How to Recover from Soft brick / Bootloop on Realme 3

If you’ve unfortunately sent your Realme 3 into a soft brick or bootloop state, then this guide will help you out the most! Read on to learn how you can Recover from Soft brick/Bootloop on Realme 3.

The Realme 3 has already been topping sales in the budget department, and for a good reason. It sports a gorgeous 1080p display, with a waterdrop notch that gives the front of this device an appeal that no other device in this price segment has. The Realme 3 does still come with the power efficient Mediatek MT6771 Helio P60 and the Mali-G72 GPU. The Realme 3 was released in March of 2019, making it one of the first budget devices to bring forth some serious design aspects for being a budget smartphone. Overall, if you’re on a budget but do not want to shell out in terms of design and performance, we couldn’t recommend the Realme 3 any more than we already do.

In today’s article though, we’ll be looking at a tutorial by which you can Recover from Soft brick/Bootloop on Realme 3. This might be a question going around in your mind for a while, and the procedure to Recover from Soft brick/Bootloop on Realme 3 is quite simple, it does require a few prerequisites and an order that you should follow to avoid any mishaps in the middle. Read on to find how you can Recover from Soft brick/Bootloop on Realme 3 with clear and easy to follow instructions!

How to Recover from Soft brick / Bootloop on Realme 3

What is a boot loop?

A boot loop occurs when the device fails to write the software code properly to the system partition when flashing or updating to a newer software version. This happens mostly when the user itself tampers with the device, but may also happen due to sudden shutdowns while updating the phone. When your device goes into a bootloop, you won’t be able to access the UI since your phone will attempt to boot up and will fail every time. The only way out of this is to completely erase the system partition and write the software from scratch. This can be done using a few methods, including the Fastboot transfer method or using the recovery to flash an existing ZIP file.


Attempting to fix your bootloop on your own will void your warranty. The process also will wipe away all of your data, which includes photos, videos, apps and your calls. We, at GetDroidTips are not responsible for any unforeseen bootloops or crashes that may occur on your devices. All of our guides are thoroughly researched and provide only the correct means to follow the procedure. Proceed with caution and follow each step very carefully

How to Recover from Soft brick/Bootloop on Realme 3

  1. Download the proper update file for your Realme 3 device from their official website.
  2. Transfer the downloaded file onto an SD Card.
  3. Turn off your Realme 3 and insert the SD Card into your phone.
  4. Boot into the recovery mode. This can be done by holding down both the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously for 3-5 seconds. Release them when you hear your phone vibrate with the boot logo coming up.
  5. Your phone should now enter the recovery mode. Here, you can use the volume up and down keys to scroll up and down and use the power button to select the highlighted option.
  6. Use the volume keys to navigate to the Install from Storage device option and press the power button to select it.
  7. From the list of files, select the ozip file you’ve just transferred to your SD Card.
  8. Press the power button to begin the flash and give this process a good 5-10 minutes to finish.
  9. Once done, head back to the main menu and now select the Wipe Data option. This will wipe off any corrupt data on your phone’s storage partition and will reset it to like it was on day 1.
  10. Lastly, select Reboot and give your phone 5-10 minutes to boot up for the first time.

That’s it! You’ve successfully recovered your Realme 3 phone from the dead. If you have any queries regarding the guide above, do let us know down below, we’d be glad to assist you!


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