Fix: Panasonic TV Black Screen Issue

In the Electronics Industry, we have many options to try, but among them, Panasonic TVs is a big name. These TVs are known for their High picture quality, Innovative features, and long-lasting durability. Not only that, Panasonic TVs have established a great significance on processing capacity where Hexa Chrome Drive Pro, HCX Processor, and Local dimming are compensating a lot. On the contrary, features like My Home screen, voice control, and game model are such features making an instant craving to buy such TV.

I mean to say, if we look at Panasonic TV, almost in all terms, such TV shows aggression towards the industry. Unfortunately in the last few days, some Panasonic TV users have experienced a black screen problem. However, developers acknowledged that fact and pointed out a few recommendations to avoid such issues. But there are still a lot of users who aren’t able to comply with those recommendations. For that note, we tried to find the reason behind the issue and subsequently found something we will share here.

Fix: Panasonic TV Black Screen Issue

Fix: Panasonic TV Black Screen Issue

While figuring out the root cause behind the Panasonic TV Black screen issue, we looked up different aspects that can be the most probable reasons for such a problem. At that time initially, we don’t find any exact cause as developers also have not made any specific statement over this. Later on, after discussing the problem more closely, we tried to look up the concern from different aspects. Consequently, there are around four reasons we create black screen issues.

These reasons are Power supply interruption, TV wants to restart, Corrupted files, loose HDMI Connections, and Outdated TV firmware. Notably with fixing these downsides, you will probably get the black screen issue fixed from your end. However, these fixes do not guarantee to fix every user’s problem but more likely it will solve almost every user’s problem. Other than this, you can also refer to and wait for the developer’s end fix that might come in the near future. For now, refer to the below solutions.

Inspect Power Cords

Check Power Cord

The foremost thing you should check is whether your Panasonic TV getting an adequate power supply or not. If these supplies are less or not incompetent with requirement then for sure the TV does not show anything and black screen issue persist. In such a scenario, make sure to check the TV’s Power supply outlet is turned on and if possible try to check your TV plug in the different Power outlet.

Attempt a fresh restart

Even after looking out the power supply aspects still, you are getting such a black screen error means it’s a glitch. Remember it is not officially declared but right time after analyzing the previous point it seems to be a bug or glitch. In such a scenario, the only thing is to restart your TV so that if any minor bug or glitch is there can be fixed. Don’t worry about restarting your Panasonic TV, do a simple thing: unplug the TV for 30 seconds and replug the TV again.

Select factory reset

Up to this point, we have tried the utmost things that we can look for but even if any user gets the same problem, it means there’s a serious catch. I mean to say, it might be possible that Your Panasonic TV is disturbed with the settings and they are completely disgorged as compared to default settings. In such a case, until you rearrange such settings to default values, the problem will not be resolved. To get back to the factory settings the only way is to perform a Hard reset. If don’t know how to reset then don’t worry just press the TV’s Power button >> Hold for 30 seconds, accordingly it will reset.

Swap HDMI Ports

Many times, it has been observed that users use a source device to run the Panasonic TV. It might be a Blu-ray player or a Game console. For connecting them we use HDMI Cables to connect. And at this moment if you are getting the same black screen issue that means somewhere HDMI Connections are loose. For that scenario, you should look up such a connection and replug the entire connection to ensure that there is no problem from the HDMI end.

Download the latest Firmware

Firmware is the keenest thing to run a Programming whether established on Phone, TV, or PC. After looking into different aspects of the Panasonic TV Black screen issue we came out with another way to fix the problem which is updating the TV’s Firmware to the latest one. Because no matter whether you are complied with the last fixes except the first one. If TV firmware is outdated, you will get any of the issues with it. In such a case, you should look for the latest firmware update. So, To update your YV’s firmware, Go to TV’s Menu >> System >> Software Update >> Proceed as per on-screen instructions.

Besides these matters, you can also look for Official Panasonic Support as they hear your concerns and give more personalized solutions. But before that make sure to consider a few things like if you use a surge protector then plug the TV directly into the Wall Outlet. Similarly, if the TV is mounted on a wall make sure the mount does not put any pressure on the TV screen. I hope with these headlines you can fix the Panasonic TV Black screen issue. Even after this if any user has a query then ask them all below.

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