Fixes for Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working

Sims 4 is one of those few games that can provide a complete life simulation experience inside a game. The game developers have done their best to give the best experience possible to players, but sometimes the game struggles to cope with reality. A similar issue is prevalent in the current Sims 4 community regarding the issue of the splitting of households. Many players have complained about Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working and it is a frustrating issue.

While simulating life in the Sims 4 game is amazing, and the experience of growing, learning, and becoming an independent person can be easily recreated in this charming game. This is the main feature of why everyone loves this game. However, there are times when you will encounter difficulties while dividing your households and relocating your Sims 4 characters. Today in this guide, we will learn more about this error, why it exists, and how we can solve it easily.

Fixes for Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working

Fixes for Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working

At times, you may discover that your tiny Sims are prepared to embark on their independent journeys. Whether they have matured into fully-fledged adults, and you wish to experience life from their viewpoint, or you simply desire a change in their living situation, such moments arise in the Sim world.

This is where you will ideally want to split their household so your characters can move on with their life. If you’re experiencing issues with Sims 4 where the “Split From Household” and “Move” features are not working, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to address this problem

Method 1: Save and Quit Game

One of the simplest yet effective solutions to various in-game issues is to save your progress and exit the game. This action helps refresh the game’s cache and can sometimes resolve issues related to household management. After saving and quitting, restart the game and check if the problem persists.

Method 2: Check for Game Updates

Developers often release patches to address bugs and improve overall stability. Ensure that your game is running the latest version by checking for updates through the Origin launcher. Keeping your game up-to-date can resolve compatibility issues that may be causing problems with household management.

Method 3: Check for Mods/CC Conflicts

If you use mods or custom content, conflicts might occur. These mods are usually best to enhance your gameplay, but they can also lead to problems like Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working. Disable all mods and CC, then try splitting the household or moving Sims again. If the issue is resolved, reintroduce your mods and CC one by one to identify the problematic content.

Method 4: Manage Households from the Map

If you’re having trouble managing households within the game, try using the world map. Click on the world icon in the lower-right corner, select the household you want to manage, and choose the “Manage Household” option. Sometimes, avoiding the gameplay interaction itself can solve the problem.

Method 5: Evict and Re-Move

If splitting or moving Sims still doesn’t work, try temporarily evicting the household from their current lot and then move them to the desired location. Once done, create a new household for your Sim and select the vacant lot you want them to move into. This method bypasses the “Split and Move” function entirely and can sometimes work when the direct option is bugged.

Method 6: Delete Localthumbcache File

The localthumbcache.package file stores thumbnail images and can sometimes become corrupted. Deleting this file can resolve various graphical and gameplay issues. Navigate to your Sims 4 game folder and delete the localthumbcache.package file. The game will generate a new one when you launch it again.

Method 7: Use Mods like MasterController

Mods like MasterController by Twallan can provide advanced options for managing households in the Sims 4 game. MasterController mod includes tools for moving and splitting households, among other features. Many users have suggested that using this mod will help solve the Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working problem. Some users recommend using mods like MasterController to reset households or the entire town helps fix the issue.

Method 8: Repair Your Game

Oftentimes, your game’s internal save files may get corrupted which might cause you several household-related issues in the game.  Origin provides a built-in option to repair game files. To do this, go to My Library, right-click The Sims 4, and select “Repair.” This can fix corrupted files and resolve various gameplay issues, including the “Split and Move” glitch.

Method 9: Contact EA Support

If none of the above methods help you much, then you can reach out to the EA Support team. Provide them with detailed information about the issue, steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot, and any error messages you may have encountered. The support team may offer personalized assistance or escalate the issue for further investigation.


This brings us to the end of this guide for Fixes for Sims 4 Split From Household and Move Not Working. I hope the above troubleshooting methods will help you resolve the issue. In case they don’t help much, do consider using third-party mods. While not an official solution, certain mods can enhance household management in The Sims 4. Do some research and find mods that offer alternative ways to split and move Sims, giving you more control over your virtual world.

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