Fix: Anker Soundcore mini SD Card Not Working

Anker Soundcore Mini has a unique portability feature along with Bluetooth and AUX connectivity. Even though, Like every wireless speaker, it has SD Card support so that you don’t face any issues like Bluetooth not working. However, Some Soundcore Mini users are encountering SD, not working issues.

Moreover, Soundcore Mini has upto 32GB of card support. So, it might be possible that you have used high storage SD card on it. Meanwhile, there could be silly mistakes that result in SD not working on your Soundcore Mini. We studied a lot and find some causes that influence SD not being able to configure with the Speaker.

Why I’m facing SD not working problem on Soundcore Mini?

Anker’s Soundcore Mini is a unique value-for-money wireless speaker in-built with numerous exciting features. The battery backup, FM Radio, Sound quality, and SD card Storage support are the main USPs. But, Unfortunately, some Soundcore mini users are unable to use their SD cards. For such a reason, we tried to locate the exact cause behind it. Luckily, we have confirmed there is no technical default in the speaker. It means there will be some silly causes for which we are going to try some fix here.

How to Fix SD Card Not Working Issue on Soundcore Mini

During the research, we have taken look at every aspect boosting the error of the speaker. In which we have considered a technical error and found no technical reason act behind the SD card not working issue. However, Going through a practical usage analysis we find there could be some annoying issues with the SD card. Some of the highlighting causes are Dust over SD Golden Pins, Using Unsupported SD Card, Damaged SD Card Port, Using bad SD cards, SD cards having viruses, and more.

So, you can see the different causes behind the SD not working issue on Soundcore Mini. Below we are sharing some fixes that you must try.

  • Clean Speaker SD Card Port
  • Use Recommended SD Card Storage Support
  • Remove Dust over SD Card Gold Pins
  • Format Your SD Card
  • Claim Your Warranty


With the help of the above-given fixes, you will be able to use an SD card on your Soundcore Mini. But, to provide a clear view of the fixes. Below we have explained each of the fixes with full clarity so that you can try it easily. So, without any further delay let’s dive into the below-mentioned fixes.

Clean Speaker SD Card Port

Soundcore Mini is a portable wireless speaker that means you can take it anywhere. In such a case it might possible your speaker’s SD card port will conceive some dust on it. And, all that dust deposits over the speaker’s internal pin where SD Card pins get contacted. Following this, Your SD Pin does not come in contact with Speaker’s Pin. This will result in the SD card not working on Soundcore Mini. In such a case, You need to clean the Speaker’s SD Card Port Wisely and make it dry before putting the SD card in it. After cleaning the SD Card port you will see that your Soundcore Mini SD Card is resumed its working.

Use Recommended SD Card Storage Support

If you are a Soundcore Mini user who has clean out their Speaker’s SD card port and still does not solve the issue. Then, it might be possible that the SD card you are using on your Wireless speaker is unsupportable. Because The officials recommend using upto 32GB of SD card storage. It means if you consider an SD card over that recommended Storage space. Then, the speaker will not recognize the SD card and act as not working. So, here you make sure to have an SD card of upto 32GB of Storage space. After using up to 32GB of Storage space SD card you might get away from the Issue.

Remove Dust over SD Card Gold Pins

Only your speaker’s SD card port doesn’t need to have dust. It means there can be a possibility that your SD card gold pins have some irrelevancy. Meanwhile, You can try to clean up your SD Card gold pins using Alcohol and wipe them wisely. And, after the same gets dry check the SD card by putting it on Speaker’s Port. If you have the same concern then your issue will solve here. If not then you can move on to the next fix to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Format Your SD Card

This is such a fix in which we are assuming that your SD card contains a few corrupted and malicious files. Following this, Your SD card does not work on Soundcore Mini. Although, using this fix your favorite songs will remove permanently. But, it is the last and final option to solve the SD card issue. So, it is required to format your SD card to resume working on Soundcore Mini. Moreover, If you don’t know how to format an SD card then take a look at the below instructions to do so.

Note: Before doing the below steps make sure to have a working card reader. Because, without it, your PC cannot read your SD card data.

  • Simply, Insert the Card-Reader into your PC ports.
  • Next, Your PC will pop up showing a card is connected.
  • Then, Double Click on the My PC icon.
  • Now, You will see your Card folder along with different folders available on your PC.
  • Next, Do right-click on your Card folder and click on format.
  • Following this, Your SD Card will start formatting and complete in a few minutes.
  • That’s it, Your SD card has now been formatted.


Claim Your Warranty

If you are a Soundcore Mini user-facing an SD card not working issue and do not find any stable solution with the above fix. Then, it is confirmed that your Soundcore Mini has damaged the SD card port. In such a case you can claim your Warranty which is mostly up to 12 months from the purchase. However, if your warranty period has been passed then you can try to fix it through a third-party repairing shop whichever you think fits.

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, SD Card is a sensitive component to use over any electronic gazette. Likewise, here is the same condition for which you need to take care of all the causes behind the SD not working issue. And, try any of the given fixes whichever you suit best. However, after explaining each fix briefly still have any doubts. Then, you can ask them in the below-mentioned comment box.

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