Fix Sony WH-CH510 Not Pairing or Connecting, How to Fix?

Sony headphones are known for their quality sound. But, In our previous post, we discussed Sony WH-CH510 Microphone and Charging Issues. But with further research, we have found one more issue arising over the official support page. The Sony headphone WH-CH510 users facing Bluetooth not pairing with the source device. Although, It has an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 version but even though they are struggling with Bluetooth connectivity.

Moreover, It is not a company defect because several day-to-day activities can be a cause for Bluetooth not working issue. We have tried to figure out the exact reasons for such a reason. Luckily, we have found some factors through which you can solve the Bluetooth not working on your Sony WH-CH510 headset.

Why are my Sony WH-CH510 headphones not pairing?

Bluetooth runs on true connectivity directions. In which both source device and other connecting device need to pair only to each other. If there are already paired to another device then it may do malfunctions and cause Bluetooth not to work like issues. Whereas, there are some more issues like Outdated Bluetooth drivers, Corrupted data stored in headphones memory and more. So, To keep a straight look over the major causes below we have mentioned a few common causes that you must take a look as –

  • Huge device Pairing list
  • Unsupported Device Pairing
  • Outdated Source Device Software
  • Using Bluetooth Out of the recommended range
  • Headset already paired to another device

As you can see the above-listed causes found the common reason behind Bluetooth not working. It means if you want to resume it back to the new one. Then, you need to take some action to overcome the Bluetooth not working issue on your Sony WH-CH510.

Steps to Fix Sony WH-CH510 Bluetooth Not Working Issue?

With the help of Sony’s official Support page, we have found a lot of fixes. Because they are very genuine and easy to perform. However, On some users’ overviews, there are some fixes that you can try. Because we don’t want to leave any of the probable fixes for the given issue. So, without waiting any more let’s take a look at the below-listed fixes.

  • Remove Unknown Paired Device
  • Ensure to pair with a supported device
  • Check Your Source Device Software Update
  • Use Your Headphone within 1 meter Range
  • Check Your Source Device Must be paired to headphones only

Besides that, we hope you have now known your specific cause influencing Bluetooth not working issue. But, if you are not able to figure it out then you can try the above-given fixes. To use them more appropriately, below we are explaining each of the fixes with some instructions if required.

Remove Unknown Paired Device

Sometimes, your source device’s Bluetooth paired device list gets full. Following this, it does not allow any new device to connect. Obvious, the same thing is also happening with you. And, you are thinking that your headphone’s Bluetooth is not responding or not working. So, In such a case you can remove unknown paired devices from your source device like your phone. This will result in space for pairing Sony WH-CH510 to your source device. However, if you do not about unpairing an already paired device. Then, take a look at the below steps to do the same.

  • On your source device, Head over to the Settings App.
  • Scroll down to the bluetooth tab and tap on it.
  • Now, Tap on the paired device.
  • Then Tap on the device that you want to unpair.
  • Next, Tap on the Unpair option.
  • That’s it, Your desired device will be unpaired.


Ensure to pair with a supported device

Unsupported devices are like those which cannot work properly with that device that does not fulfil their requirements. Similarly, if you pair your Sony WH-CH510 headphone with any unsupported source device. Then, it will result in malfunction and sometimes the issues go upto Bluetooth not working or pairing. For such a problem, You must visit Sony WH-CH510’s official webpage and check supported devices. Following this, You will know your headphone’s Compatible source device and further perform connectivity functions like Bluetooth pairing.

Check Your Source Device Software Update

It is also a proven issue if your source device has outdated software. Then, it will not work properly and most of its component like Bluetooth also does not work. Similarly, When you trying to connect your Sony WH-CH510 with your source device. Then, you will not able to connect or pair with that device. In such a case, we recommend you check your source device software update. If any are found then proceed to update immediately.

Use Your Headphone within 1 meter Range

The Sony WH-CH510 headphones Support a limited Bluetooth connectivity range. It means that if your device goes out of that range then it will not pair to any source device. Well, According to official terms, Sony headphone WH-CH510 supports upto a 1-meter range for both smartphones and PC. In such a case, make sure to check your source device must be within the recommended headphone range. Following this, The source device which was not earlier pairing will now connect to your Sony  headphone WH-CH510.

Check Your Source Device Must be paired to headphones only

While connecting your Sony headphone WH-CH510 to a source device. It makes sure to check that your Source device must be paired with your headphone only. Because Bluetooth will not work if the source device is paired with any other device at the same time. Similarly, we are assuming that you are doing the same mistake resulting in no pairing issue. So, Try to check your source device’s Bluetooth pairing through its settings app.

Wrapping Up

Closing the guide with the hope that you guys are now known to solve the Bluetooth not pairing issue. As we have explained each of the fixes along with the driving causes behind the issue. But, for a beginner, there can be several doubts. For so, if any user wants to ask any doubt. Then, you can do so in the below-stated comment box.

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