How to Fix If Ring Chime Flashing Fast

Ring Chime is a useful wireless notification device that adds extra security to your home. This smart device initiates an alert sound as soon as it detects motion on Ring smart camera or the Doorbell. As well, this device lets its users operate different features and ensure quick alerts and safety all through the time.

Solutions for fixing the Ring Chime Flashing Fast issue

Though lately, a few customers have been reportedly complaining that their Ring Chime is flashing fast. Or, according to the users, their Chime is not working correctly. Hence, if you are also one of those suffered users, here is all that you need to do. Go through the list of the solution below and fix your Ring Chime quickly within no time. Have a look:

Solution 1: Check your Wi-Fi Network and ensure the router is in range of Chime:

One of the common instances, when Ring Chime is flashing fast, is due to low or no Network conditions. If your Ring Chime is flashing fast or you cannot hear any chimes despite someone ringing your Doorbell, then check your Wi-Fi Network right away. First, ensure that your Wi-Fi signal strength is excellent and check whether the router and Chime are within effective range. The motive here is to ensure that your Chime receives an optimal internet connection all the time.

If, despite all the efforts, the fast-flashing problem still exists, then reset or power-cycle your router. Connect it again with your Ring Chime, and hopefully, the issue will no longer exist.

Solution 2: Check the connection between Chime and your Doorbell:

If, even after checking the Wi-Fi Network’s accountability with Chime, the issue persists, then check the connection between Chime and your Doorbell. Check and confirm whether the Chime and Doorbell are on the same Wi-Fi connection and it can communicate with the video doorbell or not. If not, then ensure connectivity between the Chime and your Doorbell and utilize the services smoothly again.

Solution 3: Factory Reset Ring Chime:

If Ring Chime is flashing fast and the above solution isn’t of any help to you, then consider resetting the Ring Chime to factory settings. For doing so, begin with removing the Chime device from the Ring application. Now ensure Chime is connected with a power source. Further, with the help of a paperclip, press and hold the button on the side of the Chime. Release the button after few seconds, and you will see Chime flashing blue light. Wait for a few hours until your Chime’s LED indicator begins flashing slowly. Now reconnect it with the app, ensure Wi-Fi connectivity, and it will start working smoothly again.

Solution 4: Connect with Ring Support:

If none of the solutions solve the Ring Chime flashing fast issue for you, then it indicates some serious technical problem with your Chime. The best resolution here is to connect with the Ring support team and seek expert guidance.

The use of Ring Chime offers many benefits to the users, and it can also communicate a lot with a hint of a light signal. If your ring chime starts to flash fast, it indicates that there is a problem with the device and that it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

However, after installing the Ring Chime, make sure that the blue light is flashing, signifying that everything is working fine. In case your Chime shows up with issues, the above guide will always come in handy. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box. 

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