Quick Guide To Fix MyPhone Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

Mobile data is expensive but remote while wifi is inexpensive, available at a variety of places but it isn’t movable. You can expect a good signal few meters across but you will have to use mobile data to access the internet when on the move and yes, there is plenty of public wifi’ available too. But what if your phone is having wifi problems? It could be anything from wifi not connecting or the internet is not working or the connection is dropping randomly or other issues but since wifi has become an integral part of our life, it annoys people a lot when it stops working. If you face similar wifi problems on your MyPhone smartphone, you can employ these methods to get it fixed or approach a service center to sort out the issue.

Quick Guide To Fix MyPhone Wifi Problems [Troubleshoot]

“Can’t turn on wifi”

If you have been using the phone for a while, you undoubtedly have come across this issue wherein even though you turned on the wifi on your smartphone, the wifi isn’t active yet. For this, pull down the notification panel and tap on wifi icon several times as this might force the smartphone to enable it fixing an error that might have occurred when you tried turning on the wifi for the first time.

Rebooting the phone can work in such cases too. Another trick to kickstart wifi on your phone is to toggle the airplane mode. Enabling it will restrict all incoming and outgoing networks and signals but you aren’t required to keep it that way. Simply turn on the airplane mode, wait for two seconds and disable it. Repeat it several times trying to turn on wifi and check if it worked or not.

“Can’t connect to the wifi”

Assume that you tried turning on wifi (switch) on your phone and it turned on. Now, you need to connect to a host or wifi network to use the internet but here comes the second set of wifi problems that you might encounter. You tried connecting to a wifi network but either the phone doesn’t connect or shows ‘Obtaining IP Address’, and other statuses for an unusual duration.

To fix it, one of the methods is to get closer to the modem or router and forget the network. Now, when you click on the particular wifi network, it will ask for a password if its private while public wifi could have a certain password as well. Enter the correct password, tap on Show Password denoted by an eye icon so that you can verify the password and then, tap on ‘Connect’. No effect yet? Try rebooting the wifi router or modem that you are using and wait for 30 seconds before starting it up. I usually press the Reset button on the router and then turn on the router as a whole and wait for some time and it works upon startup.

“Wifi is connected by there no internet”

You are connected to a wifi network and just as you opened a web browser to browse or opened youtube to watch a video, you realize that there is no internet. What should you do? The first thing you need to do is to check whether there is an intermittent issue or not. You can verify the same by calling the ISP or someone who has the same ISP so that you can conclude whether the internet is not available or if there’s anything wrong from your end.

You can also toggle the router by removing the fiber optic cable and plug it again attempting to make the internet work. If you are finding it difficult to access the internet, verify if the issue is legit or not by using another smartphone or desktop or laptop to cross verify. You can also use Ethernet cable to connect the laptop or desktop to the modem to assess if the internet works or not. You can also try resetting the router to get it started.

“Connection drops randomly”

It happens a lot with me when I am on wifi and the connection suddenly drops. It is more annoying when it happens in the middle of something like when you are watching a movie or playing an online game or something like it. It mainly occurs due to interference due to walls or any other object in the vicinity such as the microwave oven. You can change the place of the router or adjust the antennas to get the best results. You can also switch the channel of your router from 2.5GHz to any other available frequency so that if there’s something working on the same frequency, it wouldn’t affect the wifi connection. You can also reset the phone by performing a factory reset to get the problem fixed if it hasn’t already.

“Wifi network is weak”

Okay, now it seems like a more common problem across the board. You are using your phone and suddenly the networks drop or weakens or go out entirely. What do you do? The simple solution is to place the router or modem as close to the phone as possible or go near the router yourself. You can also adjust the antennas to get a good wifi reception. I would recommend you to try searching for a sweet spot where the wifi strength is optimum which is kind of easy. Simply take your phone and enable wifi, roam across the house to check where the network is good and where’s not. This must help narrow down the places you can use your phone assuming a full strength of the network.

I use my phone mainly in the living room when the router is in the bedroom. I know where the network reception is good and where it ain’t but if I want to use the phone where the network ain’t so great such as the kitchen, I can use a range extender which is a small instrument available online capable of extending the range of your wifi signal considerably. This would allow me to use the phone with full wifi reception even in the spots where the reception wasn’t good earlier.

Other methods that you can employ

We listed some of the issues that you might across but there are still many to cover since the nature of the wifi problems depends on many factors including the phone’s make and model, its supported technology, bandwidth, frequency, router make and model, etc. Therefore, if you have any problem connecting to the wifi or say any other problem with the wifi, you can attempt to clear cache files on your phone which are cause a lot of problems. There are basically three places where the cache files are located i.e. in the Settings >> Apps >> Downloaded; Settings >> Storage >> Cache Memory; and finally, Recovery Mode >> wipe cache partition >> Yes.

You must also update all the apps on your phone as well as the firmware i.e. Android OS that you are using along with the firmware that your router is using so that it doesn’t have an adverse impact on the working of your phone. The most effective method to curb the software-related problem is to perform a master reset which isn’t rocketing science to understand. Here’s how you can reset the phone to its original factory settings.

  • Switch off the device.
  • Tap on Power button + volume up button together.
  • Hold it till the phone turns on and displays an Android logo on the screen.
  • Release the buttons and let the phone enter in the recovery mode.
  • You need to select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and ‘yes – delete all user data’ in the consecutive screen.
  • Note that once you are in the recovery mode, you need to tap on the power button to select an option and use volume rockers to toggle through the options in the menu or otherwise explained.
  • Finally, restart the phone and reconfigure it as a new phone and verify if the problem exists or it is sorted.

The final resort

Are you still finding it difficult to get rid of the problem? Seek help from the smartphone manufacturer to get it sorted.

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