Realme 3 Pro Software Update | RMX1851_11_F.05 (August 2021)

Realme 3 Pro was launched back in 2019. The phone comes with some decent mid-range specs. Realme has also been able to build a reputation as a regular security update provider. In this post, we will give you a dedicated Realme 3 Pro software update tracker. This post will keep your post up to date regarding all their information related to Realme 3 Pro. So, if you are the owner of Realme 3 Pro, then you should keep checking this post back often.

Make a note that this post will be continuously updated with the latest update information rolled over for the Realme 3 Pro device. The phone has already received the Android 10 Realme UI 1.0. Moreover, the device is also planned to be upgraded with the Android 11 Realme UI 2.0 update somewhere in Q2 of 2021. So, with that being said, let us get straight into the article itself:

Realme 3 Pro

Realme 3 Pro – Specifications

Realme introduced the Realme 3 Pro back in 2019 and it is powered by the Snapdragon 710 chipset. It is coupled with 4/6GB of RAM. The phone comes with a 6.3-inch display, 1080 x 2340 pixels, at an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 ratio and 409 PPI density. The display of the phone is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The Realme 3 Pro comes with Android 9 Pie out of the box and currently sits with Android 10 Realme UI 1.0. The phone is planned to get updated to Android 11 in Q2 2021.

realme 3 pro

Talking about the cameras of the device, it packs a dual-camera setup with 16+5MP, which is capable of recording 4K@30fps, 1080p@30/120fps, 720p@960fps and has electronic image stabilization. For selfies, the phone comes with a 25 MP camera. It is juiced by a 4045 mAh battery which supports Fast charging 20W, and VOOC 3.0. The fingerprint scanner is placed at the back of the device.

Software Update Tracker

Here we will give you the links to download all the latest updates pushed for the Realme 3 Pro. Note that this software update table will be continuously updated, whenever a new update is pushed for the Realme 3 Pro. So, we would advise the users to keep a check on this software update tracker to know first-hand all the information related to the Realme 3 Pro software update.

Software Version Changelog


  • System
    • Optimize system performance and improve system stability
  • Wireless
    • Optimize Wi-Fi performance and increase the signal strength of each channel
  • Camera
    • Fix the problem that there is a low probability that there is no short vibration in WeChat messages in video mode
    • Fix the problem that the portrait preview interface is stuck in a low probability after switching
    • Fix the problem of low probability of flickering screen when you click to shoot and then return to the WeChat video account interface
    • Fix the problem that the system camera turns on the proactive camera and then turns on the flashlight to switch to the proactive mode with low probability to fix the screen
    • Fix the problem that the camera will freeze during continuous shooting with low probability in the outdoor bright light environment
  • Realme UI
    • Fix the problem that the search box and virtual buttons overlap when switching to guest mode
    • Fix the problem that the cards of recent missions are displayed misplaced in a low probability in the case of split screens
  • Application
    • Fix the problem that there is no background sound in the game after the voice is switched on and off
  • Security
    • Added Android security patch (2021#8)


● Updated Android security patch: June & July, 2021System
● Optimized the system performance and improved the system stability
  • Camera
    • Added 960fps slow-mo
    • Improved camera quality and clarity
  • System
    • Improved stability
  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Android Security Patch Update: 5th May
  • Camera Quality Improved
  • Battery Optimisation in Camera
  • System:
    • Fix some bugs
    • Android Security Patch Level: June 5th, 2019
    • Add lock screen magazine function(some regions)
    • New Realme account function(some regions)
    • Add swipe gestures from both sides in navigation mode
  • APP:
    • Add app market(some regions)
    • theme store(some regions)
    • Add game center(some regions)
  • Camera:
    • 240fps slow motion function
  • System
    • Android Security Patch Level: July, 2019
    • Fixed Burmese display issue in certain areas
    • Fixed the theme installation failed issue
  • Touch Screen
    • Fixed touch bug while gaming
  • System
    • Added Ukrainian
    • Added access to remove the Touchpad input method.
  • Wi-Fi
    • Wi-Fi security patch
  • Security
    • Android security patch August 2019.
  • Security
    • Android security patch: September 2019
  • System
    • Added the manual lock feature by long-press the power button
    • Manual limit the network speed of hotspot connected device
    • Display the data consumed by connected devices
    • Customizable data consumed reminder
  • Settings
    • Display the screen on time
    • Added Google Digital Wellbeing
    • Clone Apps support for more third-party applications (PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, Amazon, Flipkart)
  • Launcher
    • Optimized lock screen clock widget style
    • Added date and weather widget
    • Optimized Smart Assistant interface
  • Notification Center and Status Bar
    • Redesigned the notification center interface
    • Swipe left or right to remove the message prompt after receiving the message
  • Security
    • Android security patch: October 2019
  • System
    • Updated charging animation
    • Font feature to Theme Store has been added
  • Settings
    • Brings the realme Laboratory
    • Integrates Dark Mode
    • Added option for notification dots for updates
    • Quickly enter hidden applications list with fingerprints
  • Notification Center and Status Bar
    • Adds option to swipe down on home screen for global search or notification center
    • fast switch toggle between SIMs in notification center
    • Removal of the reminder after the hotspot enables
    • The prompt for detection of rooted phone is removed
  • Touch
    • Improves touch experience when gaming
  • Known issues fixed
    • Fixed some applications’ behavior
  • Security
    • Android security patch: December,2019
  • Launcher
    • Added click the blank area to back to the launcher on recent task interface
  • Notification Center and Status Bar
    • Added fast switch toggles of dark mode in the notification center
  • Settings
    • Added flash on call feature
  • Known issue fixed
    • Fixed the issue of the volume bar blocked by the camera while the horizontal status
  • Visuals
    -Updated UI to realme UI
    -Brand new Real Design makes visuals more attractive and operation more efficient.
  • Smart Sidebar
    – Optimized user interface and improved one-handed operation.
    – Optimized Smart Sidebar: Replaced File Console with File Manager; removed OSIE Visual Effect and No Notification Alerts.
    –  Drag an app out of Smart Sidebar to open it in Split-screen Mode.
    – Added two new features: “Assistive Ball Opacity” and “Hide Assistive Ball on Fullscreen App”.
    – Optimized the Floating Window feature for more apps.
    – Added Bubbles: A bubble is displayed when you open an app in a floating window from the Smart Sidebar. Tap the bubble to collapse or open the app.
  • Screenshot
    – Optimized 3-Finger Screenshot Gesture: Use 3 fingers to touch and hold the screen, and swipe to take a screenshot of the selected part of the screen (partial screen   capture). Use 3 fingers to touch and hold the screen, and swipe your fingers outwards to capture a long screenshot.
    – Added screenshot settings: You can adjust the position of the screenshot preview floating window and set the screenshot sound.
    – Optimized screenshot preview floating window: After taking a screenshot, drag it up and release it to share it, or drag it down and release to take a long screenshot.
    –  Navigation Gestures 3.0
    –  Optimized: New Android 10 navigation gestures
    –  Optimized gestures: All gestures are supported in landscape mode.
  • System
    – Added Focus Mode: Minimizes outside distractions when you are learning or working.
    – Added whole new charging animation.
    – Optimized the Quick Settings user interface for easier one-handed operation.
    – Added pause feature for screen recording.
    – Added a floating window and settings for screen recording.
    – New sounds added for file deletion, calculator key touches, and compass pointer.
    – Optimized system built-in ringtones.
    – Added TalkBack floating prompts for Accessibility.
    – New management feature for recent tasks: You can view the memory of recent tasks and locked apps.
  • Games
    – Optimized visual interaction for Game Space.
    – Optimized loading animation for Game Space.
  • Homescreen
    -Added new live wallpapers.
    -Added artistic wallpapers.
    -Added option to open Global Search or the notification panel when swiping down on homescreen.
    -Added option to customize the size, shape, and style of app icons on homescreen.
    -Optimized the graphic design of password unlock to facilitate one-handed operation.
    -Support for animated wallpapers on the lockscreen.
    -Added a Simple Mode for homescreen, featuring larger fonts, icons and a clearer layout.
  • Security
    -Random MAC address Generator: When your phone is connected to Wi-Fi network system generates a random MAC address to avoid targeted ads and protect your privacy.
  • Tools
    -In Quick Settings or Smart Sidebar, you can open Calculator in a floating window.
    -Added the trim feature in Recordings.
    -Added the Weather (dynamic) ringtone, which automatically adapts to the current weather.
    -Added weather-adaptive animations in Weather.
    -Added audio source selection for screen recording
  • Camera
    -Optimized the Camera UI for a better user experience.
    -Optimized the Timer UI and sound.
  • Photos
    -Optimized the Album UI for a clearer structure and photo thumbnails.
    -Added Album Recommendations that recognize more than 80 different scenes.
  • Communication
    -realme Share now supports sharing files with OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi devices.
    -Optimized the Contacts UI for a more efficient experience.
  • Settings
    -Search Settings now supports fuzzy match and contains a search history.
  • Music
    -Added Dual Mode Music Share in realme Lab
  • Camera
    • Fixed camera crash issue, and improved stability
    • Fixed watermark displaying issue while viewing photos
  • System
    • Fixed some known bugs and improved system stability
  • Security
    • Android security patch: February, 2020
  • Network
    • Added Airtel and Jio VoWiFi feature (India)
  • Fixed
    • Fixed the issue that the task lock up limitation prompt in the recent interface
    • Fixed the issue that the countdown pop-up window was still dark while switching off the dark mode during the power off countdown.
  • Security
    • Android security patch: March 2020
  • Fixed
    • Optimized the effect of game audio
    • Fixed the probability error of boot animation display
    • Fixed the low probabilistic stuck issue while using third-party applications
    • Optimized system power consumption
    • Fixed low probability stuck issue due to the memory leak of system
    • Fixed the probability issue that photos or screenshots are not displayed after upgrading
  • Security:
    • Android security patch: April, 2020
  • Application:
    • Added DocVault ID feature(India)
  • Known issue fixed:
    • Optimized audio quality for third-party apps
    • Added arrow to the right of the list of recent location information requests in dark mode
    • Fixed the issue that the prompt tone appears every time when the client plays music
    • Fixed the issue that the alarm is automatically turned off after being cleared by the background task
    • Android version: Android 10
  • Security
    • Updated Andriod security patch(June,2020)
  • Applications
    • Added realme PaySa
    • Added realme Link
  • Battery
    • Added charging animation on the lock screen
  • Settings
    • Modified default state of power saving mode auto-off switch
    • Modified default state of screen brightness reduction switch in power saving mode
  • Optimization
    • Optimized transparency of the slide back gesture style
    • Optimized screen recording icon size
  • Security
    • Android security patch: July, 2020
  • Applications
    • Added realme Link
  • realme Lab
    • Added the smooth scrolling feature
  • Screen recording
    • The optimized screen recording feature
  • System
    • Optimized the transparency of swipe back gesture style
    • Optimized Bluetooth being turned off when flight mode is turned on mechanism
    • Fixed some known issues and improved system stability
  • Security
    ● Android Security Patch: September, 2020
  • realme Lab
    ● Added Super nighttime standby feature and improved standby performance
  • Settings
    ● Added default audio recording device options
    ● Added Deep Cleanup feature and improved background cleaning ability
    ● Added a return button in screenshot preview
    ● Added long press to copy IMEI in the status information interface
    ● Added automatic download option for app updates when connected to Wi-Fi
    ● Added time display options for the status bar
    ● Added shortcuts at the bottom of security settings
    ● Added shortcuts at the bottom of other settings
    ● Optimized the experience in Wi-Fi settings
  • Status bar
    ● Added the OTG switch
    ● Optimized the pop-up window for system updates notification
    ● Optimized “”Mute-Bell-Vibrate”” icon state
  • Screenshot
    ● Added auto scrolling feature in scrolling screenshot
    ● Fixed the probabilistic issue in scrolling screenshot
  • System
    ● Added the feature of long press the icon to uninstall the app in the drawer mode
    ● Fixed the font size issue of charging animation
    ● Fixed the issue that the fingerprint names are set to default when restarting the system in Multi-User mode
    ● Fixed the crashing issue of the search field in app list

Download Link

  • Security
    • Android Security Patch: November, 2020
  • Bluetooth
    • Added a new icon for phone calls with Bluetooth earphone
  • Screenshot
    • Added Scrolling screenshot feature in horizontal mode
    • Added a toggle for physical button screenshot in screenshot settings
  • Settings
    • Added Super power saving mode
    • Added a toggle for displaying keyboard when entering app drawer
    • Added Icon pull-down gesture
    • Added From Sunset to Sunrise option of eye comfort
    • Added shortcuts at the bottom of Battery settings
    • Added shortcuts at the bottom of Security settings
    • Fixed the probabilistic issue of unable to adjust the color temperature after turning off eye comfort
  • Album
    • Added Create feature which enables video editing in Soloop
    • Fixed the probabilistic screen flicker when entering the album
    • Fixed the probabilistic crash issue when browsing in the album
  • System
    • Fixed the probabilistic freezing issue of Clone Phone

  • Security
    ● Updated Android security patch: December, 2020, January, 2021
  • Settings
    ● Added short-press the power button to turn off flashlight feature while screen-off
  • Apps
    ● Fixed the issue that two cancel buttons appear when the input box is clicked multiple times in the weather
    ● Fixed the issue of abnormal system permission acquisition when the radio is turned on
  • Bluetooth
    ● Fixed the probabilistic issue of failure to open Bluetooth scanning
  • Photos
    ● Fixed the probabilistic issue that Photos cannot play HDR videos
  • Alarm
    ● Fixed the probabilistic issue of crashing when entering the alarm details
  • Networks
    ● Fixed the probabilistic issue that VOLTE be registered
RMX1851EX_11.C.15Download Link Security
● Updated Android security patch (2021#2 & 2021#3)Setting
● Optimized the switch logic of Control Center
● Fixed the probabilistic restoring to default ringtone issue in call ringtone
● Fixed the probabilistic voice failure issue in PUBGSystem
● Optimized system performance and improved system stability

How To Check For Software Updates On Realme 3 Pro?

Realme will roll out new updates via OTA in batches. So, not all the devices will pick up the latest updates as soon as it is released. It is rolled out in a phased manner. However, users can manually check for the updates by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on System Updates.
  3. This will start checking for new updates.
  4. If there is a new update available then, you can tap on the update to download it.

How To Manually Flash Firmware On Your Realme 3 Pro?

To avoid major issues if the firmware is not properly installed, you need to make sure that you have taken a backup of the data stored in your device to avoid data loss. Moreover, you should also keep the battery of your phone charged to about 50% or more. Last but not the least, download the latest firmware compatible with your device to avoid any issues.

Via Simple Mode

  1. You need to download the firmware file from the link provided in the above section.
  2. Copy and Paste the firmware file in the internal storage of your Realme 3 Pro.
  3. Tap the firmware file and hit the Update Now button.
    realme update software
  4. This will start the installation of the firmware file on your smartphone.

Via Recovery Mode

  1. Firstly grab the firmware file from the link provided in the above section.
  2. Place the firmware file in the internal storage.
  3. Turn your Realme device off.
  4. Now, press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons to boot into Recovery Mode.
  5. Once in the Recovery Mode, select the language.
    realme_language choose
  6. Under ColorOS recovery, select Install from Storage Device option.
  7. Now, locate the update file either on your internal storage and select it.
    realme_choose storage
  8. Tap on the firmware to start the installation of the new update.
  9. That’s it!

Wrap Up!

So, there you have it from my side in this post. Note that all the latest updates will be put up in this software update tracker once they are released. So, if you own a Realme 3 Pro, then we advise you to keep a check on this post very often to keep your Realme 3 Pro up to date.

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  1. Im using realme 3 pro and suddenly update to march update C.15 automatically, my concern is after update my phone to C.15 update.. i feel heating issue while im using my phone.. so my question is how to back my phone to C.09 firmware or software? i want to rollback my phone please answer me. Thankyou in advance!!

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