Fix: Beats Powerbeats 2/3 Left or Right Earbud Not Working

Everyone’s life is impacted by music in one way or another. What person doesn’t enjoy plugging in their headphones and forgetting about all their problems? It’s no secret that music can enhance or detract from any activity, whether it’s walking in your colony or running on a treadmill.

That’s where wireless headphones can help. The earplugs do not fall out of your ear when you move around. Beats offer two models of these wireless earphones by Dre as part of Apple’s Powerbeats series – Powerbeats 2 and Powerbeats 3. They feature impeccable sound quality and design and are both wireless earphones.

But, there is some issue with these headphones as many users recently reported that the Beats Powerbeats 2/3 left, or right earbud is not working issue. But, there is no need to fret about it as we have some fixes to help you resolve this issue.

Fix: Beats Powerbeats 2/3 Left or Right Earbud Not Working

How To Fix Beats Powerbeats 2/3 Left or Right Earbud Not Working

So, here are some workarounds that will surely help you resolve if the Beats Powerbeats 2/3 left or right earbud is not working while playing any song or video. Therefore, make sure to perform these fixes carefully:

Fix 1: Reconnect Your Earbuds

There are chances that you may be facing this issue just because the earphones aren’t connected to your device properly, due to which you are facing a problem. So, we suggest you to disconnect and reconnect your earbuds to your device. 

Fix 2: Check For Damage

If you see any external damage to your Beats Powerbeats earbuds, such as a dent, crack, or other types of damage, be sure to thoroughly inspect them. When your headset’s external appearance is not working as it should, you should immediately seek the help of an expert technician.

Fix 3: Connect it To Different Device

If your headset’s right or left side does not work, please try it with any other device. Your device may be the only one having this problem. The likelihood of the issue occurring on your second device increases if the problem does not occur on your headphones.

Fix 4: Make Sure The Content Doesn’t Have Any Issue

If neither the left nor right earbud works, there may be a problem with the content on your device rather than the earbuds themselves. You can therefore try to reproduce the issue with one or more other videos/audios to see whether it occurs with the new one. The headphones are therefore not the problem.

Fix 5: Go to the Repair Shop

The power button for your Beats Powerbeats headphones still does not work on the left or right side after trying all the fixes outlined in this guide? If you are experiencing problems with your Beats Powerbeats earphones, you are wise to get in touch with the Beats Powerbeats earphone support team for assistance. Only they can help you resolve the problem.

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So, that’s all on fixing Beats Powerbeats 2/3 left or right earbud is not working issue. We hope that this dedicated troubleshooting guide has helped you. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or doubts, comment below and let us know. 

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