Fix: Sony WH-CH510 Microphone not working

Microphones are the major selling point for Sony headphones. But, If you are a Sony WH-CH510 user, you will find several issues. Among them, there is one more problem arising with the same headphone. Initially, the Sony WH-CH510 Microphone is working properly with decent sound quality. Alongside, the users are given a 4-star rating for their Microphone quality. But, later on, the same directing Microphone was not working issue. However, On the official support page company has suggested a complete lineup of proven solutions.

But, Those fixes vary from user to user. Because officials have replied to the fixes according to individual queries. The support page has a long lineup of queries on the same headphone. And, the Sony WH-CH510 users looking for a Microphone fix are struggling a lot. For that purpose, we tried to gather all the suggested fixes in one place. So, here we will let you know different causes and fixes to solve Sony WH-CH510 Microphone not working issue.

What are Specific Causes Arising Behind Sony WH-CH510 Microphone not working Issue?

As the Microphone working specifically depends upon internal hardware components. But, some factors affect a lot on microphones. Sony WH-CH510 has In-built Microphone for which many causes can happen. It has Electret condenser Microphone technology with Uni-directional operational mode. It means all the things are technologically based, for which we need to look at technical causes. So, below are the causes that we have found the major hurdle for the Microphone working.

  • Longer Bluetooth Pairing
  • Corrupted Data Stored
  • Outdated Bluetooth Driver
  • Source Device has Issue
  • Incompatibility

What Solutions Should I Try to Fix Sony WH-CH510 Microphone not working?

Concerning the given causes, there is just a simple and straight procedure to solve the Microphone Issue. Because the above-listed causes deliver a major effect on Sony WH-CH510 headphones. It means if we have focussed on these causes. Then, it will be easier to solve the Microphone not working issue. So, without further delay, let’s look at the below-listed fixes.

  • Re-Pair Sony WH-CH510 With Source Device
  • Reset Your Headphone to Default Settings
  • Update Source device Bluetooth driver.
  • Check Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Range
  • Ensure Compatible Source device
  • Try Using Sony WH-CH510 on another device

After reading the above fixes, you have now conceived an idea. But, it does not easily understandable to a normal user. For those users’ ease, below, we are trying to explain all these fixes in an easy tone as much as we can. So, If you are looking to fix your Sony WH-CH510 Microphone issue. Then, Just try out the below-mentioned fixes.

Re-Pair Sony WH-CH510 With Source Device

Even you have successfully paired your Sony WH-CH510 to the source device. Still that the microphone is not working. It means there is some issue in the pairing process between Sony headphones and the source device. For such a reason, the pairing misconception act as a hurdle for Microphone functioning. So, To remove the issue, we recommend you repair your Sony WH-CH510 to the source device. Also, you can take the help of the below-given instructions for the re-pairing procedure.

  • Simply, Turn on your headset.
  • Press and hold the power button for 7 seconds.
  • The indicator flashes twice with voice guidance saying “Bluetooth pairing”.
  • Now, On your source device, open Bluetooth.
  • Next, Choose WH-CH510 from the list.
  • That’s it; You have successfully re-paired your Sony headphone.

Reset Your Headphone to Default Settings

While Re-pairing the device to the source device. If the Microphone issue does not solve. It means the time came to reset your headphone. Because from the initial days, it catches a lot of junk programming. For that reason, it reflects the Microphone not working on their device. So, here we recommend you reset your headphone to factory default settings. Following this, the headphone will resume with their default settings, and the Microphone will start working. To reset your Sony WH-CH510, follow the below instructions.

  • First, Turn off your headset.
  • Press the power button and — button simultaneously.
  • Then, Hold those buttons for around 7 seconds.
  • Following this, the indicator flashes up to 4 times.
  • That’s it; Your Headphone reset to factory default settings.

Update Your Source device Bluetooth

It does not matter which device you are using Sony WH-CH510. It only matters if your source device has outdated Bluetooth. Then, the headphone will not work properly. Among them, Microphone not working is one of the known examples. So, updating your source device’s Bluetooth is much needed to get proper connectivity. You can do this through your source device settings and check for Bluetooth updates.

Check Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Range

According to the official terms, the Sony headphone properly works within the recommended Bluetooth range. If your source device is not under the required range. Then it will not work properly. The Sony WH-CH510 has a Bluetooth range of upto 1m for smartphones and PCs. So, make sure to use your Sony headphone within the specified Bluetooth range.

Ensure Compatible Source Device with Sony’s Microphone

Sony Headphones, especially WH-CH510 work over Bluetooth connectivity. And if there is any incompatibility between the source device and headphones. Then, the headphone will not function properly. And, For sure Microphone not working might be due to In-compatibility. In such a case, we recommend you check your device compatibility from Sony WH-CH510’s official webpage.

Try Using Sony WH-CH510 Microphone on another device

After matching the compatibility between the source device and Sony WH-CH510 headphones.if any user is still facing the Microphone issue. Then, It is confirmed that your specific source device has some issue. We recommend you try the same headphones on another source device in such a case. Following this, You will easily find the exact cause behind the Microphone not working issue. And, Further, you can easily resolve the issue by taking Sony’s official Assistance.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, with the above-mentioned fixes, you will surely solve the Microphone not working issue on your Sony WH-CH510. If doing the given fix, you are getting the same issue again. Then, we suggest you take Sony’s Official Assistance. However, if any user has doubts about the listed steps then ask your doubts in the below-mentioned comment box.

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