Nightingale Error Codes and Their Fixes

Nightingale has certainly uplifted the roots of survival-adventure games with its unique journey to the new world. Yet as a recent release, the game is prone to multiple technical issues. Users have filled the forums with complaints about encountering errors during the gameplay. The worst part, however, is that users have come across various error codes, some of which look new to the eyes. Moreover, as there is not enough information available on the internet, a lot of players are having a hard time countering these errors.

Well, coming across such errors during the gameplay must be a frustrating experience. But fortunately, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to look at all the Nightingale error codes along with their fixes. So, if you are tired of encountering errors each time you launch Nightingale in Destiny 2, check out this guide to find a potential troubleshooting technique for each error code.

Nightingale Error Codes and Their Fixes

Nightingale Error Codes and Their Fixes

Nightingale in Destiny 2 is an extremely new and polished survival-adventure game. It offers a wholesome experience of discovering unseen places and solving the mysteries of the world. Dishearteningly, encountering different error codes in the game has ruined the experience of the players. But look no further for an answer. Here, we have discussed all the error codes and the solution to fix them.

1. Error Code: NIGHTINGALE

The NIGHTINGALE error code is quite a common one, most users come across. It mostly occurs when your cache memory is full and if you are playing on Steam, you might as well check the download cache. But before moving to any of them, simply try relaunching the application and doing the same activity. If you encounter the error for the second time again then here’s what you need to do.

On Console:

  • Firstly, exit from Destiny and turn off your Console.
  • Unplug the power adapter and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • Now, restart the console, launch Destiny, and check if it fixes the error.

On Steam:

  • From the Steam client, go to Settings.
  • Next, go to the Downloads option on the left panel.
  • Click on the ‘Clear Download Cache’ button.
  • Finally, click on the ‘OK’ button to confirm it.

Additionally, Steam and Epic Games users should consider verifying the integrity of game files on Steam and Epic Games Launcher. If you are on a Windows device, try repairing the Destiny 2 app on Windows to fix the NIGHTINGALE error code.

2. Error Code: CHICKPEA

The CHICKPEA error is another commonly seen error during gameplay. It specifically occurs when a player disables Cross Play while in an activity with other players who have their Cross Play enabled. Fortunately, it can be easily fixed by simply enabling the Cross-Play feature on your device. The steps below will guide you through.

On Xbox:

  • Go to Settings and then General.
  • Click on Online Safety & Family and select Privacy & Online Safety.
  • Now, click on Xbox Privacy.
  • Go to View Details & Customize.
  • Again go to ‘Communication & Multiplayer’.
  • Finally, set the option “You can join Cross-network play” to Allow.

For PlayStation users, they can easily turn on the Cross-Play feature from the Settings menu of Destiny 2.

3. Error Code: MARMOT

The MARMOT error in Destiny 2 typically occurs when a file is corrupted. If you come across this error code, try repairing or verifying the files to fix it. Here is a step-by-step guide to repair Destiny 2 files on different platforms.

ON Steam:

  • Exit from Destiny 2.
  • Now, on Steam, locate and right-click on the Destiny 2 icon, go to Properties, and select Local Files.
  • Click on ‘Verify integrity of game files’.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, restart Destiny 2 and check if the error still persists.

On Consoles:

  • Close the Destiny 2 application and clear the console cache.
  • Restart the console and launch Destiny 2 again.

4. Error Code: TURTLE

The error code TURTLE might occur due to temporary glitches in Destiny 2. Therefore, if you encountered the error recently, restart Destiny 2 and check if that fixes the issue. If not try restarting the device and launch Destiny 2 in a fresh environment. However, if the error keeps showing up again and again, make sure that you have a reliable wired connection and that no packets are being lost.

In addition, if you are on a console, try clearing the console cache. On the other hand, PC users using Steam must clear the download cache and those on Epic Games must try clearing the webcache.


OKRA, LENTL, and ALFALFA errors are witnessed mostly due to network troubleshooting issues. Hence, if you end up encountering any of these issues, try out the following points.

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Switch to a different network and restart Destiny 2.
  • If none of them works, then check out the Destiny 2 Network Troubleshooting guide. They have listed multiple troubleshooting to fix these error codes.

6. Error Code: Incorrect Silver Balance or Missing Purchases

The “Incorrect Silver Balance or Missing Purchases” error code is basically a purchase and licenses service-related error. If you are encountering this error, it means, there is some issue with your purchases and licenses. As a result, you may experience certain delays in receiving the purchases on your account. Alternatively, you may also witness an incorrect silver balance on your account or the unavailability of game licenses.

In this case, players should not make multiple unwanted purchases to increase their silver balance. All your purchases will automatically reflect on your account once the issue has been resolved.

7. Error Code: PLUM, PLUOT

The PLUM and PLUOT error codes refer to a similar type of issue. These basically occur when BattlEye detects any sort of issue on your device that may lead to the violation of the Terms and Conditions. Although there’s no specific fix for these error codes, you can refer to the BattlEye support page for some answers.

8. Error Code: SCALLION

Last, but not least, the SCALLION is another very popular error code among users. However, it mostly occurs due to a temporary glitch in Destiny 2. If you ever come across this error, simply relaunch Destiny 2 and that should fix this error.


So, that’s all about the error codes and their fixes in Nightingale. Since the game is in its early phase, it is common to witness various types of errors in the beginning. But the most important thing is that Nightingale’s team seems to be dedicated and working actively to find a solution to the problems. So, we have looked at all the error codes and fixes in the game until now. However, if you end up coming across a completely different error code, do let us know, we will keep updating this article with time.

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