Fix: Sony Pulse 3D Sound Muffled, Low, or Cutting Out

If you look back at the headset industry you will find only one company maintaining its market share. I am talking about Sony, who supported millions of music lovers in the last decade. Not only that Sony also dealt in other segments too such as Smartphones, Cameras, and similar appliances because of which it has an established trust and reputation in the market. And Especially the music segment from Sony seems a trigger for their company.

Consistent with the same flow, Sony always enrolls new updates and features to their product so that, ultimately customers experience new things. Among the different Innovations Sony Pulse 3D is the biggest example known for Dual noise-cancelling microphones. But suddenly, some users claimed Sony Pulse 3D Sound Cutting out. So, Here we will derive you few solutions that can help you to fix it.

Fix: Sony Pulse 3D Sound Muffled, Low, or Cutting Out

Fix: Sony Pulse 3D Sound Muffled, Low, or Cutting Out

These headsets are designed for mainly PlayStation users because they are built with such attributes as needed for gaming. And you know PlayStation owned by Sony for which they made such revolutionary headsets. But while using Sony Pulse 3D on PS5. Look PS5 has two audio which comprise Game Audio and the second is chat audio. But when the user tries to hear both audios on Sony Pulse 3D, it processes only one audio type. I mean to say the Sony Pulse 3D Sound is low.

However, Developers already mentioned quick troubleshooting on their support page. But being newbies to the gadget, most people don’t know how to tackle such problems. For this, we came ahead and try to simply the developer’s suggested fix into a common user way. Meanwhile below we are sharing troubleshoots so that you can easily fix Sony Pulse 3D Sound low in the manner as developers said. So, without any further delay let’s have a look at the solution.

Adjust the In-Game volume

Since the Sony Pulse 3D Sound is low that means there is no issue for Sound flow. I mean to say for sure the issue is of volume. May be possible, but last time when you use the headset mistakenly you disturbed the volume settings. And now it seems like Sony Pulse 3D creating Sound relating issues. For this thing, the simple and foremost solution is to adjust the Volume of both Chat Audio and Game Audio. So that a proper balance between both can maintain and things get in your favor. To adjust that volume, follow the steps below.

  1. Simply, Find the Game button on your Headset and Press it.
  2. Then a setting will open on your PS5 screen.
  3. Now Increase the Game Audio Volume from there and Save it.
  4. Similarly, Press the Chat button on Headset and Press it.
  5. Next, Increase the Chat Audio Volume as per your preference and save it.
  6. That’s all, You are done.

Reset the Headset Volume

In case you can’t able to arrange the volume to the acceptable level that it was when purchased. Then resetting the volume settings of your Sony Pulse 3D would be the last option to get things fix. All you need to do is reset the volume settings and you are done. To Reset your Sony Pulse 3D, Press the Game and Chat buttons at the same time so that the next moment the Headset Volume settings will reset and back to default. I hope after doing this fix the Sony Pulse 3D Sound low problem will fix.

Contact PlayStation Support

The final fix that you can try is when the above fix does not work for you. See you have done everything that can possible from your end. And now the issue still persists which means you need to take the personalized assistance from developers. May be possible with specifically your headset there is something new cause behind the issue. For such cases, the only way is to raise a help request over PlayStation support, and they will guide you better.

Conclusively, these are the things that work for you if you are facing that your Sony Pulse 3D Sound is low, Cutting out, or muffled. I hope these fixes will work for most of the users as after all, these are developers recommended. But In case you have any doubt about your headsets working and simply take your headset to the Authorized service center and claim a warranty, if any. So we have explained everything whichever is needed even after that if any users have a query then ask them below.

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