Fix Lethal Company Invincibility Glitch

Wondering how to fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch? Lethal Company, crafted by Zeekerss, is a collaborative video game that entered the realm of early access for Microsoft Windows in October 2023, quickly garnering acclaim on the Steam platform. Within the game, participants find themselves in the role of contracted workers for “The Company,” assigned to gather scrap from deserted, industrialized moons. The challenge lies in navigating through traps, environmental dangers, and formidable monsters. However, there has been a glitch which is affecting gameplay, and it’s the Invincibility bug. In this guide, we will take you through how to fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch.

In Lethal Company, your goal is to gather items during your perilous journeys across hazardous Moons, engaging in intense competition through various game modes. With each contract lasting three days, there’s the ongoing pressure of meeting increasingly escalating profit quotas. While this is stressful enough, glitches can make your game more frustrating. There have been reports from players about an Invincibility glitch which is messing up the player’s damage, and making them essentially unkillable. This bug renders players immune to damage or death, which obviously disrupts the intended balance of gameplay. If you want to know how to fix this annoying bug, you’re in the right place. Let’s find out how to fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch.

How to Fix Lethal Company Invincibility Glitch

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While you’re playing Lethal Company, you might have noticed that you are not taking damage even when you’re fighting monsters or falling from a high place. This might seem like a cool boost at first, but it quickly loses its novelty as you literally cannot die, and thus, the game loses its meaning.

You’re not alone in experiencing this bug, as several players have recently expressed frustration about the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch, where characters remain unaffected by monsters, drowning, or falls. To fix this issue and get back to playing the game the way it was meant to be played, we have compiled a list of solutions that you can try to fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch.

Restart Lethal Company

To start off, try exiting the game to see if the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch fixes itself. If it is a server-side problem, the host should restart the game to address the issue. Hopefully, once you restart the game, you should be able to see your character taking damage again.

Restart Steam

If you’ve already tried restarting the game, you should also restart Steam entirely to see if it resolves the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch. To do this, exit Lethal Company and log out of Steam, to log back in again. You might also want to restart your computer for a fresh start. Rebooting your applications and your device can help in fixing some temporary issues which may be causing the glitch.

Reinstall any mods that you may be using

There is a possibility that a mod is causing the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch, if you’re one of the players using mods in Lethal Company, ensure you have the correct mod installed. Consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the mod to resolve any potential bugs, and then restart the game to see if the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch has been fixed.

Change the server or session

For this fix, try to connect with a friend’s session or invite them to yours to switch to a different server. A different session or server might fix the issue of the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch. You can try exploring different game modes like Deathmatch or Capture the Flag, as this may transfer you to an alternative server.

Alternatively, you might want to switch to a different region, such as the USA, Europe, or Asia, to potentially relocate to another server.

Change the game mode

To fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch, you can try other game modes to see if the problem persists. Exit the game and restart it to choose a different online option like quick play, custom match, or private match, which might relocate you to a different server and hopefully fix the issue that you are encountering.

Check game and mod versions

If you are playing in multiplayer mode with other players, ensure that all players have the same versions of the game or modpack to avoid compatibility issues. This can also fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch that you are having.

Reinstall Lethal Company

Sometimes, you might need to resort to drastic steps such as deleting the game itself off your device and doing a fresh install. Reinstalling Lethal Company might help to eliminate the invincibility glitch, especially if the glitch is from a corrupted game file.

Delete save files

Sometimes, your game files might get corrupted, especially the save files. If the problem lies with your existing game and not the other game modes, you might need to delete the save file that is encountering the issue. However, don’t forget to save a backup of your game files in case you want to try the saved game again at a later time.

Contact support

Finally, if none of these solutions worked for you to fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch, you can try contacting game support on the Lethal Company Steam Community Page. If you’re using mods, make sure to contact the modders to see if they have any potential fixes related to the modpack you might be using.


That’s all for our guide on how to fix the Lethal Company Invincibility glitch. We hope that these fixes worked for you to troubleshoot the issue of your character not taking any damage. For more guides on this game, make sure to check out our Lethal Company page.

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