Realme X2 Pro Software Update | RMX1931_11_F.13 (September 2021)

Software updates play an important role in providing efficient performance and a smooth user experience in a smartphone. Usually, every manufacturer rolls out software updates such as security patches, bug fixes, hotfixes, etc depending upon the requirement. Security patches are very important for empowering the Android smartphone user with a secure environment. Often it happens that users are newly using smartphones or those users who miss out when the OEM rolls out a software update.

Usually, OTA updates reach out to a device depending upon the phased rollout. There are other factors like tele-carriers and geographical location which affect how sooner or later the update knocks into a device. So, it is not practically possible for everyone to keep a vigil 24*7 for the update. So, here is when GetDroidTips comes into the scene.  Today the device in question is the all-new Realme X2 Pro. In this post, we bring you the Realme X2 Pro ColorOS software update tracker.

Here you can find all the software updates that have been released for the Realme X2 Pro. This space will be updated continuously as and when new updates are released. Basically, the goal is to provide details about a particular software update to the user. Details include the version number, changelogs, etc.

Device Overview

If we are talking about the software update for the Realme X2 Pro, then it is important that we also discuss the device details. The Realme X2 Pro is a fresh release from Realme which became available from October 2019. It has a Super AMOLED display of 6.5-inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The display supports a 90Hz refresh rate.

Out-of-the-box X2 Pro runs on Android 9.0 Pie with ColorSO 6.1. It will be upgraded to Android 10 soon. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset runs the device. It comes with the option for three types of memory -6,8 and 12 GB. Base memory variant gets 64 GB in-built storage. 8 GB variant gets 128 GB of storage and 12 GB RAM model comes with a maximum of 256 GB of pre-built storage.

The camera setup of the device comes with four lenses. There is a 64 MP of the wide lens along with a 13 MP telephoto lens and 8 MP of the ultrawide lens. There is a depth sensor of 2 MP. On the front face users will get a selfie camera of 16 MP. The device comes with a non-removable 4000mAh battery. Realme X2 Pro comes with Lunar White, Neptune Blue, Red Master Edition, Gray Master Edition. Other important features include an in-display fingerprint sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity, and compass.

Realme X2 Pro ColorOS Software update

Check Software Update

Over-the-air updates move automatically from the servers of the OEM. So, any software update for the Realme X2 Pro will knock into the device on its own. Users generally get notified of a new update when it becomes available. You can simply follow the on-screen instructions and download the update. It is that simple.

Alternatively, if you do not see the new update coming down to your Realme X2 Pro automatically, then you can search for it manually. Go to System Update under the Settings App. Then Check for the new Update. The device will search for the update and will display a prompt to download it if it’s available.


  • Depending upon whether it is a regular monthly software update or a system OS update, we recommend you to make use of Wi-Fi to download the update.
  • Also, make sure to charge the battery of your device up to 50% or more before updating it to the newer version of the software.

Realme X2 Pro ColorOS Software update Tracker [with Changelog]

Now, in this section, you can get all the latest and future updates of the Realme X2 Pro Indian and Global.



  • Security
    • Updated Android security patch: September, 2021
  • System
    • Fixed the problem of ‘Raise to Wake’ function not working in some scenarios
    • Fixed the problem that the album crashes when sharing pictures in the album with a low probability
    • Fixed the problem that the weather application does not locate automatically with a low probability


● Updated Android security patch: June 2021
● Fix some known issues
● Optimized system stability


● Updated Android security patch: Feb, Mar, 2021Application
● Added FinShell PayPhotos
● Added the save as PDF feature in print serviceScreenshot
● Optimized the crop response time after screenshotting
● Optimized the operating interface in cropping screenshot
● Fixed the probabilistic cannot save screenshot issue after editing screenshotClock
● Fixed the lagging issue when long screenshotting in adding world clock interface

● Updated Android security patch: Jan, 2021

● Fixed the probabilistic issue that reconnecting the Bluetooth headset during a call caused loud sound

Clone Phone
● Fixed the probabilistic issue that data migration failure

● Fixed the probabilistic issue that Recording displays abnormally when the recording file is deleted

● Optimized system performance and improved system stability


  • Security
    ● Updated Android security patch: Nov, 2020/Dec, 2020
  • Bluetooth
    ● Added icon of phone call bluetooth earphone
  • Settings
    ● Added new feature of short-pressing the power button to turn off flashlight while screen-off
    ● Optimize the unlock logic
    when using the combination of fingerprint and face to unlock
  • Photos
    ● Fixed the probabilistic crashing issue when edit photos
  • Alarm
    ● Fixed the probabilistic crashing issue of the alarm page
  • Dark Mode
    ● Fixed the probabilistic screen blinking while access Passwords box issue in dark mode
    ● Fixed the probabilistic issue that after using Clone Phone the From Sunset to Sunrise status is not synchronized

  • Security
    • Updated Android security patch: September, 2020
  • Multi-user
    • Fixed the missing prompt window when swiping upward to exit in horizontal-screen games
  • System
    • Fixed the probabilistic restart issue caused by network stuck
    • Fixed the probabilistic noise issue of Whatsapp when playing voice messages in the background
    • Fixed the probabilistic issue that the fingerprint pattern is displayed when using Face unlock to enter the locked apps

● Android Security Patch: August, 2020
realme Lab:
● Added Smooth scrolling feature
● Added Super nighttime standby feature
● Added DC dimming feature
● Added Camera Text scanner feature
● Added auto scroll feature in scrolling screenshot
● Added Super Power Saving Mode
● Added default sound recording device option
● Added Deep cleanup feature in Process Manager
● Added return button in the screenshot preview interface
● Added Multi-user feature
● Added Quick guide feature in the battery setting interface
● Added Quick guide feature in the security support interface
● Added Quick guide feature in the other settings interface
● Added long press to copy IMEI in the status information interface
● Added automatic downloads option for app updates in the Wi-Fi interface
● Optimized automatically hide option for floating ball in the full screen interface
● Optimized status bar viewing, added second display option
Status Bar:
● Added OTG Switch toggle to notification panel
● Optimized viewing for system update prompt pop-up window
● Optimized “Mute-Bell-Vibrate” icon state
● Added short press power button to turn off the flashlight while screen-off
● Added long press to uninstall apps directly in the app drawer
● Fixed font display issue for charging animation
● Fixed crashing issue when opening hidden apps with access codes
● Fixed the probabilistic connection issue when using Wi-Fi


● Updated Android security Patch: July 2020Game Space
● Optimized the probabilistic crash issue in Game Space
● Fixed the probabilistic setting data loss issue after updateSettings
● Optimized flight mode, Bluetooth status will not be affected after flight mode is turned on
● Fixed the probabilistic crash issue when entering settingsBluetooth
● Fixed the voice jam issue when connected to Bluetooth headset using LDAC codec
● Fixed the low minimum volume issue when connected to the Bluetooth headsetSystem
● Fixed some interface display issue in dark mode

  • Security
    • Updated Andriod security patch(June,2020)
  • Applications
    • Added realme PaySa
    • Added realme Link
  • Settings
    • Modified default state of power saving mode auto-off switch to turn on
    • Modified default state of screen brightness reduction switch in power saving mode to turn off
  • Optimization
    • Optimized PUBG lagging and fps drop issue
    • Optimized screen recording feature
    • Optimized transparency of the slide back gesture style
  • System
    • Fixed some known issues and improved system stability

Download Link

  • Security
    • Android security patch: May, 2020
  • Applications
    • Added DocVault(India)
  • Screen Recording
    • Optimized screen recording feature
  • Known issue fixed
    • Fixed the issue of touch failure in some scenes during PUBG
    • Fixed the issue that phone restarted after the screen stuck during WeChat calls
  • System
    • Fixed some known issues and improved system stability
  • Security
    • Update April 2020 security patch
  • System
    • Update charging animation
  • Camera
    • Fix the problem of deleting pictures in album
    • Fix the problem that the camera’s high-definition picture is stuck
  • Repair
    • Optimized the probability of some games getting stuck and dropping frames
    • Fix the problem of probability splash screen when restarting the phone
    • Fix the probability of application crash
    • Fix the problem that Dingding can’t take photos and send photos
    • Fix the problem of intermittent sound of Honor xSport AM61 Bluetooth headset
    • Fixed the issue that the floating window will continue to play after replying to friend information, and the 4D shock will disappear
    • Fix the problem that the system’s own theme “Simple and Beautiful” calendar and clock icons are inconsistent with the actual display (after upgrading, you need to reapply the “Simple and Beautiful” theme in the theme store)

Download Link

  • Security
    • Android security patch: April, 2020
  • System
    • Updated charging animation
  • Camera
    • Fixed occasional blackface when HDR shooting
  • Known issue fixed
    • Optimized the Bluetooth headset delay while playing PUBG
    • Fixed occasional Splashing Screen when Rebooting Phone
    • Fixed occasional app crash issue
    • Fixed occasionally unable to evoke the voice assistant
    • Fixed the microphone icon displays on the status bar after the third-party app’s exit

Download Link

● Android security patch: March 2020

Download Link

● Android security patch: February 2020Dark Mode
● Added from sunset to sunrise and schedule time featureFixed
● Fixed exiting child mode failure after low power off
● Fixed the issue that cloning applications failed to login the fast application
● Optimized Dolby game sound delay

Download Link

  • Security
    • Android security patch: December, 2019
  • Launcher
    • Added click the blank area to back to the launcher on recent task interface
  • Notification Center and Status Bar
    • Added fast switch toggles of dark mode in notification center
  • Settings
    • Added flash on call feature
  • Camera
    • Added HDR feature of video mode
  • Known issue fixed
    • Fixed partial issues to improve stability

Download Link

  • Security
    • Android security patch: November 2019
  • System
    • Fixed some known issues and improved system stability

Realme X2 Pro China Software Update:

Software Version Release Date Changelog:
RMX1931_11.C.27 July 14, 2020
  • Theme Store
    • Added live wallpaper function
    • Added video ringtone function
  • Status Bar
    • Optimized the default location for switching the network card function
  • Bluetooth
    • Fix the problem of minimum volume when connecting Bluetooth headset
  • Notification bar
    • Fix the problem that the probability of Weibo message cannot jump
  • system
    • Fix the probabilistic failure of vibration
RMX1931_11.C.26 June 29, 2020
  • Security
    • Update Android security patch (2020#6)
  • Game space
    • Added the function of displaying barrage messages in the game
    • Added game space to support oppo gamepad
  • Bluetooth
    • Added Bluetooth headset (Air and Neo) pop-up function (this function can only be used with realme headsets, and the headset firmware needs to be updated with the realme Link application before it can be used)
  • Screen recording
    • Optimize screen recording function
  • Set up
    • Optimized the slide back style transparency
  • Game
    • Optimized peace elite probability of stuck frame dropping problem
  • System
    • Fix the problem that the probability of adding audio files is stuck
    • Fix the problem that the software store failed to load data
    • Fix the problem that it is impossible to use cloud service under mobile network

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