Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

The cooperative first-person shooter, Deep Rock Galactic, is finally launched for PC and Xbox One after two years of its release. The game is gaining traction once again and people who are just starting off want to know more. One of the most inquired things about the game is Machine Events, which were introduced in Update 26: Endgame – Part 2. If you are one of those people who have just started playing the game, then let me tell you Machine Events are definitely worth it.

While playing the game, you must have encountered strange boxes lying around. This usually happens during a mission. Well, these boxes unlock Machine Events. They provide a challenging interaction and are often exciting. Keep reading and I will tell you more about them.

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Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

As I said earlier, these are random events that usually take place between an ongoing mission. They provide an interaction, but are random in nature. So it is not a guarantee that you will definitely witness Machine Events. These challenges are quite tough, so you must have the ability to surpass them. There’s a 3-minute timeline to pass them and you gain an excellent amount of XP and credits. However, one essential for getting rewards by completing a Machine event is Blank Matrix Core. You can get it by completing weekly core hunt or stage 1 of Deep Dive.

There are three major types you face: Kursite Infection, Rock Mutation, and Tritilyte Crystal. All of them are unique and require you to perform unfamiliar tasks in order to earn rewards. So it will be vital for you to know all of them beforehand to accomplish the missions.

How To Activate Machine Events?

Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic

Now that you know what are Machine Events, it is time to learn about their activation process. These events are nothing but boxes that you find during ongoing missions. The first requirement of unlocking a Machine Event is a Tritilyte key. However, this key is not available to everyone. Only dwarves who have been promoted have access to a Tritilyte key. Before activating you must ensure full health, shield, enough health packs, and ammo as these events are tough to surpass. I am reminding you this again & again as there’s a time limit of three minutes to finish the mission to get rewards.

Once you complete the mission, you are guaranteed with a lot of exciting rewards including XP and Credits. A player gets three options for a reward after the completion of the mission. Each of them can be either a random class Weapon Overclock or a random class Matrix Core Cosmetic. You will need Black Matrix Core to access the rewards, and once you select the reward, the BMC will disappear.

Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic are crucial if you want to earn additional rewards. However, they require a high degree of competitiveness and alertness. Make sure you give your 100% and earn XPs and Credits. Once you complete a Machine Event, you can see it as a completed Mission Objective near the Secondary Objective tab.

If you need any other guide or information related to Deep Rock Galactic, then let us know in the comment section. Till then, see you and enjoy gaming!

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