Project Mugetsu Race Tier List 2023

A Roblox game called Project Mugetsu is based on the popular anime series Bleach. In this anime action game, players may travel the globe and take on the characteristics of several anime races. Each race has advantages and disadvantages as well as differences. You might now be thinking about which Project Mugetsu races are the finest. As long as your character is powerful, you can choose any race. To maximize the potential of your selected race, you must level up and enhance it. Get the complete Project Mugetsu Race Tier List to succeed in the game.

Project Mugetsu Race Tier List 2023

Project Mugetsu Race Tier List

Project Mugetsu only offers the Soul Reaper and Hollow races as of this writing. It is difficult to assess Fullbringer and Quincy’s power because they are anticipated to appear in a future release. The Project Mugetsu races are listed below.

1. Soul Reaper

Shinigami, also known as Soul Reapers, are the main characters and have the ability to grow to be some of the strongest people in Project Mugetsu. They may significantly boost their strength by mastering their Shikai. To increase their power and combat increasingly powerful Hollows, players must meditate. This race is our preference since it is simpler to level up and develop to its maximum potential.

2. Hollow

The Soul Reapers are opposed by Hollows, who are wicked spirits. Although some hollows are fairly strong, the strongest go on to form the Arrancar. These Hollows are among the deadliest and most formidable varieties of Hollows, and they are a force to be feared. Reaching the Arrancar level with The Hollow requires more work than with Soul Reapers, but it is definitely worth it.

3. Fullbringer

Project Mugetsu does not yet have Fullbringers, but we may guesstimate their relative strength based on the Bleach anime/manga. Depending on the user, their power fluctuates, but overall they are not quite as powerful as Shinigami, Arrancar, or Quincy. Although we are unsure if this will translate into the game, we anticipate Osiris Productions to balance them properly; otherwise, players will prefer the other races.

4. Quincy

Quincy is not yet accessible, much like Fullbringers. On the other hand, Quincys make up a large portion of the strongest characters in Bleach. It remains to be seen if this holds true in Project Mugetsu. We anticipate the creator to keep Quincy’s power level on par with the other races or make the unlocking process more difficult.

Which Project Mugetsu race is best?

In Project Mugetsu, there are just two races that are currently accessible. You may read more about those on the Project Mugetsu Trello as more are coming.

The Soul Reaper is undoubtedly the superior race out of the two. Although evenly matched, Soul Reaper is better if you want to fulfill your fantasies of Ichigo, swing a huge sword, and yell Bankai nonstop.

Fullbringer and Quincy are the two new races that will be included in the game. To determine how they compare to the current races, we must wait and watch how they function.

How to change races in Project Mugetsu

In Project Mugetsu, you can choose a different race if you’d want to try something new or if you’re unhappy with your present selection. You must choose Reroll Race from the reroll menu to do this. You can accomplish this in-game, but it will cost you 350 Robux.

There is a slight possibility that each quest boss in Hueco Mundo or Soul Society you beat may drop a Legendary Orb. If you successfully obtain one of these uncommon goods, you can equip it to reroll anything in the reroll menu for no additional cost, including your race.

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