All PUBG New State Promo Codes List (December 2021)

Here is a list of all of the latest PUBG New State promo codes for December 2021 that are still active at the time of writing. It is possible to use these PUBG New State promo codes to redeem for a variety of skins and items in this exciting latest mobile game.

However, these codes are only valid for a limited amount of time, so players must make use of them as soon as possible. Check out the list below for the most up-to-date list of PUBG New State skin codes that are currently available.

All PUBG New State Promo Codes List (December 2021)

All PUBG New State Promo Codes List (December 2021)

Here are all the codes for PUBG New State in December 2021:

  • 8CUY84RG25OKW: Unknown free rewards (Expired)
  • 7IV1P1KLLOUKV: Unknown free rewards (Expired)
  • 6PSXNVN241BTG: Unknown free rewards (Expired)
  • 35KQXI8C6IH8: Parachute skin (Expired)
  • DDSJJCZCDZ9U: AKM skin code (Expired)
  • BDGRAAZBZJGS: M416 orange skin code (Expired)
  • HTDS78FTU2XJ: M416 skin code (Expired)
  • P8HZDBTFZ95U: M416 skin code (Expired)
  • Q12KARZBZYTR: Kar98 skin code (Expired)

Please keep checking back for any updates, or bookmark this page because developer Krafton will undoubtedly add more promotional codes soon.

However, keep in mind that all promotional codes can expire quickly, sometimes within the same day, so make sure to check back frequently. And also make sure to redeem them as soon as possible.

 That’s all we have here as of now. Keep checking regularly to get your hands on the latest PUBG: New State promo codes and unlock new rewards. We hope you found this guide helpful. In case you have any doubts or queries, reach out to us using the comment section. 

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