Oppo Power Button Is Not Working. A Quick Guide To Fix Power Button

Oppo is a very successful Chinese brand. It’s reflected in their sales and turnovers. The smartphone market is so competent and to survive is a tough job. But Oppo manages to sneak in and make huge profits out of its service. Especially in India, there are a lot of hurdles for any company should overcome at least to generate a brand name. That is because in India there are a lot of smartphones sold ranging from brands that are never heard before to best-selling iPhones and Samsung devices. It makes way for new smartphones much harder. So the only method by which a Chinese smartphone manufacturer can be successful in India is by delivering products of high quality and features in a low budget range. Oppo did precisely the same to carve their success in Indian market.

Oppo delivers products with a number of features but at low cost. For doing the same, other manufactures has to either compromise on quality or features. But Oppo manages to find the right balance between the latter and former. Even though the brand offers products of premium qualities, sometimes the users experience glitches and problems. One of the obvious parts of a smartphone that is used a lot of times than other feature is the power button. This is because to use any functions you will have to activate the screen. If you are one among the Oppo smartphone users who encounter problems with power button then we got you covered in this topic.

Oppo Power Button Is Not Working. A Quick Guide To Fix Power Button.

Fixes for power button issues in Oppo smartphones:

  1. Restart your phone. The first quick fix for the power button problem is to restart your device. If your screen is not turned on you can simply connect the phone to  USB charger or connect to PC. This will light up the screen and you can restart the device. If you have already enabled USB debugging then you can get your phone started when it is connected to PC.
  2. Use Third-party apps as a substitute for the power button. There are different applications that you can use as an alternative of the power button.
  3. Power button to volume button. As the name suggests you can use the volume button as a substitute for the power button. This can be programmed using the app. All you have to do is to download and install the application.
  4. Gravity screen. This is an excellent application that comes with an innovative idea to manage the screen. While the phone is in the pocket or on the table the screen is turned off and while it is on the level of the eye or taken out of the pocket the screen automatically turns on. This app makes use of the different sensors embedded in the hardware of your device.
  5. Proximity actions. These are the applications that allow gestures to control the phone. The proximity sensor in front of the screen reads the pre-programmed gestures and produce output with respect to the input.
  6. The last option is to replace the power button. This should be done by a professional so take your phone to the nearest service centre.

We hope by now you understood the fixes for Power button problems in Oppo devices. For more queries drop comments or contact us directly.


  1. The local tech guy say appo don’t supply start up buttons. If he is wrong can we get one via the mail to NSW Australia ?
    In particular 7 Banjo Place Alstonville 2447. A reply would be a great help Thankyou
    Kindest regards Col locked

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