Oppo Bluetooth Issues: Not Pairing or Not Working, How to Fix?

Did you know that Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus are all manufactured by the same parent company? This gives Oppo a unique advantage in understanding the different market needs across the world. With their impressive market share, Oppo is a major player in the smartphone industry and has a strong presence in India and globally. In fact, Oppo has quickly risen from a typical Chinese brand to a top-selling smartphone brand in just a few years, earning a great reputation in India. Building trust in the current market conditions is no easy feat, but Oppo has managed to gain the trust of its users in India and beyond, despite the challenging and unpredictable smartphone market.

The real reason why Oppo is getting a lot of spotlights is that of their business strategy. They deliver products with a lot of features but mainly the pricing. The Oppo smartphones are mainly budget range and comprised of a lot of new features. This made them successful in the Indian markets where there are a lot of fans for high-end devices of budget ranges. Even though Oppo deliver products of high qualities, there are some issues reported by the customers once in a while. One of them is the Bluetooth problem. If you are one among the users who face the same issue then you are at the perfect place.

How To Fix Bluetooth Problem In Oppo Smartphones (Quick Troubleshoot)

Steps To Fix Bluetooth Problem In Oppo Smartphones.

  1. Toggle Bluetooth. The Bluetooth issues can be fixed almost all the time just by toggling the Bluetooth function on your device. This re-initiates the Bluetooth on your device. To do this, swipe down the notification bar from the top and then search for the Bluetooth icon. Then toggle Bluetooth and check whether the issue is totally fixed.
  2. Toggle Airplane mode. Aeroplane mode is a mode specifically designed to cut off all the wireless communication of your device. So toggling the aeroplane mode can restore the whole connectivity settings including Bluetooth. So this should fix the issue on your smartphone.
  3. Restart your device. One of the quickest hacks for fixing the Bluetooth issue in your smartphone is to simply restart your device. To do this click on the power button and on the resulting screen click on restart. This should probably fix the issue on your Oppo device.
  4. Clear cache. Caches are files that are byproducts of the apps. They create caches for the daily operation. This can build up in high rates and affect the device performance. So delete the caches. To do this go to Settings > Application manager > Bluetooth > clear cache.
  5. Hard reset the device. This should always be considered as a final option because this process can wipe off all the data on your smartphone. So back up all the data before resetting. To do this go to Settings > backup and reset > Factory reset.

If still the issue is not resolved then probably the issue might be with the phone hardware so you should take your phone to an authorized service centre for the repair.

We hope this post helped you to self-diagnose and fix Bluetooth Problem In Oppo Smartphones Oppo smartphones. For more queries drop comments or contact us directly.


  1. I am encountering an ongoing problem with my 1 day old N2 Flip BLUETOOTH. I have the sign showing in the top of the phone screen but in Settings it tells me NOT CONNECTED.

    I am very unhappy with this phone and considering sending it back to SKY for as refund


  2. I have been trying to contact sky without success for 2 days over the problems with my Oppo N 2 flip. Waste of time as no one available to discuss the Oppo problem. I advised them to look on the web and see the rubbish comments’ being made and moreover about the Blue tooth issue.

    There is most certainly a blue tooth problem as the web is full of how to correct this issue. Most of those are out of date and ndo not relate to this nphoine model.

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