Fix: Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 Not Opening All The Way

Foldable smartphones were a big innovation back in 2020, and Samsung was one of the first manufacturers who launched a successful foldable smartphone back then. And as the year passes, Samsung launched many variants of foldable devices, including the Samsung Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip smartphones. However, since the launch, many users have been complaining that their Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 is not opening all the way, suspecting hardware damage of some sort. Such issues usually occur due to broken or rusted hinges.

In most cases, foldable smartphones are prone to many hardware defects due to their foldable nature. A foldable smartphone has many parts that are movable, which can wear and tear down due to extreme pressure, friction, or even dust & debris particles. This has been the case with thousands of Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip customers, as their foldable hinge does not completely work, giving them a bad user experience.

Fix Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 Not Opening All The Way

Fix: Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 Not Opening All The Way

Although the issue of foldable hinges not opening all the way is due to hardware defense which is not fixable without professional help. But there can be instances where the issue can be fixed easily with DIY methods. Below are some troubleshooting steps you can take before deciding to get help from Samsung care officials.

Method 1: Check for Dust & Debris Particles

Since foldable smartphones have moving parts, it’s easy for them to get dust & debris particles. Such dust & debris particles are small, but over time, they accumulate in the foldable hinge and cause problems.

Although there is no official way of cleaning the hinge, you can use a piece of sticky tape or slime to clean the hinge. In most cases, you will be able to clean out the dust & debris particles, which will fix the issue.

Note: Please do not use any hot air gun or hot air blower to clean the hinge. This will push the dust & debris particles inside the smartphone chassis, which will cause more problems in the future.

Method 2: Check for Signs of Corrosion

Moving parts in a smartphone is not a good idea as the parts may corrode over time, causing multiple issues. There is ultimately no way to prevent corrosion, especially if you live in an area with a moist atmosphere. Although, you can check for any signs of corrosion and use earbuds or cue tips with acetone solution to clean the same.

Method 3: Vacuum Clean Hinge

If cleaning the hinge doesn’t work for you, the dust particle might be deep inside the foldable hinge mechanism. Since you can use any air blower/hair dryer, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the debris & other dust particles from the smartphone.

Many users on official Samsung forums & Reddit have tried the Vaccum cleaning technique, which fixed the issue in most cases.

Method 4: Clean Stuck Threads & Hairs

No matter how cautious you are to keep your smartphone clean and tidy, there is always a big chance that hair or other thread material will be stuck in the hinge mechanism. This is a very common problem from the old foldable or flip-flop smartphones in the past, and the issue remains the same today.

Please use a magnifying glass & torch to check for any stuck threads & hair strands. Such strands can get stuck in the hinge, which limits them from working at their full potential. When you find such strands, you can remove them or pluck them out.

Method 5: Remove Phone Cover

Galaxy foldable smartphones, including the Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4, were not designed to be used with phone covers. However, many companies claim that their covers work perfectly with the device without hampering the hinge mechanism, which simply isn’t true. So if you use any phone covers, make sure to remove them and check if the Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 not opening all the way issue is fixed.

Note: Many screen guards in the market claim to be best for foldable smartphones. But these screen guards apply force to the screen, which doesn’t let the device to un-fold completely, leaving a small gap in the end. Make sure to remove such screen guards in case you use any.

Method 6: Hinge Rubber is Tight

All foldable smartphones use rubber hinges to protect the device from water and moisture. But over time, this rubber can get tight and begin to scramble or tighten. The only way to fix this is to connect with your nearest Samsung care office or a local smartphone technician to replace the rubber hinge.

Note: Many users have reported that the issue with the rubber hinge is temporary, especially in the Winter seasons. This is because the extremely cold temperature can harden the rubber, causing the hinge issue.

Method 7: Claim Samsung Care+ Services

If none of the above methods works for you, then the problem might be due to a hardware fault. In this case, you won’t be able to claim hardware warranty until and unless you have purchased Samsung care+ with the device. So if you have one, claim it for a free repair. Otherwise, you can connect with Samsung care officials for a paid repair.


This brings us to the end of this guide for fixing Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4 not opening all the way problem. Please note that the smartphone foldable hinge is a very delicate piece of hardware and is prone to damage easily. So it is a good idea to take proper care of your smartphone by cleaning the hinge on a regular basis. If none of the above methods helps you, then you should definitely take help from Samsung Care officials for device repair.


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    1. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences with phone repairs and protection plans. It’s great advice to consider adding a protection plan to your account, as it can save significant costs in case of accidental damage or other issues with the device.

      For those experiencing issues with their Samsung Z Fold 4 or Z Flip 4, as mentioned in the linked article, contacting your provider or a local phone repair specialist is a good starting point. Additionally, as you mentioned, investing in a protection plan can be a wise decision to avoid hefty repair costs in the future.

      Your personal experience highlights the importance of weighing the benefits and potential expenses of using high-end devices, especially when it comes to repairs. It’s essential for users to make informed choices based on their preferences and budget.

      We appreciate your input and wish you the best of luck with your current phone repair. Do keep us updated on your experience, and if you have any further questions or comments, feel free to share. Cheers! 😊

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