work to connect with a wireless network.

Besides that, you can try some more advanced fixes such as renewing your IP Address. But I think that would be more hard for a newbie. Instead of that, you can simply raise a request over Lenovo Support and book an appointment with technicians. As they will give personalized assistance in such hard tasks and perfectly fix your issue. Now I hope many of you get fixed the problem with your Wi-Fi PC resolved with these fixes. Even after that if you still have any users who have a query then ask them all below.

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