How to Fix Playstation Wrap Up Not Working?

At the end of each year, most community-centric apps offer their users to reminisce about their achievements and activities or moments over the past year. Playstation Wrap Up also does something similar where they show comprehensive insights and statistics related to their gaming endeavors, encompassing details like top games played, earned trophies, monthly gaming statistics, and a personalized overview of their gaming style. However, for some folks, the feature is not working properly. Today in this guide, we will share some tips on How to Fix Playstation Wrap Up Not Working.

Playstation Wrap was available for the majority of users on December 12, 202. Since its initial launch, many gamers worldwide have been sharing snapshots of their achievements and their top-played game lists with the gaming community. But some players were unable to see their gaming experience even though the feature has been live for over a week now. Are you one among them? If you are, do not worry as this is a major issue currently and many players are facing the same. Follow the troubleshooting guide below to find out how to fix the PlayStation Wrap Up not working issues easily with simple resolutions.

How to Fix Playstation Wrap Up Not Working

How to Fix Playstation Wrap Up Not Working?

Playstation Wrap-Up isnt working for me… Even though I easily match the criteria
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PS5 and PS4 players around the globe are loving their gaming statistics and insights via this year’s PlayStation Wrap-Up. Social media is abuzz with wrap-up posts, where individuals are sharing and engaging in discussions about their end-of-year gaming experiences. If this feature is not working for you, then the below troubleshooting ways will help you to fix it.

Switch to a Different Network Connection

The easiest method to fix this issue is to approach is to attempt to access the service through a different network connection. Ensure that the chosen network is both fast and stable, as the annual recap relies on a sufficiently robust internet speed, and it may not load properly on a slow connection. Once you successfully view your Wrap-Up 2024, seize the opportunity to share it with the world. The internet is buzzing with excitement about it at the moment.

Ensure Recap Requirements are met

Before you try to launch the PlayStation Wrap-Up feature, it will only work for you with the minimum eligible requirements on your account. The first requirement is age as you have to be at least 18 years old. Moreover, you also need to log a minimum of 10 hours of gameplay on either a PS4 or PS5 console within the timeframe of January 1 to December 31, 2023. Additionally, provide consent for “Full Data” collection on PS5 and “Additional Data” collection on PS4.

Rebuild Database in Safe Mode

If PlayStation Wrap-Up isn’t working, putting the PlayStation into Safe Mode and rebuilding the database might help. This can be done by turning off the console, holding the power button until the second beep, and selecting the ‘Rebuild Database’ option.

Update Console

The Playsation Wrap Up feature might not be working due to non-compatible software on your console.  Ensure that your PS4 or PS5 is operating on the most recent version. To update your PlayStation console, follow these steps: navigate to Settings, choose System Software Update, and if the latest version file has been downloaded, select Next > Update.

Sign in via PlayStation Store

If you are using a PC and experiencing issues with PlayStation Wrap Up 2023 not working despite being live, it could be due to a client-side loading error. In such cases, try signing in through the PlayStation Store.

  • Navigate to the PlayStation Store and select “Sign In” at the top right corner.
  • Input your Sign-In ID and click on “Next.”
  • Enter your password and click on “Sign In.”
  • Input the verification code sent to your email and click on “Verify.”
  • Return to the PlayStation Wrap Up page and refresh the page.

Clear Browser Cache

If you are using a PC to use the PlayStation Wrap Up feature, then the issue might be with the faulty cache. Many users have shared their scenarios where they have cleared their browser cache and the Wrap up feature worked for them.

Check the Wrap-Up on a Different Device

Consider attempting a potential resolution by accessing your PlayStation Wrap-Up 2024 using an alternative device. If you’re encountering difficulties on your PlayStation 5, try accessing it through a PC or smartphone instead. Many users have found success in resolving the issue by switching to a different device. Share your experience with this method in the comments section to help others.

Contact PlayStation Support

If none of the above methods works for you then you can try contacting PlayStation support, as oftentimes the issue is with your account and not with the server. In such a case they will be able to help solve the issue. To contact support, first log in to the Playstation website and create a ticket there. Once done, you will be access your gaming details and statistics, including your top-played games, earned trophies, monthly gaming statistics, and the total hours you spent playing last year.


This brings us to the end of this guide on how to Fix Playstation Wrap Up Not Working. It’s important to note that as the popularity grows, PlayStation Wrap Up 2023 might experience functionality problems, mainly due to server overload caused by increased demand. This surge can lead to loading issues, preventing users from accessing the Wrap-Up feature. The above troubleshooting guide will help you solve this challenge, and if it doesn’t, then be sure to contact PlayStation support for more help.

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