Metro exodus doesn’t work after i restart my PC(Xbox game pass PC)

After the success of Metro 2033 in 2010 and Metro: Last Light in 2013, deep silver published another first-person shooter video game “METRO EXODUS” developed by 4A Games. This game series is based on the novels of a Russian author and journalist, Dmitry Glukhovsky. The newer version “Metro Exodus” was launched in 2019 and, all of a sudden gets attracted many gamers and was also appraised by critics.

This new edition of the series is challenging but worth playing. Exodus world style works excellently in the session, which allows players to expend their resources in a very new, attractive, and graphically brilliant system. There is a general problem with many users that they are unable to run “Metro Exodus” on their PC event after a restart. There may be some issues with your PC as the game is not currently having any bugs related to installation and its running. Here some solutions are being provided below.

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus doesn’t work after I Restart My PC (Xbox Game Pass PC)

Now let us discuss the solution if Metro Exodus is not working in your PC even after a restart:

Update Graphics Card:

This is the general issue that might cause for now correctly working Metro Exodus game. All you need is to update the graphics card of your PC. Steps to upgrade the graphics card in Windows 8 and above are mentioned below. You can find the same method with the different procedures to approach in the below versions of Windows.

These are the steps to Update Graphics Card;

    • Click on the Windows logo on the very bottom left of your screen.
    • Run a command “dxdiag.” You need to type it in the search box there.
    • After hitting Enter, there will be a prompt asking for permission to connect to the internet.
    • Hit yes and make sure that you have an internet connective active. It will also open a DDT application in your system.
    • Now proceed to the Display tab on the top of the application where you can find the name of your graphics card installed on your PC.
    • For proceeding to update process, open device manager.
    • Now double click the “display adaptors.”
    • Here you will find the same graphics card name as you notice prior to DDT.
    • Now hit the update button, which you can find on the menu bar with a symbol of a black box containing an upward green arrow.
    • After clicking that update button, you have to proceed with “Search Automatically for updated driver software.”
    • Now allow your graphics card to get updated.

Install Windows Updates:

If still, the Metro Exodus is not working in your PC, then you might have some Windows updates pending for installation. Here are the steps to install your Windows updates (For Windows 10):

    • Click on the Windows logo on the very bottom left of your screen.
    • You will find a setting tab here.
    • Hit on settings where you will find a search bar.
    • Search for “Windows Update Settings.”
    • Here you will have a button to update and install.
    • Just hit that button and make sure that you have an internet connective active before hitting update and install.
    • It will take a few moments to install windows update depends on the size of updates.

Repairing the Game:

If the same does not work or you already have the updates installed, then you can go for repairing the game. These are the steps you have to follow to repair the game:

    • Click on the game icon.
    • You will find a repair option.
    • Click on repair and get the bugs fixed.

You may proceed with a different method to get repair the application

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Now, look for “programs and features.”
  • Now find “Metro Exodus” here and click it.
  • It will provide you a repair option.
  • Just click the repair button and enjoy the fix.

Reinstall the Game:

If the repair doesn’t work, then you have to go with a complete reinstallation of the game. First, you need to uninstall the game by following these steps:

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Look for “programs and features” here.
  • Now find “Metro Exodus” here and click it.
  • It will provide you the option of uninstalling the game.
    • Click it to uninstall the Metro Exodus.
    • Now install your game with all the access keys you have.

XBOX Game Pass for PC:


This is another method used to have unlimited access to almost every XBOX game, so it also works for “Metro Exodus.” You can have access to the game if you have XBOX Game Pass for PC. Here are the steps to have XBOX Game Pass for your PC:

    • First, you need to have a subscription of Xbox Pass with 14 days of the trial period.
    • Before the trial gets expired and you get to have an amount charge, you just need to move as mentioned.
    • Visit on your browser and sign in to your account.
    • At the right top corner of the menu bar, you will find a symbol on hitting which you will find an option to sign in Microsoft account.
    • Find “your orders” here.
    • Move down to subscriptions and cancel your subscription form here.
    • Now move on to the XBOX and enjoy the game without getting charged.

It feels like getting very frustrated when you have one of your favorite games cannot run it on your PC successfully due to some errors or bugs. If you want to enjoy the Metro Exodus, then you must follow the above-mentioned fixes.

These may somehow be able to work for you, but if still, the problem occurs then you may have any subscription problems which you can get solved through administration. You need to approach them just by following some emails and get all your issues resolved. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment below in our comment box.

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