Fix: Nothing Phone 1 Bluetooth Not Working Problem

The Nothing Phone 1 is one of the most hyped phones launched in recent times. The new glyph interface made people go crazy over the phone. Soon after the launch, the internet got flooded over several issues found in the Nothing phone, which is quite expected from a company launching their first smartphone. As Nothing is new, you can find almost nothing to support the issues. 

Among all other issues, it was also reported that the Nothing phone is having trouble connecting to Bluetooth devices. As the Nothing phone does not have a headphone jack, the users are devoid of music it seems. Or maybe there is nothing from Nothing about the issue as they are not responding to the users who are reporting the problem causing rage among the users. But, we have tried to come up with a few solutions that might be helpful for you to solve the Nothing Phone 1 Bluetooth not working problem.

Nothing Phone 1 Bluetooth Not Working

Nothing Phone 1 Bluetooth Not Working: Possible Reasons

There may be various possibilities for the failing connection or no audio issue. It may be due to incompatible codecs or Bluetooth versions. The Nothing OS is quite new, so there are expected bugs in it. The phone may be having trouble figuring out the right codecs required for different device types.

Firstly, we need to check that if the issue is with the Bluetooth device or the Nothing phone itself. So, let’s get some basic checks done:

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth on the Nothing phone and turn off the headphones (or any other device).
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth device and connect it to some other phone or device, and see if it connects properly.
  3. If it’s an audio device then make sure that the volume is not muted.

If the problem persists even after trying on different devices, then the issue might be with the Bluetooth headphone. Until Nothing solves this issue, here are some solutions below that you can try.

How to Fix Nothing Phone 1 Bluetooth Not Working Problem?

Fix 1: Switching On and Off the Device

You can try restarting the Bluetooth by turning off Bluetooth and turning it on again. Also, try restarting the Nothing phone as well as the Bluetooth device. A restart can often solve some problems. Also, try resetting the Bluetooth device as per their manual as sometimes resetting the device can solve a lot of issues.

Fix 2: Update Your Nothing Phone

Nothing is rolling out updates with several minor and major changes. Updating your system may solve the issue. Though some users reported that the updates fixed nothing about their Bluetooth, still if your device is not updated, download and install the latest system update. 

To update your Nothing phone:

  1. Go to Settings > System > System Update 
  2. If an update is available it will show up with “Download and Install”, click on it and the updates will be installed followed by a restart.

Fix 3: Reset Phone Calls and Media Audio

A user reported on Reddit that he connected the headphones by toggling the Phone calls and Media audio repeatedly. We can try this by:

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones and pair them with the phone.
  2. Go to Settings > Connected devices on your Nothing phone.
  3. You can see the Bluetooth device listed there, tap on the settings icon next to it.
  4. Here toggle the phone calls and media audio options.

Note: The next few possible solutions require enabling developer options on your phone.


To turn on developer options on your Nothing phone:

  1. Goto Settings > About Phone.
  2. You can see “Software Info” next to the thumbnail of the phone, tap on it.
  3. On the next page find the build number and tap on it 7 times until it pops up that the developer options have been enabled.

Fix 4: Change Your Bluetooth Coded

The problem can be caused by incompatible Bluetooth codecs. It is possible that the Nothing phone is not able to detect the proper codecs automatically due to some bugs. Maybe the device is not able to process AAC or LDAC used for HD Audio. You can try changing them in the developer options.

  1. Developer options must be enabled.
  2. Goto Settings > System > Developer options.
  3. Here you can find the setting listed as “Bluetooth Audio Codec”.
  4. Try changing the available options and see if that helps.

Alternatively, you can try turning off HD Audio from Bluetooth settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Connected devices on your phone.
  2. Find your device in the Bluetooth devices list and tap on the settings icon next to it.
  3. If you see the HD audio option, toggle it.

Although this will affect the audio quality, it is still good enough if it works. Something is better than nothing.

Fix 5: Change Bluetooth Versions

If you are facing issues connecting to your car’s Bluetooth, another possible cause for failing Bluetooth connection can be older Bluetooth AVRCP or MAP versions that are not compatible. It may help solve the issue. You can change these settings in the developer options.

To change these settings:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Developer options.
  2. Here you can find them listed as “Bluetooth AVRCP Version” and “Bluetooth MAP Version”.
  3. Change them and try different combinations to check if the device makes a proper connection.


Hopefully one of these points helped you solve the issue. Still, if nothing works out and you are facing glitches while making a Bluetooth connection, then Nothing can help you. Nothing is already rolling out updates and hopefully, they will solve the current bugs in the Nothing OS, including the Bluetooth issue. Report the issues to Nothing, you may also contact Nothing support.

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