Fix: OneOdio Wireless Headphones Not Charging Issue

There is an old adage in the world of headphones: sound quality, affordability, or bells and whistles – so you have only the option to pick any two. But, no comes, the Chinese manufacturer OneOdio. They offer several headgears to users, including a wireless headset. However, last year they launched a budget segment of wireless headphones called A10.

Talking about the quality, the sound quality is pretty awesome as it comes with a 40mm diameter driver and active noise canceling feature. So when Chinese manufacturer OneOdio offered us a pair of its budget A10 wireless headphones to review, I expected sound quality to take a back seat, especially since they’re stacked with features and even look quite nice.

But unfortunately, after one year, many users started complaining that their OneOdio wireless headphones were not charging. Well, that’s why we are here with this guide as here we will give you some tips using which you can fix the not charging issue for your A10. Therefore, let’s check out those magical tricks.

OneOdio Wireless Headphones Not Charging Issue

How To Fix OneOdio Wireless Headphones Not Charging Issue

If your OneOdio is not charging, there are a variety of fixes you can use. However, in this article, we have illustrated some of the most basic and reliable solutions that have been proven to fix this particular error. Please let us know if the solutions we’ve listed here helped you or not after you’ve performed them carefully.

Fix 1: Check Your Computer Status

Well, it is possible that the device you are using to charge your OneOdio wireless headset, then chances are there that your device’s port may be damaged due to which your headset is not charging properly and end up getting not charging issue.

The USB ports are subjected to the most strain over time; it is the first to fail. However, if you are using your PC to charge your OneOdio, then the possibility is there that you may get the charging error.

Fix 2: Change The Power Source

Your OneOdio headphones may not be able to charge due to the power socket you’re using. Check your power socket if this is the case. If you are unsure whether the error is with the OneOdio Headset or the socket you are using, you can use any other socket.

If your OneOdio wireless headset starts charging with the new socket, the socket you used before is damaged.

Fix 3: Check The Entry Point or Port

Connecting peripherals, charging batteries, etc., is easier with USB-C, a cross-platform system. It’s worth noting, however, that some USB-C cables are made for transferring data only, so you won’t be able to charge your device.

You should check whether the Oneodio headphones can charge via USB-C or not. So, if you cannot charge your OneOdio headset, make sure that you are using the original OneOdio charging cable.

Fix 4: Plug-In/Out

Although you may have already tried this, we suggest you plug in and out several times to check if it helps you fix the OneOdio not charging problem. So, try this and let us know if it helps.

Fix 5: Make Sure Cable is Not Damaged

In this technological age, the possibilities are limitless! Thus, your charging cable may be damaged; as a result, your laptop doesn’t get a proper electricity supply and therefore does not charge.

To ensure that your OneOdio wireless headset is charging properly, you should carefully inspect the charging cable.

However, it is necessary to replace the cable with a new one if it becomes damaged or has any faults. Use the original OneOdio charging cable rather than a local cable. Next, recheck whether the charging problem has been resolved.

Fix 6: Keep The Ambient Temperature Down

There are possibly heating reasons why your OneOdio wireless headset may not charge properly. Therefore, it is essential that your headset temperature does not get overheated because overheating may also be caused many other problems causing issues and might internally damage your headset hardware. We’ve seen plenty of cases where wireless headsets get damaged due to overheating. So, to get rid of this, leave your headset until it gets cools down before again plugin to charging. 

Fix 7: Hard Reset Your OneOdio

If the methods mentioned above don’t work in your case to fix the not charging issue of your OneOdio wireless headphone, then chances are there that due to some firmware glitches, your headset is not working properly. So, you must make sure to hard reset your OneOdio headset.

However, you must remove the headphone’s right side earcap to do so. Then, press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons and release them after 20 seconds. After that, plug in the charger and check if the charging issue gets resolved or not. 

Fix 8: Check The Batteries

Is the battery on your OneOdio headset in good condition? However, if you still cannot charge the battery after following all the above methods, then the battery is most likely faulty. However, one of the most basic reasons a battery won’t charge is its condition.

Additionally, older or damaged batteries may only partially charge, drain the power rapidly, and go from fully charged to dead in a few minutes. Nevertheless, it stops charging after a few attempts, which is annoying.

Fix 9: Reach To Nearest Service Center

The OneOdio drivers are not only highly optimized and can handle heavy loads for long periods, but they are also affordable. In conclusion, even though OneOdio offers some great features, its users do occasionally notice some issues.

However, they also have a technical support team to ensure customer satisfaction. So, if the batteries are still not charging, you should contact the OneOdio support team and let them know about the problem. Further, they may suggest you to reach their nearest service center if it is not possible to fix it remotely. 

Wrap UP

So, that’s all about fixing the OneOdio wireless headphones that are not charging. We hope that the troubleshooting methods mentioned earlier in this guide have helped you. Nevertheless, if you require further information on this topic, comment below and let us know. Also, if you are a new visitor, be sure to check out our other latest guides. 

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