List of All Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Are you looking for the list of all the Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom? In the gacha game Cookie Run Kingdom, you need to collect lots of cookies. These have different levels of rarity as well as type. With the brand new Summer Soda Rock Festa event update, the game has new limited-time activities that the player can participate in. As part of these events, you will need to defeat some powerful bosses and get rewards. In this guide, we will take you through the list of all the Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

If you’re going to be fighting bosses, it’s a good idea to be familiar with most of the cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. Depending on the type of cookie, your enemies might take more or less damage. As long as you have a well-rounded team, you can defeat any type of enemy. But when it comes to bosses, most players will change their enemy to mould against the boss’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s a good idea to take advantage of the weakness of the bosses in Cookie Run Kingdom, if they have any. Let’s find out all the names of the Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

All Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom List

List of All Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom1

In the event called Challenge! Boss Hunt, you will need to defeat a boss called the Dark Cacao Cookie. It might seem mighty at first, but it has a weakness. The weakness of the Dark Cacao Cookie is that it is weak against light cookies. So, players will need to get some light cookies on their team to defeat the Dark Cacao Cookie. These cookies will help you make short work of the boss by causing some serious Light elemental damage.

There are four cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom which have the element of Light. These are activated with their skills, so it’s important to note which skill contains Light damage. Here is the list of all Light cookies and their respective skills:

  • Clotted Cream Cookie – You can use the Clotted Cream Cookie’s Light elemental damage via the Consul’s Orders Skill.
  • Financier Cookie – The Financier Cookie can provide Paladin Protection with her Paladin Protection Skill.
  • Kouign-Amann Cookie – The Kouign-Amann Cookie can use Paladin’s Way Skill to inflict Light damage.
  • Madeleine Cookie – Madeleine Cookie is built different, and has two ways to inflict Light damage – with the Commander’s Honor Skill and the Power of the Light Candy Skill.

Taunt Cookies

Furthermore, if you wish to defeat more bosses in the Summer Soda Rock Festa event, you will need some Taunt cookies. The Challenge! Boss Hunt will eventually have a boss who is susceptible to the Taunt ability, so it doesn’t hurt to know in advance which are the Taunt cookies in the game. As it turns out, there are only two of them.

  • Milk Cookie – It is an Epic cookie with Defensive Type.
  • Knight Cookie – It is a Rare cookie with Defensive Type.

These cookies were added to the game in 2021 as Defensive characters. This means that they will stand in front of your team and take the brunt of the damage. You should use Milk cookie if possible. Although the damage he does is lower than that of the Knight’s, he has the damage resist skill which is better for your team.

That concludes our guide to the list of all the Light and Taunt Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. Now that you know how to use these cookies to defeat the bosses in the Challenge! Boss Hunt, go out there and complete the Summer Soda Rock Festa event. Having these cookies in your team, or even one of them, will make the entire battle go much smoother.

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