Samsung Galaxy A51 Users Suffers From Motherboard Issue

We often see that our phone gets switched off while walking, and we get worried about what happened. But, then, when we took him to the service center, it was found that his motherboard was damaged. But, is that all? What if your phone’s screen is blinking, but it keeps getting switched off? So, then, how do you know the reason behind this? Now, this is because sometimes, the issue is also caused due to some software/hardware malfunctions.

We know that motherboard damage can be heartbreaking because it hit both your pocket as well daily life. Well, there’s a recent case coming out as many Samsung users reported that Samsung Galaxy A51 users are suffering from motherboard issues.

Meanwhile, our team collected all the necessary news regarding this issue and compiled them in this single article. So, make sure to read this article till the end to know everything regarding the motherboard issue on Samsung Galaxy A51.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Users Suffers From Motherboard Issue

Samsung Galaxy A51 Users Suffers From Motherboard Issue

The motherboard is the heart or brain of your smartphone, just like a computer’s CPU. So, there might be some reasons behind this issue. Some often damage-causing reasons are like the phone is dropped hard from a height, drop into running water, overheating, bad charger or overcharging, repairs made by an unskilled technician, etc. That’s all about the reasons behind this issue. So, now let’s take a look at the exact news of what the users complaining about.

Well, as we know the Samsung Galaxy A51 launches back in January 2020, this means that it has been around two years since this smartphone came into the market. However, although Samsung’s products are top-notched and known for their quality products.

What Exactly Happens?

A user reported that it’d been around 1.5 years since he had been using this smartphone. But, now he regrets his decision of choosing the Samsung as his primary device because when he went for a repair, they charged him around 119USD. Now, only that it is reported that almost every Samsung smartphone in their A-series is facing this issue.

However, everyone just out bust on Samsung that it’s their fault and they are playing some cheap tricks for cost-cutting and disappointing their customers. Well, it’s not just replacing the motherboard, but the fact that they only give you a three-month warranty on that replaced motherboard is really disappointing.

However, there are many users who reported that this issue occurred no way after the recent patch update. So, it is still unclear whether Samsung either worries about these issues or they just want to make money. Therefore, let’s see if Samsung does something for their immense user base in the near future.

So, that’s all from our side. We hope you get all the points we have mentioned in this article. If you are also facing this Motherboard issue on your Samsung Galaxy A51, then let us know in the comment section.



  1. Ihave the phone(a51) for about 2years and there is no mother board issues at all🤳
    But there is a problemwith charging which i thoink its for my cable …because often when i connect it to its stock box charger and cable the phone says 6 hours till full charg😐😵
    But that just gets fixed when i move the cable a little bit and charging speed gets to it normal speed which is usually 1:20 hour from almost empty

    1. I bought my Galaxy A51 in July 2020 and for the past year the phoned turned itself off periodically. Although the two year warranty had expired, I had a chargeable repair (port and motherboard cost £104). My husband is now using the A51, while I bought a new A53. It would be good to have an extended warranty for peace of mind.

      Apart from that, I am happy with my new phone, as is my husband with the repaired A51.


  2. My phone started giving issues 2 years and one month after I’d purchased. Was told that it’s a motherboard issue and basically the repair centre is wanting to sell me a new phone!! Am really not happy with Samsung right now

  3. Yes I here for the same issue..I am user of SM A51 and currently facing motherboard issue..I just went to samsung care for repair purpose and got to know that total repair cost is around 13700 rupees.. after updating software in my mobile within a week this hell is happened, really disappointed.. Regret choosing samsung phone.

  4. I bought the the Samsung A51 in June 2020 & today the phone is stuck on the Samsung logo. Really feeling bad because it’s my primary where I have all my working files in the storage. Plz ur response will be appropriated

  5. Totally disappointed, because the mother board cannot see the data cable, so I cannot transfer my images from the phone.

  6. had the same issue today. i can’t charge my phone and upon checking, i found out that it’s the motherboard issue. bought the phone in May 2020.

  7. I used A51 since June 2020 and it has motherboard issues. It is useless now and not worth the money invested

  8. I have the same issue. The phone is in a permanent start up loop. I’ve done a factory reset several times and that doesn’t help.

  9. my phone didn’t want to charge for 5 days took it to the repair also same problem with them they mentioned something wrong with the motherboard

  10. Bought my A51 around Oct/Nov 2020. 2 days ago, it suddenly switched off while I was on the phone. Couldn’t turn it back on. Get it checked at Samsung service centre, they told me it’s the motherboard problem. To replace, it will cost me Rm550 and only comes with 3months warranty!! Really?? Basically, they just want us to keep on buying their products.. very annoyed and disappointed 😞😞

  11. Yeah, today i found out my mother is gone on my A51. What a disappointment. It ran well to 3 years and this was one issue and a total blackout. Wish Samsung could recall this model.

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