Fix: LG Ultragear Not Showing 144hz or 165Hz

Monitors from LG Ultragear are popular for their high refresh rates and fast response times. Nevertheless, some LG Ultragear monitor owners have reported that it does not display the full 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rate. If you are experiencing this issue, there are a few steps you can take to resolve it.

Fix: LG Ultragear Not Showing 144hz or 165Hz

Why is LG Ultragear Not Showing 144hz or 165Hz?

LG Ultragear may be unable to demonstrate 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rate for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. Monitors with outdated graphics card drivers may not display the full refresh rate if they have outdated graphics card drivers.
  2. If you connect your monitor to the wrong port, such as DisplayPort or HDMI, make sure it supports the refresh rate you desire.
  3. It is also possible that the monitor’s on-screen menu has the wrong settings, preventing it from showing the total refresh rate.
  4. A monitor with a high resolution might not be able to display the full refresh rate if the resolution is too high.
  5. You may need to switch to a DisplayPort or HDMI cable if your monitor’s cable is incompatible with the computer’s refresh rate.
  6. There may be limitations with the graphics card: Some graphics cards are not powerful enough to support the full refresh rate.

It is possible to resolve the issue and enjoy the smooth, fast experience offered by the LG Ultragear monitor by resolving these factors.

How to Fix LG Ultragear Monitor Not Showing 144Hz or 165Hz Error

Here are some fixes to help you resolve the LG Ultragear monitor not showing 144hz or 165hz error. So, let’s check them out:

Fix 1: Power Cycle Your Monitor

To begin with, make sure this isn’t an error caused by a random bug or mistake. To ensure that your monitor is free of bugs, you must power cycle it.

There are many cases when a normal issue like this resolves automatically after powering on the device. Hence, we suggest you power cycle your LG Ultragear monitor and check whether the not detecting DP error has been resolved. To accomplish this, in the meantime, 

  1. The first step is to turn off the monitor’s power button.
  2. Next, remove all the cables connecting your monitor to your CPU.
  3. Once this has been done, remove the power cord and wait for 20-30 seconds before reconnecting it.
  4. Once again, plug in all the cables and turn on the power button to determine whether the issue of not detecting or showing no signal has been resolved. 

Fix 2: Check Your Graphics Card and Drivers

To resolve the issue, you should ensure that your graphics card and drivers are up to date. Your graphics card should support 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rates if you have the latest drivers installed. You can find this information on the manufacturer’s website or in the device manager.

Fix 3: Make Sure It Has a proper Power Connection.

Has the power socket you are using been checked for proper functioning, and if the current flowing into your monitor not fluctuating? There are possible chances that LG Ultragear monitors are not detecting problems due to this. The problem may be resolved by using a different port. Try this again if the issue persists. 

Fix 4: Connect to the Right Port

Next, connect your monitor to the right port if your graphics card supports the high refresh rate. Verify that the port you are using supports the refresh rate of the DisplayPort or HDMI. Whether your graphics card or monitor should be used should be determined by the user manual of your graphics card.

Fix 5: Configure the Monitor Settings

You now need to configure your monitor settings after you’ve confirmed your monitor is connected correctly. You can access these settings by going to the monitor’s on-screen menu and selecting “Display” or “Settings.”. Select the refresh rate you want from the “Refresh Rate” section.

Fix 6: Check Your Monitor Resolution

Too high a resolution may prevent the monitor from showing the full 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rate. Resolve the issue by lowering the resolution to a more compatible setting. Select the “Display” or “Settings” tab in the monitor’s on-screen menu.

Fix 7: Use a Different Cable

LG Ultragear monitor HDMI cables are prone to damage, which makes them unable to connect to the computer and monitor. Therefore, you might want to try using a different cable if you still have problems. If you need a high refresh rate, use a DisplayPort or HDMI cable that supports it.

Fix 8: Try Connecting it To Another Device

What other devices did you try to connect to your monitor? There is a possibility that the monitor does not support your CPU hardware, therefore failing to be recognized by the system. If your display does not show any signal, it may also be a hardware issue. If the DisplayPort connection is not working, try testing it with another DisplayPort cable, computer, or monitor. You should check your cable and ports to see if they are causing the issue. If your computer or monitor is under warranty and is giving you problems, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance. After they identify the cause of your problems, they can repair or replace your devices.

Fix 9: Contact the Support Team

The LG Ultragear monitor is not showing DP or HDMI and shows no signal even after you have tried everything we have mentioned in this guide. Additionally, there is a possibility that the monitor may have a hardware problem that you cannot fix. To fix this issue, we recommend contacting the LG official team and asking an expert for assistance. 


This concludes the steps you can take to fix the LG Ultragear monitors not showing 144Hz or 165Hz refresh rates. Further assistance from the manufacturer’s support team may be available if you are still having problems. Follow these steps to ensure your LG Ultragear monitor operates at its optimum and delivers a smooth, fast experience.

So, that’s it on how to fix LG Ultragear not showing 144hz and 165hz issues. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, if you need more help, comment below and let us know.

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