Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Tier List

Stardew Valley is a farming and life simulation game where you can even get married. As you turn your fields into a lush farm, you will be meeting various characters who are considered to be suitable marriage candidates for you. There are 12 options for you to go through, so make sure to pick well. Some of the marriage candidates bring lots of perks to the table, while the others aren’t as useful. In this guide, we will take you through the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Tier List.

Released for Windows in February 2016, Stardew Valley is one of the most popular simulation RPGs out there. The game is open-ended with pixel graphics, making it easy to love. As the player, you will be inheriting a plot of land from the grandfather of the protagonist which you must work towards. You will eventually be able to generate income by tending to the crops and livestock on your farm. Eventually, you will have lots of marriage prospects too. Let’s find out who your best prospects are in this Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Tier List.

Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates – Who should you marry?

Marriage in Stardew Valley involves the NPCs that you will meet through the course of the game. They are inhabiting the town and will interact with you to form relationships. After you get married, you can even have or adopt a child with your spouse. It’s worth noting that not everyone in the village is available for marriage – only those who have “Single” on their profile are the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates.

Before you can select your spouse, you will need to earn 10 hearts of friendship with them. This means that you will need to consistently talk to your chosen NPC and give them the gifts that they want, so that the marriage options can show up. When you are at 8 hearts of friendship, you can give them a bouquet – after which the hearts will rise to 10. As it turns out, when you reach 8 hearts with anyone, Pierre will send you a mail to tell you that he’s selling bouquets because he’s noticed that you’re getting close with some of the townspeople.

As friendship levels with the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates are frozen at 8, you can unfreeze it by giving the person a bouquet. This will allow the friendship to advance, and the person will become your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ as indicated in their Social Status tab. You can begin preparing for marriage now with your desired partner.

However, there are more requirements that you need to meet before you can be eligible for marriage. You should upgrade your farmhouse at least once and have unlocked the Tide Pool area of The Beach. At this point, you will be able to propose marriage. To learn more about this process, you can find the lost book Marriage Guide for Farmers which contains all the requirements to marry one of the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates.

Tier List – Who should you marry in Stardew Valley?

There are 12 characters in the game who are eligible to marry the protagonist – evenly distributed between bachelors and bachelorettes. Some players may find certain characters more interesting or relatable than others, while others may prefer a character based on their looks or backstory. Ultimately, the choice of which character to marry entirely falls upon the player.

Each option of the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates is considered to have its own merits and drawbacks. Despite this, some options are often considered superior to others, either due to their popularity or the benefits that come along with marrying them, which is why we have a tier list. It is important for players to carefully consider each character before making their final decision, so as to ensure that they choose the best match for their protagonist.

Here are all the characters that you can romance in Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Tier List 1

Let’s check out the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates Tier List so that you can make the decision on who you should marry in the game.


  • Abigail: A unique and interesting character who will fight side by side with players as they explore the mine. She gives top-tier gifts as a spouse.
  • Maru: With a love of science, she has a fascinating ten-heart event. She’s great at giving you useful gifts which makes her a useful person to have around.
  • Emily: Emily might be a little eccentric at first, but she will give you the Red Plate recipe once she’s married to you. This is a useful item which gives you a temporary max energy boost, and is the only place where you can get it.


  • Leah: Leah likes foraged gifts, which makes being her friend easy. She has an interesting backstory and and artistic sensibility which sets her apart.
  • Harvey: A straightforward character who likes a wide range of gifts as the town doctor. He is a safe and slightly traditional choice as a life partner, even if he doesn’t like cookies and ice-cream.
  • Haley: You will slowly get to know her love of photography as you increase your friendship levels with her. Also, she has a caring side which is a treat to come home to.


  • Sebastian: He might be a bit mysterious at first, but he’s just introverted. Once he opens up, he’ll begin to talk about his motorcycle and how much he loves Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Elliott: While not the most exciting romance, his writing talent is quite impressive. So is his hair.
  • Shane: Shane has a tragic and emotional backstory, and might seem a bit hostile at first. However, if you work with him through it, his heart events are touching and offer something very different to the other candidates.


  • Penny: While she doesn’t have the greatest gifts, her charming looks make up for it.
  • Sam: He’s easy to please, but doesn’t really stand out among the other marriage candidates. Players often pass him up, but some might like Sam as a friendly puppy.
  • Alex: He is lovable and sweet, as the jock character of the game sometimes in danger of being a bit monotonous.

That concludes our tier list for the Stardew Valley Marriage Candidates. We hope that this guide helped you figure out who you want to wed in Stardew Valley.

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