Mods Please Ban achievement in High On Life, How to Unlock Them?

High on Life is getting more popular daily, with thousands of active players. The players explore the game and love the concept of sci-fi games with exciting, action-packed gameplay. In the games, there are various activities that the players can do. Unlocking achievement is one of them. The players can unlock achievements daily by completing different missions and moving ahead in the game.

The “Mods Please Ban” Achievement is one in High on Life. The players are very keen to know the process for unlocking it. We are here with a guide to help the players unlock the Mods Please Ban achievement. Continue reading this guide until the end to unlock this achievement.

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How to Unlock “Mods Please Ban” achievement in High On Life

If you want to unlock Mods Please Ban achievement in High on Life, you will have to start with completing missions on the Forums. The forum is the tab where you will find the bounty missions. You can start completing those challenges by entering them. Also, you can take help from the comment section where the users have written the steps through which you can complete those missions.

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Now, let’s check how you will complete the mission to get the Mods Please Ban Achievement in High on Life. You will have to complete the missions which are listed below to get the achievement.

1. Blim City Banter

To get the achievement in the High on Life, you will first need to complete the Blim City Banter mission.

  • Discover three locations in Downtown
    • Pawn Shop
    • Downtown
    • Blorto’s
    • Slums Access Route
  • Discover five locations in the Slums
  • Discover five hints about Dr. Grugula
    • Douglas’s Office
    • (2x) Dr. Giblets Lab
    • Weapons Lab
    • Top of Crust Lord (Blim City)
    • Nipulon’s Main Office

2. Combat Tactics and Strategies

Now, you will need to complete the Combat Tactics and Strategies mission to get a step ahead to unlock the Mods Please Ban achievement.

  • Sixty Merks Kills
  • Sixty Melee Merk Kills = Farm GMS Schlooper
  • Sixty Melee Kills
  • Thirty Sniper Kills = Farm warp bases (warp gate)
  • Thirty Jason Kills = Hybrid Lab entrance (Farm Skrendel)
  • Thirty Executions = Bodyshot then Melee a Grunt, (2x) Melee a Merk.
  • Pierce Enemy Armor 240 = Melee kills
  • Gun Kills = 240
  • 120 Interactable Kills = Shoot Creature’s minions into the blades
  • Ten Hunk Kills = Farm GMS Schlooper warp bases

3. Zephyr Paradise

Now, you will need to complete the Zephyr Paradise mission to get a step ahead to unlock the Mods Please Ban achievement.

  • Discover Nine locations in Skrendel Labs
    • Security Checkpoint
    • Skrendel Pass
    • Loading Dock
    • Section¬†A
    • Specimen Holding
    • Quarantine Pen
    • Lab Crossing
    • Eureka Falls
    • Section B Cloning
    • Clone Mulcher
    • Think Tank
    • Root Route
    • Section C Elevator
    • Sideways Pass.
  • Discover six locations in Mines Area
  • Buy six Vendor Items
    • (2x) Supply Station for 1600 Pesos
    • (2x) Mineshaft for 680 Pesos
    • (3x) Kitchen opposite Clone Lab for 4,000 Pesos
    • (3x) Beside Dr. Giblets Lab for 6500 Pesos
  • Discover eight locations in Zephyr Jungle
    • Jungle Overlook
    • River Fork
    • Lower River Canyon
    • Furgle
    • Warren
    • Moplet Village
    • Upper Falls
    • Back Canyon
    • Deep Jungle
    • Spring Canyons,
  • 240 Mytes Kills = Farm “Upper Furgle Warren”

4. Port Terrene Hangout

The last mission that you will need to complete is the Port Terrene Hangout mission to get the Mods Please Ban achievement.

  • Discover Three locations in the Outskirts
  • Discover Nine locations in the Dreg Town
  • Discover Three locations in Old Town
  • Buy Three Vendor Items
    • (2x) Station (3000 Pesos)
    • (3x) Dreg Underbelly Arena (3000 Pesos)
    • Both shops will get an extra item after Bounty of Nipulon
  • Kill Ninty Greebles
    • Farm at GMS Schlooper

Wrapping Up

High on Life is an exciting game and players love the comedic adventure gameplay. There are achievement challenges that are posted on Forum in the game which you can access and complete to unlock the achievement. Mods Please Ban is one of them. The players are confused that how they will unlock them. To solve the confusion, we have listed the objectives for it. We hope that this guide has helped you.

That’s it, See you in the next one. If you have any doubts, then do let us know in the comment section below.¬†

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