How to Revive Yourself in Inside the Backrooms?

Inside the Backrooms is a unique game in the horror genre. While it is a fun play, it is also pretty challenging. The horror game features Creepypasta entities, shadowy figures constantly hunting the players as they try to find their way out of the so-called Backrooms. Then, multiple puzzles and confusing randomly-generated rooms block your way and can kill you at any point in the game. But if the player has died in the game, it is not all over in Inside the Backrooms. Even after death, the players can wake up as “ghosts” and take a shot at getting resurrected. All a player needs to do is find a radiant room that leads him to salvation. This blog post will narrate how to revive yourself in Inside the Backrooms.

How to Revive Yourself in Inside the Backrooms?

Prepare For The Revive: The Death Counter

Players of the horror game Inside the Backrooms are not given an immediate health bar. So, there are limited chances of surviving a face-off with an entity. At the most, three slashes by an entity will trigger the jumpscare death scene, which leads to the revival mini-game.

Death Is Not The End: Consider The Stakes

If a player dies at the hands of an Entity in Inside the Backrooms, they are not immediately kicked out of the game, as against other games of this genre. Players get a total of 10 lives for the entire duration of the game.

Players can revive themselves every time they get killed. But they will get 10 opportunities to return to the game if they follow the revival steps properly. However, it would be best if you were judicious in not wasting the revives. You will need them desperately while going further in the game, and the time taken in a revival may hurt your overall strategy in the horror game.

Returning through the Luminous Door to Revive Yourself Inside the Backrooms

In the Revival Mini-game, the dead are given an intangible body that they can use to search a Luminous Door. When the Luminous Door is found, the door appears a bit ajar with a radiant light coming from the inside. You will find it easy to spot the door, but entering it becomes tricky due to the obstacles scattered nearby.

What will other players experience?

When you are in an incorporeal form, other players won’t be able to interact with you physically. However, this doesn’t mean that your existence will be wiped off.

Other players will be able to sense you when they pass by. These situations will have the ghosts make their presence felt as shadows. The living teammates won’t be able to interact with the shadows of the dead, but they will still be able to find some satisfaction with the possibility of the dead comrade resurrecting to life.

Use the heartbeat to Revive Yourself in Inside the Backrooms

The dead ghosts can find their way to the Luminous Door through heartbeats. The heartbeat goes up when you come closer to the door as an incorporeal shadow. Mostly, the Luminous Door will be in your vicinity, and you will be able to understand if you are going in the right direction merely by tracking the heartbeats.

Again, do remember that the nearby area of the door is populated by nefarious obstacles that can mount trouble on you. So, you have to be cautious enough to avoid any major hiccups.

Avoid the random luminous doors

The Luminous Door is your symbolic way to survival and respawning.

However, you must remember that the Luminous Door will have a different location every time. The random respawning of luminous doors means that you will have to be very cautious every time you want to use it to revive yourself. Follow the entire drill to locate it and enter carefully without getting blocked on your way to revival. So, that’s all for today. Follow GetDroidTips for more gaming tips and tricks!

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