How to Record Steaming Video on Samsung Smart TV

You can only record TV from a few sources with your Samsung smart TV since recording TV raises obvious piracy concerns. With the evolution of TV entertainment, different shows can now be accessed via the internet. However, you can’t keep up with your favorite entertainers if you don’t record them since there aren’t enough hours to watch everything live.

You can record streaming video on Samsung Smart TV by following the instructions below. So, if you want to know the needy steps to do so, make sure to be with us until the end.

How to Record Steaming Video on Samsung Smart TV

Is it possible to Record Steaming Video on a Samsung TV?

You can do that. This can be achieved by using a software program called PVR (Personal Video Recorder) or HD Digital Video Recorder. Samsung’s Tizen OS offers this feature, which allows you to record TV programs on your Samsung TV.

The Samsung TVs have a DVR, which allows you to record content directly to a USB drive, flash drive, or hard drive.

Do Samsung Smart TVs record live TV?

It is possible to do so, but there are some pitfalls to avoid. If you have cable TV, Internet TV, or satellite TV, you can usually record any live program.

It is, however, only possible to record this type of program if it is not encoded. You cannot legally record encrypted content (which implies that you can distribute it illegally if you record it).

In addition, copyrighted content can’t be recorded. Streaming services, Internet websites, content you watch through any media, etc. Although this sounds harsh, it is simply a measure to protect copyright.

What Samsung TV do You Need to Record TV Programs?

Let’s say you’re a TV user and want to record programs on your TV (or at least know if your TV supports this feature).

There is the possibility that this option isn’t supported in your region, depending on where the TV is sold. It is due to the different copyright laws in different countries. Almost every Samsung Smart TV can record digital programs at the hardware and software level, although this function may not be available in some regions.

In addition, recording analog programs is only possible on Samsung Smart TVs from 2015 and later. As previously mentioned, earlier TVs lacked the processing power to convert analog signals into digital ones.

What is The Process of Recording Steaming Video on a Samsung TV?

Recording streaming video on Samsung smart TV is not difficult at all. A USB flash drive or hard drive must be plugged in and formatted in NFTS format (do not use essential data drives).

Afterwards, your TV will record the audio and video content of the TV program. After that, the Samsung TV’s DVR or PVR encodes the recording so that it can only be viewed on the TV that recorded it.

How to Start Recording Steaming Video on Samsung TV

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Your Samsung TV should be connected to a USB drive, flash drive, or hard drive
  2. Choose the TV channel you would like to record
  3. You must press the coloured button (it looks like below) if you have an Apple Smart Remote.
  4. To access the Record menu, click this button
  5. You can record your TV using the REC button or the Recording menu if your TV has a standard remote control

Is there anything I need to Record Steaming Video on my Samsung Smart TV?

You must ensure that everything is set up to record on your Samsung Smart TV. You must confirm that you have set up your Samsung Smart TV to record live TV before starting to record. 

You will need a cable or satellite connection to receive channels from your provider for this to work. Furthermore, an external storage device is required. 

You need to store your recorded content somewhere on your Samsung Smart TV. Due to the lack of internal memory on the TV, you will need to connect a USB drive before you can record. You must connect a USB 2.0 compatible storage device to your Samsung TV. To accomplish this, you can utilize one of these external storage devices:

  • USB stick
  • External hard drive

It would be best if you had sufficient memory before using either of these devices to store your recordings. It can be quite difficult to store a lot of content on a recording if you plan to store a lot of content. 

It is still best to select an external device with at least 16 to 32GB of free space, even though you should decide how much you need. A 128GB storage device is recommended if you record more than 50 hours of TV.

Is Any Method to Schedule a Record Steaming Video on Samsung Smart TV?

When it comes to recording with your Samsung Smart TV, you will love how you can schedule it for when you want it to start. 

With this method, you won’t have to miss an episode – and you won’t be forced to watch advertisements!

Unlike an instant recording, scheduling a recording takes a few extra steps, but it’s still very straightforward. Here’s how:

  1. Select ‘Home‘ 
  2. Choose ‘Live TV
  3. Go to the ‘Schedule Manager‘ page
  4. Then click ‘Add Recording.’ 
  5. You can record a program or a channel by searching for them
  6. From the menu, select ‘Settings.’
  7. Choose a recording time 

Samsung Smart TVs automatically begin recording when your program is about to start at the time that you have selected.

So, that’s how you can easily record Steaming Video on Samsung Smart TV. We hope that you find this guide helpful. But, in case you need more help knowing this particular topic, comment below and let us know.

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