Will Oppo A17 Get Android 13 (ColorOS 13) Update?

Oppo has launched its latest affordable smartphone, the Oppo A17, in India. The smartphone is equipped with a triple rear camera setup, with a 200 MP primary sensor, and is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 920 SoC. It also boasts 8GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage.

Suppose you’re curious whether the Oppo A17 will receive the official Android 13 (ColorOS 13) update. In that case, this article will keep you updated on all the Oppo A17 Android 13 (ColorOS 13) related news, information, and downloads. We’ll also guide you through flashing the firmware on your device.


Will Oppo A17 Get Android 13 Update?

I think the answer to this question you already know. It won’t even be a month since this phone launch, and it is obvious that companies give more importance to their new lineups. So, of course, you will get this update anywhere soon by the end of the financial year 2023. But, yeah! Currently, there are no leaks regarding the date. So, if you are keen to know that, I recommend you bookmark this page whenever any news comes out from the official. We will update this guide accordingly to get the latest news regarding the update.

Oppo’s official blog states that the company is committed to delivering three major Android OS updates and 4 years of Android Security Patches. It won’t justify if we are talking about whether this device meets the minimum requirement for the update or not because this is just been launched. If you still want to inspect whether this device is eligible, then let’s hover to the specification section.

Android 13 and Its Features

Google has finally started rolling out its stable Android 13 update to the public. As expected, only Google has released the update to their Pixel lineup, but no OEM has started cooking a stable yet.

Regarding the Android 13, it seems that the Android 12’s successor has plenty of additional features and improvements to its predecessor. We’ve already seen and used the major UI and design element changes in Android 12 last year, known as ‘Material You.’ This materialistic theming design enhanced the Android user experience from the minimal subtle look, rounded corners, improved pop-ups, etc.

Whereas the improved scrolling screenshots, optimized one-handed UI mode, better privacy & security features, improved app notifications, per-app basis language preferences, app permissions to send notifications, BT LE Audio support, auto theme icons, updated now playing widget, etc. Users will also find intuitive QR scanner support, enhanced silent mode, tap-to-transfer media controls, multiple profiles for NFC payments, and more.

Android 13 (ColorOS 13) Update Tracker:

Regrettably, we do not have any particular release date for Android 13 for the Oppo A17. But you can bookmark this page as we will soon add an update tracker to this page along with respective links. So, just stay tuned with GetDroidTips.

New Software Update Tracker

Updated on May 16, 2023: Oppo A17 has received another update with the build number CPH2477_11_A.26. This update, while still based on Android 12, brings important improvements and optimizations to enhance the device’s performance and user experience. However, there is currently no information regarding the arrival of Android 13 for the Oppo A17. Users can stay tuned for further updates from Oppo regarding future software upgrades for their devices.


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