Fix: Sonos Arc Sound Lags, Audio Cutting out or Not Matching to TV

Music is one of the most loved things by all people. Everyone listens to music to calm their mind, or at work, while they study and in other scenarios. But, the most important and required device for music is the best audio device. Some use earphones, and neckbands, whereas some use soundbars, and home theatres for the same. Sonos is one of the best audio product-selling companies. And, Sonos Arc is a product that has gained much exposure in a short time. The Sonos Arc is more than a soundbar and has all the features which can satisfy the need of music lovers.

The Sonos Arc is a wireless soundbar that comes with a lot of features. Some of the features include TV Remote Sync, Dolby Atmos, WiFi, and much more. It has Apple AirPlay 2 Support for seamless connectivity for Apple Devices. The Arc comes with Touch Controls and Voice-Enabled Commands which will give you an easy way to give commands to the Sonos Arc. The Sonos Arc is available for around $1,099.

But, there is some news that the Sonos Arc Sound Lags which is making the user entertainment experience bad due to the audio cutting and syncing properly. And, we know how it feels if you are listening to something and watching but the sound is not synced with the video. In the article, we will also list the reasons through which you might be facing this issue along with its fix.

Sonos Arc

Possible Reasons For Sonos Arc Sound Lag Issue

Many users are reporting they are facing issues of Sound Lags, Audio Cutting out, and not matching to TV. There can be a lot of common reasons for this to happen. Check out the reasons below.

  • Cable Issues
  • Hardware Problem
  • Software Issue
  • TV & Audio Source Not Working Properly
  • Unstable Internet Connection

So, these are the most common issues which are being reported by the users. Therefore, be with us to know how to fix it.

Steps To Fix Sonos Arc Sound Lag Issue

Before following the steps which are given below, make sure to analyze the issue. If you get to know what is the main cause of the issue, then you will be able to easily solve this problem. Check out the methods below.

Reboot Your TV And Sonos Arc

So, the first step is that you have to restart your TV as well as your soundbar. Also, remove the audio cable from the TV, and wait for 10 Seconds. And, again after it, start the TV and the Arc. Check whether the problem has been fixed or not. If not fixed then try the other methods.

Cable Connection

Cable Connections are one of the important mediums for the Video and Audio source to work accordingly. If they are not connected properly then you might encounter this issue. So, make sure the cables are in the proper condition and as well as they are working properly. If they are damaged then you have to replace them. Also, check the Optical and Ethernet cables properly so that they are connected tightly and not loose.

Make sure that the wires are not bent and not damaged. Also, if you are using an optical wire, then you can also follow this step to check whether the Arc is working properly or not.

  • Keep the TV Audio Source Powered on.
  • Remove the end of the cable of the Optical wire from the Sonos Player.
  • And, let the other end connect to the TV.
  • Check whether the Red Light is coming through the other end.
  • If you have any other cable then you can also try using it and check whether the problem is with the wire or not.

Audio Format Settings

Check the Audio Format Settings, in your TV Settings. Also, change the audio settings to Stereo/PCM mode to check whether the issue has been resolved or not. If the issue has been resolved then this is the issue of your TV that is not sending the signals correctly in the Dolby Atmos Mode. So, you have to contact your TV Service center to get it fixed.

Firmware Update

Running the latest firmware is one of the good things to avoid this type of issue. So, make sure you are running on the latest update on your TV to avoid this type of issue. So, update to the latest firmware update, and then again check whether the issue has been resolved or not. The Firmware Updates brings the functioning of all the components properly, so make sure you regularly update it.

Adjust The Group Audio Delay

The Group Audio Delay settings let you create the delay between your Sonos Arc and TV. It reduces the chance of audio issues occurring when your Arc is playing audio in a group and the sync of the video and audio is not critical. So, follow the steps which are given below to do this.

  • Go To Settings
  • Click On System
  • Select the Home Theater
  • In the Home Theater Tab, click on Group Audio Delay

After doing this, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Factory Reset Your TV

You can also try resetting your Smart TV if the issue is still not resolved. But, before resetting, make sure you have made the backups of the recording and other files which are available on your TV. The Factory Reset might help in fixing the issue because there may be some corrupted file through which it can be occurring then you can do it to resolve the issue.

Use Another Home Theater To Evaluate The Issue

If the issue is still not fixed then you should try using the other home theater system to know whether this issue is with your Sonos Arc or Smart TV. After it, you will be assured whether it is the problem from the TV or soundbar.

Contact Customer Support

After evaluating whether the issue is caused by TV or Sonos Arc. If the issue is from the Sonos Arc, then you have to visit their service center and get your soundbar fixed. And, if the issue is from the Smart TV, then you need to contact them and get your TV fixed. The service center will fix if there is any hardware problem through which this issue is occurring.


In the guide, we have mentioned all the steps through which this issue can arise. And, we have also mentioned different methods to fix it. I hope you might be able to fix the issue of Sound Lags in the Sonos Arc after following the methods. Also, I hope all the above-mentioned steps were clear to you, so, you will be able to easily implement them. If you have fixed this issue by any other methods, then do share it with us in the comment section.

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