Fix: Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G WiFi Problem | Not Connecting, Slow or No Internet

Xiaomi Poco X5 5G features a sleek 120Hz AMOLED display, standing out from the competition. Enjoy rich visuals and performance with better power consumption. POCO X5 Pro 5G comes with Snapdragon 778G processor, 120Hz FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay. 108MP pro-grade main camera. 67W turbocharging. The POCO X5 Pro 5G has a choice of 6GB and 8GB RAM configurations, expandable up to 11GB or 13GB* thanks to RAM Expansion technology. Both devices came out of the box with Android 12 and later upgraded to Android 13. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to fix the WiFi not working or the disconnection problem on the Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G.

Unless you don’t have any other resort, you won’t stream an entire movie or play a hardcore online game on mobile data. Thus, Wi-Fi makes up quite a huge chunk when using the internet. However, just like any other feature on any smartphone, such as Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G, Wi-Fi does fail. There are many impending issues, from being unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting or no internet when connected to Wi-Fi, and these are just a few of the issues users face.

But as always, every problem has a solution, and we at GetDroidTips have a troubleshooting guide on fixing Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G WiFi problems. And yes, you can also use the same methods on other Android (and iOS) devices.

Fix: Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G WiFi Problem | Not Connecting, Slow or No Internet

How To Fix Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G Wi-Fi Problem?

Here are the various troubleshooting methods you can use to fix the Wi-Fi problems with your Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G.

Start With The Basics

Assuming that you are facing trouble using Wi-Fi on your Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G (or other Android smartphones), there are a few basics that you should take care of.

Firstly, check if you have switched on Wi-Fi or not. This might sound bizarre, but you could be trying to connect to the Wi-Fi without turning it on. Another possible basic issue here is you tapped on the Wi-Fi tile on the Notification Panel, but the phone didn’t register the stimuli.

In simple words, although you tapped on the Wi-Fi icon to enable it, it either didn’t turn on due to non-registry on touch, or it could be a minor glitch preventing you from enabling Wi-Fi in the first instance. Simply tap on the Wi-Fi icon multiple times to subside these instances. On the router’s front, check if you are connecting to the right router.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Somehow, Bluetooth causes various issues with Wi-Fi in case you are using Wi-Fi over the 2.4GHz band. This is because both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth use the same frequency thereby Bluetooth does end up interfering with the former. There is a simple fix available, and that is to fire up the 5GHz frequency simply, and this should fix the problem. Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G support 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, so check if your router supports it too.

Check if you are connecting to the right band

Both your router and the phone should connect over to the same band to allow a seamless Wi-Fi experience. Check which bands your phone supports; in the case of Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G, it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz you need a router that supports both bands to connect to whichever band you want. Some older devices support 2.4GHz, which is incompatible with the 5GHz frequency band.


Rebooting the smartphone is like a Swiss army knife to fixing problems. Be it a Wi-Fi not connecting issue or if Wi-Fi is working properly, this method will surely work (in most cases). Take your smartphone, long-press the power button, and shut it down or restart it.

If the Wi-Fi router is not working, disconnect it from a power source, keep it idle for a few minutes, and power it ON. Check if the Wi-Fi problem is sorted or not. If not, proceed with this guide.

Toggle the Airplane Mode

Another effective method to fix impending Wi-Fi problems on Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G is to toggle the airplane mode. Once enabled, all cellular and Wi-Fi connections are disconnected automatically, albeit you can enable the latter during airplane mode too.

Toggling ON the airplane mode will give your phone a quick refresh from any radio transmissions, possibly fixing any impending issues with the Wi-Fi. Disable it after a few seconds to check if this troubleshooting method worked in your favor or not.

Refresh Connections

Issues like “not able to connect to the WiFi network,” or the “Wi-Fi connection problem,” or “if Wi-Fi keeps dropping,” and others you can use this method to get fixed.

Step 01: To pull it off, go to the Wi-Fi options by tapping on the ‘Wi-Fi icon via Notification Panel’ or via ‘Settings >> Wireless & Networks’.
Step 02: Tap on “Wi-Fi.”
Step 03: Long press on the said network (e.g., GetDroidTips Wi-Fi) and select “Forget.”

Once you forget the Wi-Fi network, wait for a few minutes and reconnect by entering the right password.

Refresh Network Settings

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Often, network settings can affect working on a connectivity feature and there are many reasons for that such as incorrect network configuration or some glitch that caused the settings to go haywire. Here’s how to reset network settings on Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G.
Step 01: Tap and launch the ‘Settings’ app.
Step 02: Now, proceed to ‘Connection & Sharing’ and then, select ‘Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth’.
Step 03: Select ‘Reset Settings’ and it is done.

Connect a different device

One way to find out if it’s your phone or if the router/ISP is to be blamed for Wi-Fi problems is to connect to another device. For this, you need a separate phone or tablet, connect it to the Wi-Fi network in talks and check if it works. Assuming that you place the phone in the same place, you would usually use it to see if the distance between the two nodes was to be blamed or if your main smartphone is at fault.

Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting Issue

This is one of the common Wi-Fi problems reported by many Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G; pretty much any smartphone can end up with this issue.

One of the most common reasons is distance. Although you can connect to a said Wi-Fi network over a long distance (assuming you are still in range), the phone could end up losing a Wi-Fi connection at times. This is perhaps what’s causing the Wi-Fi to disconnect intermittently. As it goes without saying, drawing closer to the router will do the trick and would help you get away with the issue. Also, using a set of routers and amplifiers to boost the Wi-Fi range will do the trick.

Wi-Fi Authentication Error

If that’s your problem, you can do either of the two possible troubleshooting methods you can deploy. The first is to check whether the password you entered is correct or not. If not, you will get an authentication error for sure, so rectify it.

On the other hand, if the password is correct, here’s what you can do.
Step 01: Go to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> Advanced Settings.
Step 02: Proceed to “IP Settings.”
Step 03: Next up, change the IP from ‘DHCP’ to ‘Static’ enter the IP address of your router and save the settings.

Check if the problem is sorted or not.

Update the software

This works on both ends i.e. the smartphone and the router. Apparently, outdated software updates can open up and allow bugs to infiltrate over time. It is possible that a bug is causing the Wi-Fi to drop intermittently or causing the Wi-Fi not working problem. Software updates will bring the firmware to the latest ones, probably fixing the issue for good. Do check out for updates on your Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G as well as the router to verify it is to the latest patch level.

Restore Factory

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This is the last resort towards fixing Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G Wi-Fi Problem if nothing works, although you must be aware that it will delete all the data stored on the device. Take a backup of the phone before going forward.
Step 01: First up, open the Settings app.
Step 02: Proceed to the ‘About Phone’ section on the device and then, tap on ‘Factory Reset’.
Step 03: On the bottom of the screen, you will see “Erase All Data”, tap on it and it is done.

Note that the procedure could take a few moments to complete, but once it does, you will have almost a new smartphone so you will have to install apps and change settings just as you would set up a new smartphone.

Could It Be A Hardware Issue?

If nothing works and you have done everything listed here or technically anywhere else, it is possible that it could be a hardware issue. Although it is rare for a smartphone to have such an issue, it happens, and more so in the case of older devices or new ones with faulty Wi-Fi-related hardware. You can’t fix it yourself unless you know what needs to be fixed and how, and it will void the warranty as well. Take the phone to a nearby service center get it diagnosed as a problem, and seek a fix.

You can go to an authorized service center where you have skilled technicians, the phone will stay under warranty, and so on. On the other hand, third-party service centers might provide a fix faster and cheaper, but it will void the warranty, so decide wisely.

These were some of the troubleshooting methods for fixing Poco X5 and X5 Pro 5G Wi-Fi problems that you could sometimes intercept. Also, these troubleshooting methods work for other Android smartphones as well.

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